To the mall we go

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Raynas POV

      The water ran down my body as it rinsed away the soap down the drain. I rinsed my hair starting my hair care routine . I scrubbed my scalp with shampoo closing my eyes before rinsing .  I did the same with the conditioner then proceeded to deep condition before rinsing again and squeezing it out. My curly hair temporarily looked more tame  as I dried it with my towel . I throw on Alois large shirt and sweat shorts and some fluffy socks before pinning my hair up . I step out of the bathroom and head downstairs to where Alois is. 

The smell of food instantly hits my nose as I rub my face . Running down the steps I'm greeted by the sight of Al wearing shorts and an apron .

 I giggle at the sight making him turn around with a small smile. "Morning princess go sit down." He says organizing two plates of food containing pancakes, eggs and sausage . 

I sit at the end of the table as he places one in front of me and another next to me. He pours a glass of orange juice before looking back to ask me "Apple , orange or grape?" Tf kind of question ? "Orange duh? Who drinks grape juice for breakfast." I say my face twisting in disgust. He laughs before handing me a utensil and digging in. I follow after him cutting up the pancakes and a piece of sausage . I pour a little syrup on it before placing it in my mouth . Fuck this shit is Good . I moan At the flavor that's erupted in my mouth as I shove more in my mouth smiling . "Al this is sooooo good ." I look to him noticing he seems really focused. I place my hand on his face 

" Hey what's the matter ?" 

Concern etched on my face, did I do something wrong? As if he read my mind his eyes snap to mine and he nervously rubs the back of his neck 

" Yeah I'm fine , I was just thinking." He says before averting his eyes to his plate and continuing eating. I shrug and continue enjoying the crack also known as my food. Both our plates were cleared within 7 minutes , I placed my and his plate in the sink and began to clean up the mess. "

"Hey it's fine I got it." He says taking the sponge from my hand .

 "Shhhhh you cooked I can clean up the mess , thank you for the food." I say smiling as I go back to washing the dishes. Unexpectedly he kisses my cheek before walking towards the door . 

"When you're done get changed , I'm taking you to the mall." He says jogging up the stairs giving me no time to argue . 

I groan and spend a few minutes cleaning the kitchen before going up to change. When I get up the stairs I rummage through my closet before finding a Royal blue sundress and some white slides. I slide the dress on looking into the mirror . I see the faint scars over my leg and cringe slightly , maybe if I keep my dress down it won't be too noticeable.

I walk into the bathroom letting my hair down . Spraying my hair with a little water and conditioner , I comb and oil my hair rubbing in a little coconut and hibiscus creme through my hair before shaking my hair . I put my studs in my ear and applied some lipgloss . Walking out the bathroom I put on lotion and slid on some slides grabbing my wallet and some perfume off the dresser . 

As I was grabbing the perfume I felt a vibration come from the dresser . What the hell ? I open the dresser seeing a box with a note on it 'Don't forget about me :)' it read . I took off the sticky note and realized . It was a phone... I opened the box to make sure he wasn't punking me and surely enough it was a brand new phone though seemingly already programmed .
New message from : BigDaddyBlack
-Dont even bothers trying to give it back to
me , it's yours love .
I rolled my eyes at the contact name he had seemingly made for himself , but I couldn't help but smile at the message . I grab the phone almost dropping it remind me to get a case later I spray myself with my vanilla bean Noel perfume and quickly make my way to the door. I see Alois also walk out and we take in each others opinion . He has on a Royal Blue shirt with the Nike logo in the corner and grey sweatshorts matching his blue airmax's. Subconsciously I licked my lips .

  Dear Goddess he looks amazing . I finally looked up to meet his eyes seeing his face matching my hunger but more . I blushed before he shook himself out of the trance he seemed to be in before grabbing my hand and leading me downstairs and into the car.
In around 20 minutes we made it to the mall, it was still relatively early so when we got there it wasn't really busy. Al comes to the passenger door letting me out before taking my hand in his . I smile softly letting him take the lead as we walk into the large building full of stores . 


  "Ray there's no way I'm wearing this ." Alois says glaring at me . 

"Come onnnnn it's looks good Al!" I say looking at the tight fitting jeans I made Alois try on . His ass was fatter than mine and that just wasn't fair . 

"Your boys got cheeks Ray." Chi whistles making me growl and block her out turning my attention back to Alois . "Rayna these are way too small." He says trying to take them off . 

" No they're not you're just not used to them !" I argue back whining . They look so good on him I want him to keep them. I hit him with puppy dog eyes making him groan before agreeing to get the pants YES 

"But only if you get this ." He says smirking as he holds up a sparkly red dress that's form fitting making me laugh he must've only been with skinny females cause sirrrr my body different I roll my eyes at him " Al I'm way too fat for that ." I say shrugging him off.

 "Pick something else and it's a deal." He's silent for a second so I turn to look at him but he grabs my waste roughly pulling me to him pressing his lips to mine . I'm shocked for a moment but quickly adjust kissing him back matching his energy. He pulls away his eyes seemingly darker gripping my chin forcing me to look at him . 

" You will never . EVER. Speak of yourself that way. Are we understood." He mumbles . I met his eyes before adverting them which made him force me to look at him again. I sighed nodding. 

"Yes Sir." 

Its like the words I said seemed to set him off , he presses me against the door of the dressing room, leaving soft kisses long my neck . My breathing picks up as he runs his hand along my leg. My leg wraps itself around his waist as I hold myself up against the Door my head tilting to give him more access . He continues the assault on my neck getting more aggressive as he holds me up . I moan softly and He covers my mouth motioning for me to be quiet , he slips his hand under my dress rubbing over my underwear, the motion causing me to moan louder "Fuck A-" he covers my mouth again 

" Not too loud princess, we wouldn't want the workers knowing how naughty you're being for me now would we ? " 

The sound of his voice instantly making me more sensitive and I can feel myself dripping though my panties . He rubs my weak spot as I bite my lip trying my hardest not to let any sound escape before theirs a knock at the door . "Hello sir are you doing okay in there ?"

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