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Please read Book1 First.

Also, this story is now told from the characters point of view. You won't understand it without reading book 1, The Twins. I know you may be wondering who Cage is and have many questions but all will be answered. Furthermore, NOTE the story timeline. It jumps back to the beginning, where they first met. Due to the time jump, a few things changed. Like Morgan getting caught after she slaughtered Meadow's pack. And there is no luna challenge, along with a few other things that have yet to be revealed. 

You guys rock!😎😊😊‼ 

And for once, everyone is still alive.😎 For now. 

🌸🌸Meadow POV🌸🌸

"The grill will be delivered by tomorrow. Here are your cable ties, Mr Samus," I handed him his bag.

"Please, call me Cage," he smirks at me causing my heart to skip a beat. I usually ignore all males but then again, I haven't met a werewolf male in a long time. Hormones that's it. Maybe this is a sign I need to finally do the deed.

I smile sheepishly," Is-is there anything else I can get for you Mr. Sam-Cage?"

"Your number?"

My cheeks warm. Is he flirting with me? No way. Look at him. Why would he flirt with me? "S-sorry I am-" I fumble to find a good reason why not.

Sensing my dilemma, he pulls out a business card and hands it to me," How about you call me?"

I took it and felt my cheek stinging," Yea-yes." Why am I so awkward? I mentally facepalm myself. He winks at me and struts out the store.

"Another one," whistled Sam, my human friend. She cocks her head to the side checking his ass out. I snicker and shake my head at her. " You should see the guy Francis had. I'd let him have his way with me anywhere he wanted."

"Sam!" I gasp and we broke out giggling.

"That one seems to wanna smell the Meadows," she teased, " Is that his card?" and snatches the card from me. "He gave you his number?"

"Shhh. The whole store'll hear you."

"Girl if you don't get some. Send his fine ass to me," she hands me back the card.

"I don't know."

"Don't know? What is there to know?" She had a point. I didn't know why I didn't know. " All I'm saying is that you work a lot and deserve a little fun. And that man looks like he was ready to eat you up." I can feel my cheeks heating up. "What's the worst that can happen? I'm sure he won't bite." She teased and grab a box of labels heading to the back. You've no idea.

The rest of the day was uneventful. All I kept thinking about was that guy but still couldn't shake this feeling. Maybe it's indigestion?

"See ya later Francis... Later Sam." I holler.

"Have a good evening Meadow."

"Bye girl. Don't forget what I said. All work and no play."

I roll my eyes at her tease, " Will think about it." And ran to the bus stop, heading to my second job. I need to buy a car. I got in at 2:am and flop down on my bed. My heavy eyes waste no time shutting, as I drifted off.


Our lives are yours. We swear to fight for you. To protect you and keep you safe. To make you smile and be happy for as long as we live. We rather die than let anything hurt you and kill anyone who wishes to harm you. We love you with everything we have," their husky unison voice rings in my head so passionately and sincere.

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