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Dimoni Mercedes Walker🗽Harlem, New York

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Dimoni Mercedes Walker🗽
Harlem, New York.

"Ka-Kari please come get me!" I cried as I tried to keep my eyes open

"what's going on?! where are you."  He said

"at the house."

the phone dropped out my hand once my stomach started to hurt worse. he stayed on the phone trying to make sure I was still there. his voice began going in and out with every word

"I'm sorry for everything." my eyes grew heavy once my body felt limp

hearing the front door open widely he ran over to me grabbing my torso

"stay with me Dimoni, shit!"

he took his phone out calling the police, after speaking for a minute he hung up not caring anymore

with that being said he stuck his finger down my throat preparing me to spit up the pills immediately

as I coughed them up I glanced in his eyes for a moment watching him shake his head

I took the water bottle from him rubbing my tears slightly still coughing

"drink it bro." he tilted it up

I drunk the rest spitting out on the floor letting the last pill drop on the wood

he let go of me sitting my body on the side of the bed going through the drawer finding a long white tee

I changed my top wiping my mouth

no matter how many times I thought about taking my life, I just couldn't seem to do it.. this time I was so close

"are you okay?" my aunt came in the room touching my face with her boyfriend behind her

I slapped her hand away, she knew what was going on and didn't even bother to help me

"I want you out this house sharp in the morning! can't take this shit no more." she slammed the door

Kari took my stuff up out the drawers and put everything into my empty bags and some in trash bags

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