Chapter 25

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Bet you guys didn't expect to hear from me so soon 👁️👄👁️

So here's the situation

I am going to be adding her into Season two AOT, but in order to do that i am going to need you guys to pretend that the gap between season one and season two was longer. So in essence, Annie has been crystalized for a couple of months and the beast titan actually shows up a while after that whole throw down. This also means that Reiner, Bertholdt and Ymir are still in the picture, hence why she was mentioned in the previous chapter... Also...I seemed to have forgotten that Sasha and Connie are still a characters lol...

Additionally, i will be saying which episode i am on incase you guys want to keep track. 

Hopefully this goes well. Feedback is appreciated. 


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Episode 26- The Beast Titan

Gaia stared out of the window, completely bored as Levi read through his papers. She could see a lot of civilians from where she sat. His office was on the second floor and had a great view. She opened the window and stuck her hand out and let out a sigh as felt the familiar feeling of the sun on her skin, she then felt a gaze on her and turned to see Levi looking at her, 

"Yes?"She asked, 

"Why do titans need the sun?" he asked, she sighed at the question, he has been asking a lot of these kinds of questions as of recently, ever since she learnt how to speak properly and he learnt that she could think for herself. 

"Don't know," She answered, making it apparent that she was annoyed at the question, 

"But you would tell me if you did know, right Gaia?" He asked suspiciously, turning towards her in his chair.

"Don't you trust me?" she asked as she got up and walked towards him, 

"Can I?" He asked,  she stood directly in front of him, 

"But will you though?" she asked and she crouched down to eye-level in front of him.  Since has she become so cryptic? Then again, she spent of her time with Levi Ackerman, of course she would have developed that trait. 

"Why won't you answer the damn question?"Levi asked, 

"Because you already know the answer," She replied with a smirk which aggravated him even more, she decided that this conversation had to come to an end before it became a fight. She left herself out of the crouched position and leaned closer to him, she could already see him getting flustered, 

"Levi, let's practice talking?" She whispered to him, causing his face to go red and her smirk to widen, 

"G-Gaia, I-" he started but was interrupted,  as a messenger jumped through the open window (with his manoeuvre gear)

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