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The Honor of My Family by DMSJ06261995
The Honor of My Familyby DMSJ1995
I may say I would never yield my sword. But I would do it for one reason only. For the honor of my family. That is why I'm doing this. I can't let my family be ruined an...
Heart and Soul [bxb] by JKMarcov104
Heart and Soul [bxb]by JKMarcov
Carter Parrish lived a happy, simple life with his mom, and knowing she had found her way back to love was the best news he could have ever received. But love leads to m...
CASSIA  ━ harry james potter (1) by sugarkanes
CASSIA ━ harry james potter (1)by 🌾 saar
cassia greengrass doesn't exactly "hate" gryffindors, unlike the rest of her house. that doesn't mean she'll end up falling for one in particular... right? cas...
The Story of the Trees - Sword, Ring, and Crown Book One by inkysparrow
The Story of the Trees - Sword, Sparrow Twyning
#1 in Reverse Harem and #2 in Harem on 08/28/2021 #4 in Harem on 9/30/21 #17 in Romance out of 1.91 million stories on 1/16/22 #4 Paranormal 12/11/22 #1 Reverse Harem 1...
What Nobody Knew by DangerouslyLace
What Nobody Knewby Audrey Collins
"Elizabeth, we have more stores to get to, so if you please.'" Came Mr. Knight's impatient voice from the other side of the door. I still wasn't used to him ca...
Worst Impressions by ClarissaNorth
Worst Impressionsby Clarissa North
A 'Pride and Prejudice' Remix. Beth Bennett, a poor girl in a fancy boarding school, faces class prejudice and romance when the school goes co-ed and she meets arrogant...
Worlds Collide by brie_king
Worlds Collideby brie_king
In Virginia, high school football is a way of life. It's bigger than Christmas day. Up until 1971, in Alexandria, there was no race-mixing. Then the school board forced...
Eliuteria by JustACalendarDay
Eliuteriaby Cassie
"Human beings are vile, nasty creatures. Blood thirsty. Evil by their very nature. That is was we were told. By them. Humans relished for millennia in systematic...
Pathways by LiliamBlackwood
Pathwaysby Lily Blackwood
"Taehyung is the definition of flawed art and Jungkook is rebellion." Jeon Jungkook is in his last year, studying to be a filmmaker. He's career focused, smart...
Elemental: The steam between us💧♥️🔥 by AlyssaCruz1834
Elemental: The steam between us💧♥ The Various Girl
Ember and Wade's love grew stronger and they inspired other elements to join together making the city more accepting to other elements. Both Ember and Wade have been tog...
The Crags by Janine70
The Cragsby Janine
San-Tina's parents sent her to live with her uncle when she was two. Seventeen years later, after her uncle's death, she returns home to find their situation far worse t...
Born to Rule: The Story of the Slytherin Princess (paused) by Mei_97
Born to Rule: The Story of the 美雪❄️
In the exclusive world of Hogwarts, Clarissa White is known as the "Slytherin Princess" for her fierce demeanor and sharp intellect. Born to the powerful and w...
Lavender & Ice by rmedmond
Lavender & Iceby rmedmond
Ashima has dreamed of space exploration her entire life. Finally embarking on her first mission, her excitement turns to terror when she crash lands on a planet of ice...
Lost Souls by ManyaKanal
Lost Soulsby Manya Kanal
Phoenix, a powerful mafia Kingdom has a ruthless new heir, James Henderson. On the front James is a powerful CEO of Henderson empire limited but as they say don't look t...
Prejudiced(A  Hardik Pandya Fanfiction) |Slow Updates| by MissAraina
Prejudiced(A Hardik Pandya Araina:)
Eshaanvi is the youngest of the two sisters of KL Rahul. Being the youngest, she's not only the most adored and protected member of the family but surprisingly the most...
Magic | D. Malfoy by -hellsqueen
Magic | D. Malfoyby 𝕺𝖑𝖌𝖆
Reality can be different for everyone. One could believe their reality includes angels, eager to help if they are in trouble. One could insinuate that their world is ful...
What We Wish For by GaslightMel
What We Wish Forby GaslightMel
A world where wishes are more valuable than lives. Follow five different characters, each connected through the burdens they carry. At the lowest point of their lives, t...
The Tributes (Sable) by WrittenByAMoodyPen
The Tributes (Sable)by WrittenByAMoodyPen
A group of young girls from different walks of life living together in a gothic castle for the foreseeable future. * * * Every couple of years, a girl from each village...
With All My Love And More by CCBubs
With All My Love And Moreby CC
Chance is a 25 year old virgin who has never been kissed before. On her birthday she decides to take a trip to Italy in search of love. Hoping to overcome her anxious wa...
Bewitched by sheezawrites
Bewitchedby sheeza
• for a long time, she tossed and turned, unable to sleep, wondering if maybe, just maybe, he was awake and thinking of her too. • The book is undergoing editings. Best...