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Raven by Silverspages
Ravenby Silver
Reaching his hand out, he grasped my chin, forcing me to look up at him. "You look so pretty kneeling next to my cock." He lazily smiled. His eyes were dark wi...
A new life by CutieOrchid
A new lifeby Sweets
Allison graduated out of college and wnt to go work for a daycare but this wasn't the daycare she was expecting this was an abdl daycare and her life was about to change...
Breakfast on Tuesday by LadyAltagracia
Breakfast on Tuesdayby Lady Altagracia
Carla has never had a boyfriend and she hates all the days of the week, especially Tuesdays. She wakes up grumpy every day and believes she's therefore unlovable. But...
Kylo Ren/Ben Solo x Reader oneshots by Jeonshadowrose
Kylo Ren/Ben Solo x Reader oneshotsby L*。
Disclaimer: ~ I do not own anything to do with the Star Wars franchise (All though that would be such a dream.) These oneshot tales are from my own imagination and major...
One Stormy Night by LittleRogueOne
One Stormy Nightby LittleRogueOne
Alone home scared she calls her Dominant to help ease her mind. What she gets is another story all together. One Stormy Night and a collection of short stories.
Your Majesty is annoying by H_A_Y_E_N_04
Your Majesty is annoyingby Thayana Mikaela Balacio
Already the eighth suicide attempt.Empress Medea did not die again this time. But this time it's a little strange. "Memory loss?" Emperor Lyle is amused with M...
His Desire by Midika
His Desireby Midika
"You think you want me, but I don't think you could handle what I would do to you." His stare is relentless. I smooth my hands down over my nightdress, feelin...
Loin.. I Love The Way Your HeartBeat by taeulvkim
Loin.. I Love The Way Your taeulvkim
Book 3 of Madness series it's not an FF the whole story of these book will be created by my imagination which includes there characters, place nd name are purely based o...
Quinn- Wolves MC by Blue_Eyed_Cowgirl
Quinn- Wolves MCby Stella Wegner
After escaping from a christian cult/biker club, Quinn runs for the road. She's picked up by a woman who brought her to another club where she meets a rather demanding a...
𝐑𝐄𝐅𝐑𝐀𝐈𝐍 : alastor x reader by -bandaid
𝐑𝐄𝐅𝐑𝐀𝐈𝐍 : alastor x readerby ˏˋ°•*⁀➷z
¡! ❞ alastor x reader, the mistake of engaging with the enemy
Permission to Play 🔞 by stoptheworld2004
Permission to Play 🔞by Chels
BTS fanfic featuring Yoongi. This will be a sweet, slow burn romance with a bit of smut. All members will have a role in the story but the focus will be heavily on Yoong...
Dies Irae by Ryker3200
Dies Iraeby Shannon639922
Humans and werewolves has been in a constant battle for survival from each other for hundreds of years. A young girl wants to prove to her father that she can join an el...
DIVIDE. // Bakudeku by HerBooks_
DIVIDE. // Bakudekuby selena🌈
[sequel to Collide.] Love and war. Future and past. Hope and despair. Marriage and separation. Envy and Contentment. Sweetness and bitterness. Well. Isn't life interesti...
13 Shades of Desires ✔[Completed] by TwistedIImperfection
13 Shades of Desires ✔[Completed]by Abhishek
He twirls a strand of her hair round his fingers and she melts beneath the delicacy in his touch innocent eyes and sugared smile, yet she's unable to resist biting her l...
Remember Me  by kaiyachantel
Remember Me by Kai’Ya 💞
"I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being." ~ Maya Angelou 1928-2014
His Mate, Enchanting by CamelliaDubois
His Mate, Enchantingby Ellika Snow
"Mistress, your brother requests an audience." A butler informed his mistress who sat in the darkness of her throne room. "Did he say why?" The mistr...
Delusions by xbambzstoriezx
Delusionsby xbambzstoriezx
"Ever heard the saying love can make u do crazy things ? It can be deadly, It can be wonderful and Amazing, The best feeling that could have ever happen to you...
Murder On Summers Eve by jeanjvread
Murder On Summers Eveby jeanjvread
After a body was found, Johnathan and his group of friends plummet into a rabbit hole of, betrayal, death and love triangles they had not prepared for. Along with the qu...
Obey me! One shots by xannyzombies
Obey me! One shotsby Andre
These are mainly gonna be Mammon one shots, but I will do others if anyone suggests anyone else. There will be smut, fluff, etc all the good shit.
He Walks Alone in the Moonlight by ilustrious
He Walks Alone in the Moonlightby ILLUSTRIOUS
Long ago, in a time where there was a phrase akin to 'soulmate' and superstitious magic ran rampant, a Crown Prince met an unusual fate on his quest to find the root of...