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Cuddles by xFakingaSmilex
Cuddlesby Stephy
Heartbroken and lonely, Lola is forced to spend her nights cuddling her cold, squished pillow. With the help of her best friend, Annalise, she finds a service offering t...
Double Edge by veelozada
Double Edgeby Vee Lozada
Gio, a man jailed for a crime he didn't commit, becomes an augmented human in exchange for his freedom, only to question his sacrifice when he becomes thirsty for reveng...
Our constellation of Love by veeeeewiseeee
Our constellation of Loveby Anne Gaille
This story is about a man who feel in love with the same sexuality.This story tells us that love can change everything,it can change yourself,the people around you,and t...
Lesbian Island  by Pansexualderpqueen
Lesbian Island by BisexualDerpQueen
Hazel Parker isn't your typical girl. The way she is supposed to like men isn't appealing to her, she's confused as to why she feels the way she does. One day she gets a...
Read for Read: Self-Promotion by ReadForReadCommunity
Read for Read: Self-Promotionby Read for Read Community
This is the place to advertise your story without spamming other people. Gain recognition for your works and become Wattpad famous with the help of this little book!
In the Open by lauren_alyssa_7
In the Openby Lauren <3
Nadine Reynolds is your typical good girl when it comes to school. She gets good grades, avoids confrontation, and never falls into the wrong crowds. However, when she g...
Illusion (Yeosang x Seonghwa/Seosang) [COMPLETE] by _jinnie_jin_
Illusion (Yeosang x Seonghwa/ _jinnie_jin_
Yeosang. A shy and broken boy. Yet he kept his smiles and his laughs. Most of them being real despite how hurt he was inside. After a series of unfortunate events, roman...
The Magic Within Me by VictoriaShine555
The Magic Within Meby VictoriaShine555
Magic is something long forgotten by people, and it will be up to four teenagers to bring it back. However, who really are they? No one knows, not even themselves. In th...
[✔] Kiss me || taejun by spreadingsmiles15
[✔] Kiss me || taejunby rei
"Kiss me." "Huh?!?" He dared not look at Taehyun in the face as he said those words, too embarrassed for his own good. The latter stared at him speec...
Ancestors & Descendants [Sirius Black x OC] by deepflourishroses
Ancestors & Descendants [Sirius deepflourishroses
Lian Long, a sixteen-year-old demigod, the daughter of Athena, who was fortunate enough to survive the war against Kronos, was about to encounter an adventure of her own...
Alexandria: The Lost Princess by Experimentedheart
Alexandria: The Lost Princessby Coley Koala
Years apart from her childhood friend, Chloe waits patiently in her secluded home for his safe return. Separated by war, she knew nothing of other than the folktales pro...
Still Wondering | ✓ by ppeapie
Still Wondering | ✓by genevieve
Leora Threade, A 17 year old girl with the amount of shyness that was the equivalent to a child who hides under tables at birthdays .Thinking she isn't good enough, she...
Transition by taicardi
Transitionby Tulja
The moment right before we realize it's enough, the moment where we start to do the changing. The moment before the big boom. ~~~~~~~~~ inspiring poems here to help you...
The Reckless Collision by OutOfMyImagination
The Reckless Collisionby Emily
Colliding with a famous rock band vocalist was an accident, but dating him was a choice. Samantha Morris felt at a crossroads after graduating from university. The expe...
The Calling by RaveningLynx
The Callingby Tamali Hewagamage
Zale, a supernatural oblivious to his own heritage, has to master his abilities in order to free his kin from eternal damnation. ***** In a world where supernaturals liv...
Skye's Journey: Conquering School Stress by RenVerse-
Skye's Journey: Conquering Ren
Meet Skye, a high school student who is intelligent, diligent, and highly motivated. She's known for her quick thinking and amazing speeches in the debate club, and she'...
Out Of My League by BookWhore321
Out Of My Leagueby Dysfunctional
Isabelle Torres is a whore. It's the only thing she can be, at Mason Almony High School. She is a slut who sleeps around with everyone and goes to every party practic...
Project Rex by ItsYaBoiJem
Project Rexby JemBoi
Ferno may seem like a very shy ordinary boy who lives a quiet life on the outskirts of Crater Island with his caretaker. Though he harbors powers one may find special an...
bad boys aren't always bad // nalu by -lveyourself
bad boys aren't always bad // naluby Dawn
I just sat at my desk, playing with the pen in between my fingers and continued to stare at the Bad Boy of the school, Natsu Dragneel. His face may have a big scowl plas...