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Lesbian Island  by Pansexualderpqueen
Lesbian Island by Pansexualderpqueen
Hazel Parker isn't your typical girl. The way she is supposed to like men isn't appealing to her, she's confused as to why she feels the way she does. One day she gets a...
Seeker (slow updates) by crazygiggle212
Seeker (slow updates)by Malec×Clace
Anna Myers is a journalist in local Zurich, she often likes to write and investigate crime scenes-which is her second passion. She goes to Porto Ceso for the car expo of...
Cuddles by xFakingaSmilex
Cuddlesby stephanie
Heartbroken and lonely, Lola is forced to spend her nights cuddling her cold, squished pillow. With the help of her best friend, Annalise, she finds a service offering t...
Ancestors & Descendants [Sirius Black x OC] by deepflourishroses
Ancestors & Descendants [Sirius deepflourishroses
Lian Long, a sixteen-year-old demigod, the daughter of Athena, who was fortunate enough to survive the war against Kronos, was about to encounter an adventure of her own...
Beyond the Deep Water by IvetteMartinez01
Beyond the Deep Waterby Dream big 💕
CLOSE YOUR EYES AND IMAGINE THIS WORLD. Gods are created by a mighty force, a force to balance the universe, every galaxy, world, and life. **** Camille tastes the blo...
In the Open by lauren_alyssa_7
In the Openby Lauren <3
Nadine Reynolds is your typical good girl when it comes to school. She gets good grades, avoids confrontation, and never falls into the wrong crowds. However, when she g...
Alexandria: The Lost Princess by Experimentedheart
Alexandria: The Lost Princessby Coley Koala
Years apart from her childhood friend, Chloe waits patiently in her secluded home for his safe return. Separated by war, she knew nothing of other than the folktales pro...
Fragmented Reflection [bxb] by ChloeKaydeeLGBTQ
Fragmented Reflection [bxb]by Chloe Kaydee (Second Acc)
{{ update schedule: Sundays, Wednesdays, and occasional Fridays }} Abel Fox has spent his life (so far) confused about who he is. He has never felt attracted to other pe...
Don't Fall Asleep by Roobz985
Don't Fall Asleepby Roobz#985
Alora travels to live in the country. The change in surroundings makes her on edge. The people are strange. The people are hiding something. She discovers a secret hidde...
The Ache of Blooming by MatteaLeB
The Ache of Bloomingby Mattea L.
"Harrowing memories haunting me, Their thorns won't let me free. I cannot see that I will be an escapee. Though for each harsh drop of pain, My twisting vines a...
Who Are You | A Loki Fanfic by zjam03
Who Are You | A Loki Fanficby Mrs. Laufeyson
Loki and his brother Thor, princes of Asgard, are ordered to find a traitor of the throne who has run off to hide on Midgard (Earth). They have to find and bring her bac...
Tiny Little Details (bxb) by mads_coffee
Tiny Little Details (bxb)by maddie ☕️
Jamie Montgomery always smiled. Milo Hayes liked his smile a little too much. _______________________________________ There was no way that Milo Hayes could possibly be...
The City of Sonnet by SkyAmaris95
The City of Sonnetby SkyAmaris
Blair is the prestigious daughter of the Milzani, the head of the Visagalice church; an organization that rules alongside the magic council and nobility alike, and is d...
When Everything Says Give Up...Don't. by thedynamicdork
When Everything Says Give thedynamicdork
Chasms laid between Dan Sinnace's past, current life, and future. Underneath every moment was a dysfunctional mind hell bent on making even the simplest of tasks insanel...
My Lost Love by _missstorywriter_
My Lost Loveby _missstorywriter_
Two childhood sweet hearts lost in love, will they ever meet up again? will the fate which parted then get them back again? Ria Trivedi the most beautiful girl whom ever...
Out Of My League by BookWhore321
Out Of My Leagueby Dysfunctional
Isabelle Torres is a whore. It's the only thing she can be, at Mason Almony High School. She is a slut who sleeps around with everyone and goes to every party practic...
Still Wondering | ✓ by mid-november
Still Wondering | ✓by genevieve
Leora Threade, A 17 year old girl with the amount of shyness that was the equivalent to a child who hides under tables at birthdays .Thinking she isn't good enough, she...
Grim Freaks : The Missing Member by keirokudesu
Grim Freaks : The Missing Memberby Kei Roku
After running away from home, Azumi started living in the library. On the night of the red moon, Azumi was suddenly transported to the middle of the city. She saw creatu...
The Effigy Of a Mind - A peculiar reflection on mental health (sci fi) by Domicikari
The Effigy Of a Mind - A Elie Dom
(Previous Title: Amiss) ▶️👋ON GOING STORY. My goal is to post at least a chapter a week but since I just moved houses there could be some delays. Also, full disclaimer...
Illusion (Yeosang x Seonghwa/Seosang) [COMPLETE] by _jinnie_jin_
Illusion (Yeosang x Seonghwa/ _jinnie_jin_
Yeosang. A shy and broken boy. Yet he kept his smiles and his laughs. Most of them being real despite how hurt he was inside. After a series of unfortunate events, roman...