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ETHEREAL by goldndiamonds
ETHEREALby Sonia Yadav
"I didn't hurt your girlfriend if that's why you want to interrogate me?" Sanyukta stated. He didn't say anything just stand there and watch her keenly. Sanyuk...
Pack's Runt by authormiakerr
Pack's Runtby Mia
Thrown out and bashed by her own family, April Rutter was among the only wolves who couldn't shift nor held any powers. Mocked by male wolves and abused by female wolves...
Stubborn (+18) by helloxyzpi
Stubborn (+18)by helloxyzpi
Rajveer is not in love with Prachi and wants to take revenge from her . He knows she is a virgin and is very peculiar that nobody touches her. Prachi native State is Bih...
Forced Devotion: jungkook's dark love {taekook} by amy_ficnet
Forced Devotion: jungkook's dark l...by
Jungkook, business tycoon (chairman of AI conglomerate Kurogane innovation) is idolized, loved and respected by many people. Nobody would have imagined young man that e...
Saša by svet_rada
Sašaby rada
🔺️toxic alert 🔺️ It's a very dark story a story of Voklov's Saša It's an imaginary story . The characters are developed with my imagination as I imagined namjoon as sa...
Married To The Billionaire Devil  by KwinMayor
Married To The Billionaire Devil by Esther Olabamidele
Candy Jefferson understanding of love shattered when her fiance broke her heart in a cruel way without felling remorseful. She had forsaken her father's warning and sac...
Untamed (A mafia story) by DiamondKulture
Untamed (A mafia story)by Abbas Rashidat
Cora is a young girl who suddenly wakes up in the basement of the Russian mafia and one of the best Assassins in the world, Dimitri Volkov. what he wants with her, she d...
Painfully Ours by Dreamy627
Painfully Oursby Dreamy627
The Sokolov brothers are everything most girls want. Intimidating, tall, broody, they are everything to lust after. Not that they... particularly care. They own a tatto...
To Love A Villain by Chick_ennugget
To Love A Villainby Chickennugget
"Leave, you're free. Don't ever come back here again." She said, hoping he wouldn't return and she'll get to live Hael was shocked, "Are you abandoning m...
We will Meet again by Missjeonnundu143
We will Meet againby jeon nandu
a famous doctor kim taeyung who is arrogant, cold , and rude . he fall in love with 19 year old boy and for his obsession he capture him in his home .... if you want to...
Bonded To Her Triple Alphas  by Royhanh
Bonded To Her Triple Alphas by Royhanh
"Look at you, completely at our mercy," Kade sneered. "How does it feel knowing that someone else holds the power, witch?" Kieran added making them l...
Her Secret by _dat_one_girl_
Her Secretby Ayo
𝐅𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐄𝐧𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬 Enzo Mariano is known for being nothing but ruthless. He is feared by all in the Italian mafia. He kills on site and fears no o...
𝐅𝐞𝐢┃18+ by _lilyare
𝐅𝐞𝐢┃18+by ❔
"What is this beautiful face for if you don't even know how to please your man?" 𝑭𝒐𝒓 18+ 𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒓𝒔. (𝑴𝑨𝑻𝑼𝑹𝑬 𝑪𝑶𝑵𝑻𝑬�...
«Painful Ecstasy» by CallmeBabyAri
«Painful Ecstasy»by CallmeBabyAri
A bxb story about a toxic kind of love.
His Little Treasure II  Thv FF II 18+ by fantasy_land37
His Little Treasure II Thv FF II...by 🥀✨
" Kim taehyung" only a name can bring the whole world on there knees, a ruthless mafia king who rules the world . The one whose only name can make everyone Sh...
Kidnapped!! (EDITTING) by Emma5408
Kidnapped!! (EDITTING)by Emma
I started to struggle to get up from his lap, but he tightens his grip around my waist. "if you struggle again, i will tie your hands with a fucking ball gag in you...
The Serial Bully by xxbenedictaxx
The Serial Bullyby
The serial bully is a type of bully often found in popular circles. These bullies are systematic, controlled, and calculated in their approach. Friends, teachers, and ad...
Dark Oneshots (Smut) by ipluvi0phile
Dark Oneshots (Smut)by ipluvi0phile
Detailed smut oneshots, because nobody else is doing it right. All kinks will be listed at the top of each story. Lots of degradation is common, though! Let me know if y...
Pregnant with mafia's baby  by btsfics1123
Pregnant with mafia's baby by khush
Just a one night stand with stranger - or she didn't knew his real identity... she slept with a unknown guy and got pregnant with his baby, she don't even know his name...