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HIS DAUGHTER | Sha'vonté & Kentrell's Creation by HernameNique
HIS DAUGHTER | Sha'vonté & Kentrel...by 𝒎𝒐𝒃𝒕𝒊𝒆𝒔.💸
My mommy's Princess.👸🏽 My daddy's Gangster.🖤 Read book 1 If you haven't:Hold Me
WYD Stepbro |Ghost X Reader| by Lenascai
WYD Stepbro |Ghost X Reader|by Ooga Booga
You get stuck in a compromising position and Ghost helps you out. 𝕋𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕚𝕤 𝕡𝕦𝕣𝕖 𝕤𝕞𝕦𝕥
The Married Neighbor by lustrus
The Married Neighborby lustrus
Temptation ~ the desire to do something, particularly something immoral or unwise. Hera Digallo a gifted Architect that shifted into a new city and a new home for a new...
Save Me. by animebitches
Save Me.by 🥀💔🥀
XXXTENTACION/Jahseh Onfroy fanfiction "I know your hurting, just give me a sign and I'll make the pain go away" "How can you make the pain go away if you...
A Tale of INCEST SEX by _smutter
A Tale of INCEST SEXby _smutter
BASED ON TRUE STORY pure explicit Content smut warning
Cyber sex| Catradora Onlyfans AU by brubbs1
Cyber sex| Catradora Onlyfans AUby Brubbs1
Catra is struggling with her OnlyFans, her audience says she's getting repetitive; to keep funds going, her friend suggests adding a new person to her streams. Will the...
(Affair #1) Cruel Affair [18+] 11/10/13 by Schendra
(Affair #1) Cruel Affair [18+] 11...by Beetch
On the peak of a friend's stagette party where a stripper dry humps Veronica Anderson's legs, her parents died. On that same night, she met Gavin Bolton in the hospital...
Lesbian Lust by Gemini_29
Lesbian Lustby Midnight Gemini
A one-shot compilation of pure lesbian smut.
Guns And Roses by WaysOfaPrincess
Guns And Rosesby PrettyGal 🧚🏼‍♀️.
19 year old, Kendanesia, attends Concordia University Chicago when she meets 22 year old, Ty're, who introduces her to his lifestyle and who she falls deeply for. Find...
The Forbidden Affair by vintagexpast
The Forbidden Affairby vintagexpast
Donna always had a crush on family friend, Robert Redford. Now that she's of age, Donna finds herself eager to show Rob exactly how she feels. When Mr. Redford is invite...
Mismatch by PreciousBun225
Mismatchby Minimoni
i will add it later, because im sleepy and cant remember what was it before it got deleted. pheew~~
Hunter Academy by CecileRosaline
Hunter Academyby Cécile Rose
I think I am the best hunter, with or without a familiar. Familiars usually become romantically involved so you must choose the opposite gender as your familiar if you w...
Stone Cold by EvieMackWrites
Stone Coldby Evie Mack
Nathalie makes an unlikely acquaintance with mysterios Max during one of the longest nights in her life. She finds him annoying, he finds her alluring. What ensues is a...
"Panahon na rin ang lumipas simula nang ikaw'y nawala. Sa isang marikit na ala-ala ay hindi ko maiwasang pigilan ang pagpatak ng aking luha, lalo na't lagi 'kong n...
❦ Love Me! ❦ by shesjustlikemefr
❦ Love Me! ❦by hewantmetrust
Y/N a college sophomore minding her own business had suddenly been reincarnated as the protagonist of Love Me! An 18+ yandere dating simulator she played in 8th grade. D...
Everything I hate About You by BabyHotFry
Everything I hate About Youby seven11s
Saint Lozano was a skater. It's what got him up in the morning and put him to sleep at night. That and the few drugs he did. Him and his blonde hair and dull blue eyes s...
The Day We Met (Toshinori Yagi/All Might x OC) by Shimeihikari
The Day We Met (Toshinori Yagi/All...by Shimeihikari
She met him during in his most unlikable state. For the very first time in his life, Toshinori Yagi finally felt the essence of care and kindness from someone. Ever sinc...
One sunny night  by Siturf
One sunny night by Siturf
an explicit story on a Hot sunny night
Runaway Bride by Siara_Morow
Runaway Brideby Siara Morow
What will you do after knowing your fiancee has been cheating on you the whole time? ______________________________________ "Sleep with us tonight", Hoseok wh...
Best Friends (boyxboy) by Blue-butterfly001
Best Friends (boyxboy)by Blue-butterfly001
Meet Aiden Thompson. He is the schools idol with his perfect looks, grades and charm. Everyone loves him. But what would happen if they found out his big secret? Aiden h...