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Pent Up 🔒𖦹 ⋆。♡ by SubmissiveAuthorBoy
Pent Up 🔒𖦹 ⋆。♡by SubAuthorBoy
After meeting a new girl, Malakai, Leo quickly discovered they had a few things in common- their love of each other, their eagerness to experiment sexually, and a newfou...
THAT A$$ by the_sexy_pinguin
THAT A$$by Pinguin.the.samurai
Your ass, my passion 👍 It's nothing.... just his ..ass... It's like 2 planets joined together, it's so big, so large, so meaty, so tasty... she would eat it as barbecue...
the flashing lights (shubman gill × ishan kishan) by annkyy4you
the flashing lights (shubman gill...by anuwu•°☆
"life would've been nice if i had an ass like yours." "excuse me?!" "what? i just complimented you, ishan." "you don't say such things...
Save Me, Alpha by lillaxy
Save Me, Alphaby PJ
Do you know how it feels to be beaten, left behind? Well, Astrid Wheeler does, and she hates it. She's tired of being used as a pathetic punching bag by her abusive ad...
Dean X Chubby Reader  by thattiredragon
Dean X Chubby Reader by thattiredragon
Like hey guess who's back! It's me!! When Dean finds a different kind of girl what does he do? Do his green eyes find something amazing? She was a little plump with a t...
Married To Your Majesty  by _Asteria_01
Married To Your Majesty by Anushka🤎
Born and Bought up in small village, she has only known how to cook, how to fight and how to sow and reap the crops not the politics and life inside the palace, being an...
HEARTBEAT by kaitlynxstoriiess
HEARTBEATby kaitlynxstoriiess
TRIGGER WARNING! Self harm, suicide, eating disorder, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, trauma THIS IS A NICK AND CHARLIE STORY... I know I said it's a Nick and Charlie...
MHA Oneshots! by starthedepressed
MHA Oneshots!by Star
This story consists of (Insert Character) × Reader, Character × Character, and contains heterosexual and homosexual oneshots. There may be 18+ are here and there, I'll d...
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency X Male Reader by SSJ_Warrior
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle T...by Bean Daddy
You were just some poor kid scrounging for food day by day not knowing your real parents or anyone for that matter your only other friend being one of the same but your...
A Failure of a High Elf (Book One) by erifnidne
A Failure of a High Elf (Book One)by erifnidne
Charlotte, Beckett, Swanmere lives as her father's untrimmed hedge. Merlot Rainbaum searches for a miracle cure to heal her mother, who is none other than the Queen of t...
cardan and jude nsfw by nastienhka
cardan and jude nsfwby nastienhka
jurdan + sex in the throne room + a little bit of tail kink. hope you enjoy !!!
ATLA And LOK Oneshots (Requests Open) by BaguetteManOfficial
ATLA And LOK Oneshots (Requests Op...by BaguetteManOfficial
In which I write short stories based on Avatar The Last Airbender and the follow up show The Legend Of Korra. *Requests are open*
Sleeping Roses by RenaFreefall
Sleeping Rosesby Rena Freefall
Kilan is on the run. From men he knows all too well in a forest he does not know well enough. And running into that tree didn't help. But when he wakes up, the for...
Scientific Crescendo - Book 1: The Seahorse Experiment 🪼✔ by strawberryichigo15
Scientific Crescendo - Book 1: The...by Tragedy Collins
Highest rank: 204 🪼Dexter Leoda is an up and coming ichthyologist that loves to study seahorses. After getting clearance to start an experiment to help the amount of ba...
Irouma Oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN!!!) by bunchoffanfictions
Irouma Oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN!!!)by Danny
I don't own the characters or the art unless I say so. I'll try to update daily.
SMUTT  by PriscillaBlack311
SMUTT by Priscilla Black
This is all types of smut and I hope you like it. Lots of gay stuf lmao "Fuck me you like you mean it. You are mine and mine only. You are my slut."
A Bisexual Story (BoyxBoyxGirl) by DerreckSanchez
A Bisexual Story (BoyxBoyxGirl)by Derreck Sanchez
EDITING!! The heart is going to want what it wants. No and's but's or if's. Nikita is a gal that has the super model status even though she's still in high school. She i...
Fuck The Time Travellers by StormRebel_Love
Fuck The Time Travellersby StormRebel_Love
Algo que Deku nunca imagino que iba a pasar es ver como seis personas caen del techo y descubrir que son del futuro. No ayuda que esas personas tienen un aire de familia...
My Happy Ending as a Villain by YourQueenDea
My Happy Ending as a Villainby YourQueenDea
- The story is currently being written elsewhere. Updates will follow. -
Infinite by mistyrider921
Infiniteby MistyRider
𝄆 ♫♪ 𝄇 A series of four books surrounding the stories of the four members of Julie and the Phantoms. 𝄆 ♫♪ 𝄇 Book 1: Blue Secrets (Luke) Book 2: Red Dreams (Reggie) B...