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Tentacle's Monster Mate by Akira_Kurosawa2417
Tentacle's Monster Mateby Akira Kurosawa
I accidentally summoned a tentacle monster in the middle of the night. He wants to show me why eight arms are better than two. I said yes, and now I have a tentacle mons...
King of Harts by BingingsAnonymous
King of Hartsby BingingsAnonymous
Emory Hart is a simple woman. She loves her family, enjoys her trips to the book store and to the coffee shop and she can never turn down her best friend when it comes t...
The key to his heart by storysbymexx
The key to his heartby Storiesbyme
You joined a new school with ur brother Vance hopper but someone who went to your old school catches ur eye who turns out he's ur bully how will it end?
Marvel Smut ;) by ViviRomanoff
Marvel Smut ;)by Black Widow :)
Enjoy a smut adventure with each avenger x y/n 😏💕❤💙
Mafia Arranged Marriage by DramaQueenforreal
Mafia Arranged Marriageby DramaQueenforreal
COMPLETED✅ Arturo Vasquez -Head of Spanish mafia- was planning on accepting the proposal of Russian mafia leader Ivan Volkov's for his daughter, Aiyana, for her hand in...
Father in law by saimaami
Father in lawby Saima
*you and your boyfriend is in a relationship for 4 years now, but he didn't love you. He just want your company. And he threatened you if you break up with him he'll mak...
Always Watching  by Danasawr
Always Watching by Danasawr
One shot stalker romance
〘 Smut Stories || Michael Afton x Reader 〙- Permanent Hiatus by Janett_lys
〘 Smut Stories || Michael Afton x...by Jane
Short, spicy stories of Micheal Afton
Percy Jackson girl sleepover (dirty edition) by Cute_but_dirty
Percy Jackson girl sleepover (dirt...by Cute_but_dirty
As annabeth, hazel and piper meet for a sleepover, they discuss their dating and see life sufferings. The cute sleepover slowly morphs into something much more, as thing...
Dark Oneshots (Smut) by ipluvi0phile
Dark Oneshots (Smut)by ipluvi0phile
Detailed smut oneshots, because nobody else is doing it right. All kinks will be listed at the top of each story. Lots of degradation is common, though! Let me know if y...
sex with a ghost by ch4rrs
sex with a ghostby ch4rrs
Alana is sitting in her bedroom after a party, All dolled up and fancy. She lays there, scrolling on instagram until she feels a creep up on her leg. "Huh? What was...
desire; draco malfoy by arabel1a
desire; draco malfoyby bella
NOTE: draco x reader fanfic, doesn't follow storyline, i don't own these characters they belong to J.K. Rowling (dobby) CONTAINS MATURE THEMES SUCH AS: violence, blood...
My Favorite Smut In Tumblr by P-XSSY
My Favorite Smut In Tumblrby 💙▀▄𝚂 𝙷 𝙴 𝙽 𝙷 𝙴▄▀💙
The title says it all, also yes theres actually smut/lemon in there. and another thing The storys are not mine they belong to the writer in Tumblr. Which I well write do...
A beast of a ghost by Nathan_2003
A beast of a ghostby Nathan J. R.
Ghost and Fem-reader have been in a relationship for 3 years and are finally having sex
Their Principessa by titledheartzzz
Their Principessaby 🎀
Remi Hernandez is a 20 year old girl who lives with her father that abuses her and she works at a cafe, she lives in Italy,loves children, innocent but behind closed doo...
One bed, Two enemies by entvngled
One bed, Two enemiesby entvngled
"If you don't mind, i'm going to go sleep." He says, taking off his shirt. I widen my eyes and quickly cover them. "What the fuck do you think you're doin...
The Spice Cabinet-Johnny Lawrence x Reader- (Karate Kid) by GhostieBuba
The Spice Cabinet-Johnny Lawrence...by Ghostie
"You know it really bugs me that you joined Cobra Kai. It also bugs me that you're fucking hot," Johnny muttered the last part to himself. I still heard it. ...
Zero Obstacles (Lesbian/WLW) by taylenking
Zero Obstacles (Lesbian/WLW)by taylen
Experience the intense world of the Women's Professional Basketball Association with Naaliq Goldhawk, a standout player whose name gets mentioned among legends. Over six...
𝔻𝕖𝕤𝕚𝕣𝕖 (18+) || DM 𓆚 by Tabetha610
𝔻𝕖𝕤𝕚𝕣𝕖 (18+) || DM 𓆚by uh yea
"you gonna cum for me like a good little girl" Slow updates, I swear I haven't abandoned this book. Just bear with me.
🔞 sugarhill imagines ! by jalahosama
🔞 sugarhill imagines !by sanreoo .
js read mh . CONTAINS SMUT It's really js bout dd, ddot, and notti nd maybe Tyler 🤗