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One bed, Two enemies by entvngled
One bed, Two enemiesby entvngled
"If you don't mind, i'm going to go sleep." He says, taking off his shirt. I widen my eyes and quickly cover them. "What the fuck do you think you're doin...
Dangerously In Love by a_whore_for_dilfs
Dangerously In Loveby martini
That enemies to lover trope with a sharing room!!
Because I care  //  SasuNaru by PolarBear2306
Because I care // SasuNaruby PolarBear2306
Naruto and sasuke basically don't like each other. But when their new assignment makes them travel further than ever before they'll have gay panic all day and night. The...
Bottled Up by JKMacLaren
Bottled Upby J K MacLaren
Louise Bentley is a feisty, wild, 'let's-go-to-Capri-for-the-weekend-yeah?' kind of girl. She spends her days working at a party-planning company. Oh, and she never want...
bad ïdea by SuicidalGooze
bad ïdeaby > H O N K <
Steve's made up his mind. He chose to live his life like it should've been (which was a stupid choice). Not only has he passed his shield and the title of captain to Sam...
Swords of Gilded Crimson by passionofjoan
Swords of Gilded Crimsonby passionofjoan
Luxandria - The City of Eternal Light Tenebrae - The City of Eternal Darkness When General Kalena wages war against the mighty Luxandrian army of Nikolai Daermalkin, the...
Low Stress: Publicity Stunt (Jikook) by StraightlyViolette
Low Stress: Publicity Stunt ( B-R-U-H
When two rival actors are forced to play lovers in a new Netflix holiday romance movie titled "A Sprinkle of Love," will they learn to understand each other or...
(RobotnikxStone) Cut Out the Pieces (of my heart) by PeoplePersonBoi
(RobotnikxStone) Cut Out the LovelyPotato
The adventures of Doctor Robotnik and his trusty (and sexy) assistant ;3 (First Stobotnik fic AAAHHH I hope you guys like it go easy on me :3) #1 in bagel #1 in mustache...
Meaty love - Dhar Mann x that vegan teacher by EdSheeransGalwayG1rl
Meaty love - Dhar Mann x that Ed Sheeran is bae
Miss Karen x dhar Mann Enemies to lovers/one bed/best friends brother
The Assignment by Dyo_Sun
The Assignmentby Dyo_Sun
Idk just some self indulgent smut
The Island by Colormysoultraurig
The Islandby Colormysoultraurig
Veronica and Jughead are on spring break with Archie and Betty when they miss the Cruise ship and have to stay on a random island alone.
Eight Legs Too Many || ONC 2021 and 2022 by CMF_Wright
Eight Legs Too Many || ONC 2021 C.M.F. Wright
Ever since Death got trapped in the mortal realm three years ago, nonstop famines, wars, and plagues have ravaged Earth. Shiori, a budding scientist with a love of snake...
butter smut  by beigemongoose
butter smut by im a whore you idiot
just butter. doing the naughty. the cheeky cheekster.
Frost Valley by anotherteenwriterr
Frost Valleyby syrie :)
it's ur typical enemies to lovers romance and yeah <3
An Inconvenient Attachement by TeenyWeenyNightGhost
An Inconvenient Attachementby TeenyWeenyNightGhost
"That's unfortunate, I would have hoped I'd be more memorable that that." A deep voice spoke from behind her. Oh. Oh no. ----------------------- Alia Woods fin...
Justicykes- One Bed Trope by Writer_Fan
Justicykes- One Bed Tropeby Fan Fan
How I think Justicykes one-bed story would go.
Deal With It by feenieandedgey
Deal With Itby xXmilesXx
Phoenix and Edgeworth find themselves facing new challenges...on MARS. The fate of Francesco Bernoulli and Lighting McQueen's marriage is in their hands... but will thei...
Nine Lives  by raaawwrr123
Nine Lives by Miss Princess
"I refuse to be your second choice! Do you seriously think this is what I wanted? Did you think that I wanted to be married off and shipped to Scotland at eighteen...
Real or Not Real? by barnesdogtags
Real or Not Real?by cassie
Bucky made a bet with Steve that he would have a girlfriend before their trip back home to Brooklyn. Steve is bringing Nat and Bucky doesn't want to be the third wheel...
harry styles one shots by stylesloveclub
harry styles one shotsby stylesloveclub
fluff and smut u know the drill!!! u can find more of my writing/ updates on my fics at my tumblr @stylesloveclub!!!!