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Shawn Mendes Imagines Part 3 {COMPLETED} by birdieboo12
Shawn Mendes Imagines Part 3 { Tia
Welcome to my third book of imagines! {*} = smut! Requests are closed! MEAN OR HATEFUL COMMENTS WILL GET YOU BLOCKED!!!!
Boyfriend X Reader sweet awkward adorkable perfect by Ruby7621
Boyfriend X Reader sweet awkward Ruby Waterson
Cute cuddly fuzzy feeling book By yours truly Ruby Waterson Might do annotations but Idk and maybe pic of me and my boyfriend that this story is modeled after plz enjoy...
Father in law by saimaami
Father in lawby Saima
*you and your boyfriend is in a relationship for 4 years now, but he didn't love you. He just want your company. And he threatened you if you break up with him he'll mak...
Elijah and his crush by The_best_storiieess
Elijah and his crushby The_best_storiieess
Taken from both POV's. This series is about a young man named Elijah and a young women named Emily. Despite them knowing each other from the past, and not in a good way...
tom holland imagines by styleslangdon
tom holland imaginesby 💙💙
tom holland smut, fluff, lemon, angst imagines ~requests~ open!!
Cut The Camera Podcast: Matt's Girlfriend | Imagine | Sturniolo Triplets by riari333
Cut The Camera Podcast: Matt's riaurlove
In this story you are invited to the podcast as Matt's girlfriend to talk about yourself and your relationship with Matt and the boys.
Boyfriend Imagines by crazyana89
Boyfriend Imaginesby Ana Santos
Boyfriend imagines to you all lonely people out there. Sorry if I make you needy.
Robbie x Fem reader  by anime_yandere_girl
Robbie x Fem reader by anime yandere girl
you move to a new town fill of strange things and meet Robbie
Miles Apart by _dat_one_girl_
Miles Apartby Ayo
Isabella and Miles, two complete opposites find themselves being paired up for the rest of their senior year. They want to be at least friends but there's something in t...
imagines by kimbeuteuli
imaginesby lovenanami
just some imagines i want to write. Hope yall gonna like it
Her Hidden Love by prasannayadav
Her Hidden Loveby prasannayadav
This story is about a south Indian girl Arohi. She has lot of insecurities about herself as she is a little fatter than the conventional skinny girls and all her life sh...
Strict brothers and crush by _tata_mic_tae_
Strict brothers and crushby bts tales💜💜
This is not my story this is original story of "silly girl 2here" I'm just "continuing her stories" i hope you like the story it's really good hope...
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Loving Eyes by Peachsk
Loving Eyesby Peachsk
Sequel to 'Innocent Eyes' All grown up, Cameron has returned home from Flordia after a year. She has missed being near her brother and friends. Now it's time for her to...
crush imagines by justanotherfangurlz
crush imaginesby justanotherfangurlz
for when you're thinking of him :) (requests are gladly accepted! submit them through my comments or private messages! i will write them to the best of my abilities!) la...
Boyfriend Imagines by ellaisannn
Boyfriend Imaginesby ellaisan
(on hiatus) you single, you read this. If you want to request/suggest, message me, and for more information, read the very first chaprer :D English is not my first langu...
Tutoring The Badboy (BWWM) by Rieaboo29
Tutoring The Badboy (BWWM)by RIRI
Natalie was always prepared for everything. She managed a 3.8 gpa in school, tutored students on her time, and attended her dance class at night. And still manage to ha...
Tuff love by cdadonnnn
Tuff loveby cdadonnnn
Xoni, (ZA-NEE) a 17 year old girl on the verge of turning 18 and close to finishing high school meets a boy who makes her curious. This boy is unknown to her but definit...
The Perfect Promise by ScarsAndRoses2005
The Perfect Promiseby ScarsAndRoses2005
Everything was perfect until... it wasn't. Winter has gone out of her way to make sure her family friends and school friends never met. Her friends seemed to be in love...
Another way out. [ Owen Grady x Reader ] (Vol. 1) [COMPLETE] by Alcauter_
Another way out. [ Owen Grady x Alcauter_
Moving to California to start fresh to get away from an ex who broke your heart. Along the way you meet an old friend. She's your rock, your cheerleader- overall best fr...