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Unexpected Royal Heir by kazzygirl1
Unexpected Royal Heirby kazzygirl1
Princess Lilyanne Blythe sneaks out to a party and has a one night stand. Assuming that was in the past, that one night stand stranger ends up living with her. Later to...
Transmigrated as Male Lead's First wife  by Halffee
Transmigrated as Male Lead's halffee
Upon waking up, Meera found she was transmigrated as Male Lead's First wife into a child care novel which she read in her previous life. In the novel, the male lead Si...
Listen To My Stupid Heart ♡  by imaginesnher
Listen To My Stupid Heart ♡ by aishika
"Arini, I have told you this for hundred times and I'm telling you again. I don't love you, will never love you and will never marry you. I have so many things to d...
Left At The Mandap✓ by ReaderDisha
Left At The Mandap✓by ReaderDisha
Marriage is not just about two individuals marrying each other rather it's about the bonding between the couple and two families. "Bhaiya the---the groom ran away...
The Rajvansh Villa by Moonfairy28
The Rajvansh Villaby MOONBOW
"Can you do that Preet," Preet still in her place, looking at her with her shocked eyes, not believing her ears. "You are asking me to give up my right of...
Love After Marriage✓ by ReaderDisha
Love After Marriage✓by ReaderDisha
Sneha Anand is a 23 year old final year MBA Student. She is Smart, hardworking, ambitious and a kind Girl. She loves her family a lot and has always fulfilled their wish...
Arrange To Love | KTH  by leemia_7
Arrange To Love | KTH by LeeMia
Y/n getting forced by her parents to marry Mr. Cold CEO Both of them were complete stranger to each other until one... Enjoyyyy :) Started on : 24th October 2021 Ended...
Judaiyaan by AARADHYARAZDANSmile
Hi Guys! This is just another fanfiction for our most loved rumoured couple out there. I am totally in love with them and here I am just pouring the love for everyone e...
OUR CUTE FAMILY (✔) by kuku369
This story is about four brothers and four sisters. How the Maheshwari brothers ends up falling in love with the Gadodia sisters and vice versa? You'll witness family...
Her Tranquil Tales by thatabayagirl
Her Tranquil Talesby thatabayagirl
A Collection of Short Stories which mostly contains romance but, along with few amazing twists and thrills! You can expect stories in different genres varying from Rom...
my pet lover | yeonbin | by begayish
my pet lover | yeonbin |by OH_GAY
Yeonjun has a perverted rabbit. (It has mistakes and amateur writing.)
Flames ~ A Desire Of Revenge & Love by Tales_bychaitali
Flames ~ A Desire Of Revenge & Loveby Tales_bychaitali
Vahi massom chehra Jo 2 saal pehle dekha tha Jo aaj bhi raat ko sone nahi deta. Vahi nili ankhe Jo 2 saalo pehle dekhi thi bilkul samundar ki tarah ghehari aur unk...
All the love  by dokyeomiieeeee
All the love by Bipasha Paradale
What will happen when a middle class Indian girl has to marry her CEO's son who does not belive in love, do not show his emotions to everyone except his family.., will s...
"... I dare you to kiss the person who will walk in next in the pub," Lewis couldn't refuse he accepted the dare. He wanted to prove that he was a man enough...
You chose a tickle story by The_best_storiieess
You chose a tickle storyby The_best_storiieess
These are going to be a tickle ones shots chosen by you. Have you ever thought of a tickle story that you wanted to read but have never found it? Or had an idea but don'...
Tender Trifles of Love by S_Godaria
Tender Trifles of Loveby Simran Godaria
Both were lost in each other's eyes when he snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her towards himself. She collided with his chest and put her palm on his chest to...
Not My Life by kerryanniswriting
Not My Lifeby kerryanniswriting
*Updated every day* 'Bethany supposed what made everything less scary was that she knew Kita had the power to completely destroy her, but she never would. And that's wha...
Hacking into your heart by Eishana_09
Hacking into your heartby Shasha
#Romance #mature Lufian Dorrance:"it's okay if you hate me, but I miss you more than I can bear . I feel like I'm going to die if I don't come to see you secretly...
𝑯𝑰𝑺 𝑸𝑼𝑬𝑬𝑵 by sohaibsamantha
𝑯𝑰𝑺 𝑸𝑼𝑬𝑬𝑵by 𝐉𝐢𝐧𝐦𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐧🍉
"So it was your luck that you could marry me but I'll never let you touch me" she said " I love you, I'm not any pervert who will touch his wife without h...
Together we are!<3  by michuagr
Together we are!<3 by Your Author ♡
" mene tumhe kitni baar kaha he aisha mujhse nind me baat mat kiya karo" " murgi ki bachi dikhti ho tum" ---------------------------- Story Of a gi...