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Become a Villain Wife after transported by nielle99kacayon
Become a Villain Wife after transp...by jiechalley yonaca
NOT MY OWN STORY OR TRANSLATION FOR OFFLINE READING ONLY Author(s) 锦橙 Artist(s) Jin Cheng Jian Tang is a bit unlucky. She transmigrated. Her husband is an absolutely wic...
Reborn Top Student and Sweet Little Wife by Join_Me33
Reborn Top Student and Sweet Littl...by Join_Me33
Huo Yanqing: The powerful and famous successor of the Huo family in Fangcheng. Rumors say that he is temperamental and ruthless and doesn't like females. Once, an actres...
The Contract  by Btsfan_4eva
The Contract by ell_writess
Previously known as Married to my sister's fiancé "Are you......Emily Jones? The biological daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jones?" The lawyer asked and I nodded. He...
[BL] I Became Popular After Transmigrating Into A Cannon Fodder Star by xxahjussixx
[BL] I Became Popular After Transm...by Cj
Title: I Became Popular After Transmigrating Into A Cannon Fodder Star Author: Zhan Si / 惗肆 Chapter: 143+7 Extra Status: Completed Raws: https://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.p...
The Devillish Mafia's Kept Woman by butterflyoreo
The Devillish Mafia's Kept Womanby Bubbles
Can you imagine just lying in the hospital bed waiting for death to welcome you to suddenly wake up to being a kept woman? Not just any kept woman, but for the mafia...
My dark Professor by Zaynismybae17
My dark Professorby Zaynismybae17
"I am a sick sick man, Lily. I can't stop." He whispers. "Infect me. I want to be sick too. If being sick makes me have you. Then poison me." ~~~~...
From Hate to Love by dianalovesdiane
From Hate to Loveby Diana Ara Ybalez
Archer Martin a notorious Playboy who play around with women heart. A bad boy who allergic to word "marriage"! Ysabella Cullen a beautiful and kind hearted doc...
Agreements With Mr Rich Boy | ✓ by RapunzelsSaviour
Agreements With Mr Rich Boy | ✓by rosie🥀
[The Mr Series #1] ❝oh, you silly girl. didn't they ever tell you?... rich boys don't have hearts.❞ Don't speak to them. Don't go near them. Don't breathe within 3 fee...
[BL]Second Wife Of Wealthy Old Man by Rezioj27
[BL]Second Wife Of Wealthy Old Manby Kakshu
Author : Tangerine Boat Status: Complete Status in COO:Complete (86 Chapters + 2 Extras) Myanmar Translator: @little_yihua Meng Yang did a lot of silly and wrong things...
The convenient marriage by TURTUREL
The convenient marriageby FABER
The dark gloomy day she died, regretting all she never managed to do, she thought would be her last. She never expected to reincarnate into another person, even less int...
Destined for Revenge by unrevealed_author
Destined for Revengeby Unrevealed author
What will you do when your own prince charming becomes the villain?Your only love becomes your tormentor? As for Aveliene it was a nightmare come true. Aveliene Lawrence...
Mia ✔️ by JanelleeXOXO
Mia ✔️by JanelleeXOXO
"Can you unzip my dress? I've been trying but can't reach the zipper" I say as I turn my back towards him He comes towards me and starts to unzip my dress, hi...
Stuck With Mr. Billionaire by sleepytinker__
Stuck With Mr. Billionaireby D R E A M E R
"Curiosity killed the kitty Miss Adams." My body stiffened. Slowly I turned around just to see Mr. Parker standing in front of me with hands in his trouser po...
Billionaire's Revenge by sleepytinker__
Billionaire's Revengeby D R E A M E R
"What do you want Xavier?" I said getting irritated. "For you to give me a chance to explain myself." "There's no need to explain anything to me...
A Prince's Unexpected Love [ Completed ] by _siddh6581_
A Prince's Unexpected Love [ Compl...by Sara
ANIKET SINGH RATHORE - Ceo of rathore and sons . The prince and future King of Jaipur . A handsome dashing man . He is every girl's ultimate dream . He is cold for the...
သူ့သားရဲ့ဖေဖေက အချမ်းသားဆုံးဘီလျံနာ by UGLY_joker
သူ့သားရဲ့ဖေဖေက အချမ်းသားဆုံးဘီလျံနာby
His Son Has a Richest Billionaires Dad Unicode: နှစ်တစ်ဝက်စာလောက် ခြိုးချန်ချွေတာပြီးတဲ့နောက်မှာတော့ ချန်ယန်တစ်ယောက် ဇိမ်ခံအပျော်စီးသင်္ဘောပေါ်မှာ ခုနစ်ရက်လောက် ပျော်ပါ...
This is like others stories where two different personalities collide with each other. Will it create feelings between them ? Jungkook and yn are two different personal...
The Unintentional Meet  by incubation_
The Unintentional Meet by authorfatii
Inaya Faisal, the sweetheart girl. An aspiring 20 year old who's determined to make her career. She's caring, loving, and shy, but once she gets comfortable, she won't s...
MAMI ✔️  by LyssahTraicey
MAMI ✔️ by L. T. Nyawira
After Hannah's brother dies in prison while on an undercover mission for the FBI she starts exchanging letters with Santiago, her brother's cellmate. Soon enough her rel...
NOT JUST A CRUSH by EnchantedGlimmer
NOT JUST A CRUSHby CelestialChronicles
ARJUN PATEL, a twenty-six-year-old teacher from a middle-class background, is smart, handsome, sweet, and very serious when it comes to studies and other important matte...