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I Want a Child Not a Wife by 122empresshelen
I Want a Child Not a Wifeby 122empresshelen
She wanted the money, he wanted the child. It was that simple, not until she realized that signing a contract was the worst decision of her life. Or Maybe the best Find...
The convenient marriage by TURTUREL
The convenient marriageby FABER
The dark gloomy day she died, regretting all she never managed to do, she thought would be her last. She never expected to reincarnate into another person, even less int...
When Valerie Adams gets to know that she is betrothed to the youngest billionaire in New York, just to save her father's dying company, it is two nights after she caught...
River & Desert by yagyachowdary
River & Desertby Yagya Chowdary
"There's no need to go searching for a bride, Dadi. We don't need a bride. It's a surrogate that we need. In order to fulfill my obligation, I need a surrogate to b...
Stuck With Mr. Billionaire by sleepytinker__
Stuck With Mr. Billionaireby D R E A M E R
"Curiosity killed the kitty Miss Adams." My body stiffened. Slowly I turned around just to see Mr. Parker standing in front of me with hands in his trouser po...
Hide & Seek Marriage (Completed) by AngelTweet
Hide & Seek Marriage (Completed)by Angel Tweet
Two strangers or Two Soulmates One is Fire other is Water. One is emotional other is over practical. One enjoys life to the fullest other is hell bent on destroying ever...
CHASING MY EX-WIFE  by Eaglewoman20
CHASING MY EX-WIFE by Olawoore Nafisat Eniola
Arabella finds out she is pregnant with a child for her husband, Richard Giodano. She wants to inform him about it when she hears him speaking on the phone with Eve Roge...
Contract To Your Heart by shabulousme
Contract To Your Heartby shabulousme
THIS STORY IS COMPLETED And EDITED. It is every girls dream to have a prince in their life who will treat them like a princess.Nadia is the same. She always dreamed of m...
The Revenge Marriage by 22Satakshi
The Revenge Marriageby satakshi sahay
Unedited Madison Stark a kindergarten teacher life changes upside down when she realized she has been arranged to her ex boyfriend's best friend. Ryan Cullen the man she...
Green Card For My Gorgeous Girl by Tlp10028
Green Card For My Gorgeous Girlby
Isabella is a young Latino lady who was brought to America illegally by her uncle and aunt. She was working for them at a Mexican restaurant when a well known billionair...
Contract marriage (Completed) by prixessjoy
Contract marriage (Completed)by Princess Lawrence
In the mist of a fight for power and position, Hannah found herself mixed up. She met him when all hope was lost, she signed a contract to be his lover and she must not...
His Cupcake by babystepswriter
His Cupcakeby Faye
Amigos' Love Story (Series)- Standalone book A series about love stories of four amigos-Carlos, Miguel, Tristan & Manuel. His Cupcake (Book One) Carlos Gonzales + Cassan...
The boarding school by ChristinaUllaJeppese
The boarding schoolby Sisser1029
This story is about a young woman, still learning about herself, who she is, and what she likes. She is still learning lot. Four years ago, she started on a boarding sch...
Trapping the billionaire✓ by xoxek_12
Trapping the billionaire✓by Essi♚
When Ashley wakes up next to the billionaire Tristan Montenegro, her life spirals into more than she could have ever bargained for. *** Ashley works as a maid at one of...
Her Innocent Smile And His Rutheless Heart <3 by ellyden
Her Innocent Smile And His Elly Daniels
She was all the way innocent and he was simply heartless. She never wanted to know his ruthless ways. But he wanted to know her in any way.He was like fire and she was...
THE DUKE'S MASKED WIFE (C) by GregoryLouise
THE DUKE'S MASKED WIFE (C)by Gregory Louise
Author: Violet_167 The Baron's daughter, Alessandra Barrett, has worn a mask from a young age due to an injury. Many say if you were to see the face behind the mask, you...
Dating Mr. Arrogant by NaraWynn
Dating Mr. Arrogantby Nara Wynn
Elle wants to go through her last year of high school without drama. Unfortunately, the people around her don't make that easy. Suddenly, she's in the public eye because...
Path Of The Dragon (A Dark Fantasy Cultivation Wuxia Xianxia Progression Series) by DarenGillingham
Path Of The Dragon (A Dark Daren Gillingham
A dragon. A girl. A deal sealed in blood. Lightning flickered over the dragon's onyx scales. "You will have to walk through fire and death. You will have to fight f...
Kiska Hai Tumko Intezaar  by singhniki27
Kiska Hai Tumko Intezaar by Niki Singh
One believes in true love, the type when your heart misses a beat at a mere glance... he is waiting for someone with whom he falls in love at first sight. Other doesn't...
Their Love Life.... by Mrviber
Their Love MrViber
She: I wish I get Beautiful Love Life.... He: Love is not my cup of tea, I'm Very Much Happy in my Life without it.... Get ready to witness the weirdest love story of a...