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Mr.Billionaire Meets Ms.Clumsy by Just_SparkleBlue
Mr.Billionaire Meets Ms.Clumsyby Just_SparkleBlue
"Watch where you're going!" A low voice shouted at me, looking at his stain shirt."Now, what I'm going to do? I have a race to go to." He grumbled. H...
Ruthless Billionaire Boss - BK 3 by meeksadorable
Ruthless Billionaire Boss - BK 3by Omei
Book 3 Johnathan Giordano, Italian billionaire. CEO of his family's business is a man feared by many for his known ice cold persona. He's as smooth in business as he is...
His Princess (Brother FF) by 6207168266a
His Princess (Brother FF)by boy with iq 148
Jeon jungkook a mafia who is cold and ruthless who will shot anyone dead and won't think about a second time is totally opposite for his little sister Jeon aera the step...
Two Hearts by siyasarasaga
Two Heartsby Sowmitha
#38 in General fiction on 3.8.18 #36 in reality on 25.10.18 #33 in reality on 10.9.18 #26 in reality on 12.9.18 #25 in reality on 3.10.18 #1 in hugs on 17.10.18 #19 in r...
Love Is Dangerous ✔️  by MIDNIGHT_UNDERSTARS
Love Is Dangerous ✔️ by M.A.R.S
Their marriage was set in stone. Well until the Colombians went under the radar. Davina and Ares were set to marry once she reached eighteen. She's past eighteen now an...
The Marriage Pact | ✓ by cookiedough0104
The Marriage Pact | ✓by 𝐂𝐇𝐎𝐂𝐎 𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐏
"Was this some kind of treasure hunt, Ahana?" Abhay asks me as he starts walking towards me. With each step that he takes forward I take one backward. "An...
Strong Brothers by unknowismine
Strong Brothersby Thomas
about a boy name Avery locked up and getting abuse every day, feeling scared and alone, feeling like giving up,one day his life changed when he found out that he's getti...
Undeniable Love by sweetchoclate9
Undeniable Loveby rose
Alexander Rodriguez. A powerful business man of the Los Angeles. He has it all. Anything and everything he wants. He is powerful and unstoppable. He is devilishly handso...
The Dating Pact | ✓ by cookiedough0104
The Dating Pact | ✓by 𝐂𝐇𝐎𝐂𝐎 𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐏
"Ma, wait, listen to me first." I say and she halts in her way. "I am in love. That's true. It's not an excuse. I did not tell you because the person I'm...
New Bonds by damridhi19
New Bondsby spread happiness
Advait being the only child ,living with her mother , struggling for everything in his life However in other part of country advait's brothers and father is living the...
it's different .. by 8hunniidd
it's different ..by 8hunniidd
jasmine Marie got a glow up in the school year and came to Harlem during the summer with a glow up as she caught dd attention but she always tried hating him as much as...
I would rather be me with you ♡    -ruikasa- by RuiKasaRealImSEGA
I would rather be me with you ♡...by Ruikasa canon
Just a random story about 2 homos falling in love and having fun! (Contains smut) ............................☆......................... ☆updated up to chapter 18☆ Start...
my daddy (On hold) by Nicholezs
my daddy (On hold)by Nichole
One cute little girl and her dom daily life. Life includes ups and downs. Arugements and some smuts. Read to find out the crazy loving life of little girl and daddy
tomorrow night ; chris sturniolo  by punzotw
tomorrow night ; chris sturniolo by lana
chris sturniolo x fem!oc --- "will i see you tomorrow night?" "you say that every time, chris."
Dilbar | دلبر ✓ by dilarafoz
Dilbar | دلبر ✓by ♡
Dilbar (دلبر) - Lover ***** Samaira Baksh has sworn off love. The emotion in itself brought memories that were synonymous with a weak nightmare. For h...
DOM & Little Academy 1 by monasabay0010
DOM & Little Academy 1by Little Scooby
Part 1. This is part of the Tiggger saga. Before anyone knew about vampires and them taking over the word, there were humans in charge. These humans really messed up the...
Trash of the Royal Family by CallenEvance
Trash of the Royal Familyby CallenEvance
Kim Rok Soo wakes up as the Sevent Prince. His older brother is Alver Crossman. His Second brother is Robbit Crossman. His fucker brother was the third prince. and his f...
His Ray Of Sunshine by aishasalisu294
His Ray Of Sunshineby Butterfly 🦋🦋
Mia is an orphan, who lived her whole 4 years in an orphanage where she gets bullied and neglected. Alexander DeLuca a billionaire known to be ruthless and so arrogant b...
in between all things by tayahdawn
in between all thingsby tay 💫
Ash, Jace and Drew have grown up with eachother, they were the local trio. It wasn't until Jace kissed Ash out of nowhere, that everything changed. PREVIOUS TITLE WAS &q...
The Boss Is An Alpha (COMPLETED) ✔ by WisTeaDrinks
The Boss Is An Alpha (COMPLETED) ✔by Jeuel Sumalpong
Claire Evans' father is a hard-working office worker at Silvers Company. What Claire doesn't know is that her father's boss is actually a wolf or an alpha who claims to...