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Dhadkan by Muskan_agr
Dhadkanby Muskan_agr
Three brothers who shared nothing but the love they had for each other. A ten year old child who had been abandoned by his own mother. A child who was pushed to the stre...
Brothers Love  by Riya_Lo3
Brothers Love by Flower blooms
What happens when you have two elder strict brothers? And you are the youngest 🤫🤭 Wanna know....then let's get into the story The daily life of three brothers who lov...
And Then He Came  (ATHC) by Vaikarthana06
And Then He Came (ATHC)by Vai
"Their path was filled with darkness. He had only two options left with him... One was to surrender in front of fate and suffer all the pain... And the next was to...
TRUST(complete) by queen_of_heart_7
TRUST(complete)by alisha Khan
TRUST is true meaning of love
Twisted Fate by awesomeshivu
Twisted Fateby Shivu
A boy who was living his life peacefully with his grandmother But..... Destiny played it's game He is forced to live with the family with whom he never even wanted to...
mily gy dubara ✔ by Abhisha_1
mily gy dubara ✔by Abhisha
open it❤this story is based on brotherhood story in this story you will read alot of moments of sidshek and also avni neil love❤
Colorful Roses with Thrones by Nodes_Dream
Colorful Roses with Thronesby Nodes_Dream
Jungkook with his hyungs ....... Normal life with few difficulties and lots of happiness...... Dig in to know more..........
Connected By Heart❤❤ by AreebaAmir943
Connected By Heart❤❤by Areeba Amir
A story about two brothers who got separated in childhood brutally but meet again after years. Join these two brothers in their journey❤❤❤
ANOOKHE RISHTE by MysticDreamYWriter
ANOOKHE RISHTEby Jumainah Ayub
Four brother. Three who hate youngest. Misunderstanding created in the past. Will they be able to rectify their mistakes. Or is it too late. Read Anookhe Rishte to fi...
Life goes on [Jungkook's Six Strict Hyungs][ a BTS Brotherhood FF] by SehreenHridita3095
Life goes on [Jungkook's Six _MicroCosmos_
This is a fan fiction of BTS. Here I didn't include any Y/n or female lead character. It's just purely BTS's brotherly relations here. Jungkook as the youngest brother...
PEHCHAAN (Book4- Oberoi Brothers series) by SwatiSandeep
PEHCHAAN (Book4- Oberoi Brothers SwatiSandeep
A promise given a dying father changes the life of a teenage boy. A boy who behaves like a brat! who pretends not to care, but craves for acceptance secretly! Who is Ad...
💜 This FF starts after the Talent Hunt 💚
Anuj's claim to affection (A Karna-Arjun what-if story) by bleedblue2011
Anuj's claim to affection (A Neha Srivastav
~Book 2 of Mother's secret series~ At the graduation arena, Arjun is winded by a stranger's fierce hatred towards him. The stranger swears himself to his cousin Duryodha...
baby of the house by UmeEmaanPari32
baby of the houseby UmeEmaanPari32
just a normal brotherhood story of bts no Y/n or any other female characters are included ••• so this story is basically jungkook centric in this story he is the pampere...
Family: Always There For You 2 by kahaani191
Family: Always There For You 2by kahaani191
Second season of my story " Family: Always there for you"
brothers love ✔ by Abhisha_1
brothers love ✔by Abhisha
this story is based on cid but i include abhishek nigam also and in this story i will show you brothers love ❤
My Hyung  by fictionswithbts
My Hyung by Avleen Kaur
koo:- H-hyungie i-i am scared Tae:- Don't be scared bun, we will get out of here koo:- Hyungie, I really didn't kill eomma, appa Tae:- Bunny, why are you saying that...
Umeed by MostlySane_d
Umeedby MostlySane
Arnav has vowed to protect his brothers from every pain, every sorrow in the world but what happenes when his brother is not ready to accept the child he raised? What h...
🧡 This is going to be nearly a five-seven shots story on two brothers Neil and Manik and their beautiful bonding. 💜