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Dhadkan (Book 1 - Singhania Brothers) by Muskan_agr
Dhadkan (Book 1 - Singhania Muskan_agr
Three brothers who shared nothing but the love they had for each other. A ten year old child who had been abandoned by his own mother. A child who was pushed to the stre...
SIBLINGS FOR LIFE by dreamland20_07
Four siblings, two elder brothers and two younger sisters living with their rich parents.Get ready to enter the life of these siblings and their family dynamics..... Let...
reunited by damridhi19
reunitedby spread happiness
3 brothers serving the country 'india' along with their father and living a beautiful and disciplined life but always feel like something is missing. a boy waiting for...
Sahil (Book 4- Chauhaan Brothers) by SwatiSandeep
Sahil (Book 4- Chauhaan Brothers)by SwatiSandeep
"Lost at sea, adrift for days, Hope fading in the ocean haze, But a glimmer of land in sight, The ship finds shore, safe at night. They say it is easy to walk away...
Bonding by __-crystal-__
Bondingby ....
Story about 4 brothers.....peep in to know!
ASHIYAANA by SwatiSandeep
ASHIYAANAby SwatiSandeep
Amidst the ruins of a family torn asunder, a web of secrets lurks, and father and sons stand at odds. When a mysterious woman enters their lives, bringing with her a you...
MY BROTHER MY LIFE 💕🧬 by tara_gandhi
MY BROTHER MY LIFE 💕🧬by tara_gandhi
my 2nd book sidshek story story about two brothers who love each like hell . they are each other's life . abhi hate mafias but Sid is world biggest mafia king , which is...
O God! Why Me?  by Panwar1205
O God! Why Me? by Panwar1205
They have everything... But he got nothing... They loved each other but not him.. He loved them but also scared of them... They got gifts he got punished... Will things...
Pratishodh by muskan75
Pratishodhby muskan
Sahas Shekhavat. Who was separated from his family in the tragedy that happened in the past. Who is misled from childhood that he wants revenge from his own father. Who...
RAKSHAK ~ The Protectors  by Taani10
RAKSHAK ~ The Protectors by Taani10
What happens when Brothers are destinied to be sperated... what happen when. one death Changes the Equation for brothers forever... what happens when you are kept at d...
Ghaav by SkyIer666
Ghaavby WildBlueYonder
A story about 5 siblings ... An Elder brother with responsibility of his younger siblings.. let see how the elder one handle the hate of his brothers and deal with them...
SANGAM  (Book5 -Oberoi Brothers series) by SwatiSandeep
SANGAM (Book5 -Oberoi Brothers SwatiSandeep
A promise given to a dying brother bonds him to a family that loved him as their own....... A family that reminded him of something he had lost...... A family he cannot...
Dastaan-e-Ahmedaani by niabhatti
Dastaan-e-Ahmedaaniby niabhatti
A beautiful tale of Ahmedani family! A siblings saga with lots of family drama and love served as a side dish! Peep in to enjoy!
Guilty Forever by Zarhaan_
Guilty Foreverby Zarhaan
"I hate you because of you. I lost my dad." "You were the reason why he left us(cracking voice)" "I am sorry(cracking voice) "Maybe this is...
ANOOKHE RISHTE by MysticDreamYWriter
ANOOKHE RISHTEby Jumainah Ayub
Four brother. Three who hate youngest. Misunderstanding created in the past. Will they be able to rectify their mistakes. Or is it too late. Read Anookhe Rishte to fi...
BANDHAN - (Book 3-Oberoi Brothers Series) by SwatiSandeep
BANDHAN - (Book 3-Oberoi SwatiSandeep
For Ayushmaan Oberoi Family was everything. His brothers meant the world to him. The brother who raised him, taught him the value of family, gave a promise to their dy...
Ek Anmol bandhan  by Kritika186
Ek Anmol bandhan by Kritika
Singhanias are a big name in society. Dive in to know how they go through every trouble in life staying together and never leaving each other's side. Each family member...
PEHCHAAN (Book4- Oberoi Brothers series) by SwatiSandeep
PEHCHAAN (Book4- Oberoi Brothers SwatiSandeep
A promise given a dying father changes the life of a teenage boy. A boy who behaves like a brat! who pretends not to care, but craves for acceptance secretly! Who is Ad...
Step brothers by prathanasweety
Step brothersby prathanasweety
Two step brothers randhir and manik who hate each other living under a same roof. The common thing in both is they love their younger brother maddy. Can this love bring...
Rishton Ki Dor by unknown1389107
Rishton Ki Dorby unknown1389107
This is a joint family story where everyone loves each other to no extent Join their journey to learn how the elder brothers deal with the younger brats...