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Why Me ?(My Brothers Hates Me) by dipshanel
Why Me ?(My Brothers Hates Me)by shine...
WHY ME ? I also deserved to be loved .. And now I am slowly dying but I have no one in my side . I just want one time my brother loves me like they used to do before...
 Strict doctor husband by Btsffgirl678
Strict doctor husbandby sweet and cute
It's just a fan fiction. Don't take it seriously. It's a boy x boy ff. If you are uncomfortable then please don't read it💜 And if you like the story then don't forget t...
My strict brother  by dipshanel
My strict brother by shine...
The story of jungkook strict brother and his lover tae ....
BROTHER'S LOVE by Dreamland555
BROTHER'S LOVEby Dreamland555
It's going to be a random oneshots book with BTS as your brothers.I will mention their age and profession seperately in each chapter.
☞Strict Hyung Of Vkook☜ by organicpeace4
☞Strict Hyung Of Vkook☜by organicpeace4
So let's see, Vkook's life with his strict jimin hyung.... In this story there are many twists and turns... So, they are kim brothers and more u got to know in the stor...
Regressing the Bully by fennyfawk
Regressing the Bullyby fennyfawk
Billy the school bully is regressed and adopted by Miss Emily the hottest teacher in school. Worse still for the lad, Miss Emily's the heir to the family who exclusively...
My Strict Husband by Yuri_Loveffs
My Strict Husbandby •Howaa-!
This is a Taekook ff! Top>Tae Bottom>Kook. This contains spanking. Side ship- Yoonmin.
The Brother's princess  by pinkclemonade
The Brother's princess by pinkclemonade
she's small, stealthy and crazy, she's exactly what the mafia needs, unfortunately her brother is the leader of the Italian mafia, so she is stuck, she didn't want to be...
Disciplined  by Emily6802
Disciplined by WinterMayz
Maxine is a 17yr old senior in high school. Follow her difficult journey being raised by her three older brothers.
Madhouse  by Devilin111
Madhouse by Devilin
First time writer, so please excuse any mistakes and do let me know so i can correct it. A family drama with a wealthy business man who enjoys being in control, be it se...
BTS oneshots 💜 by Queenfanfriction2010
BTS oneshots 💜by Queenfanfriction2010
These are BTS oneshots I hope you guys enjoy it.. this also contain some 🔞 oneshots too.. enjoy the oneshots...
The Diary of Evergreen Evelyn  by InkedElla
The Diary of Evergreen Evelyn by InkedElla
In the vibrant tapestry of Kensington, London, the Smith family, epitomized by the siblings, grapples with the lingering echoes of parental loss. A 27-year-old Edward, w...
Superstar Adoption  by fennyfawk
Superstar Adoption by fennyfawk
A young orphan is adopted by the biggest star in the world, one who he has a huge crush on! Contains spankings, breastfeeding, and ageplay elements.
True submission is a gift by DavidRoyers
True submission is a giftby Arrandrach Gaurain
A man haunted by the past creates contracts with women to keep them for a few months for his sadistic pleasure. In exchange for those months he gives them a large sum of...
BTS (oneshots) by ffsbysomedaydreamer
BTS (oneshots)by ffsbysomedaydreamer
Hi! Nothing much to describe here. It's a oneshots book so there will be different stories in every chapter. Your requests are welcome! But I don't write smuts. And I...
Enough. (mxm BDSM short story) by Kaiah_Love
Enough. (mxm BDSM short story)by Kaiah_Love
Mischievous little Lance and his two best friends, Seth and Ezra decided it was a good idea to meet up with each other one day without telling their dominants. What coul...
Strict Father[SS]✔ by Your_Little_Cupcake
Strict Father[SS]✔by Cupcake🦋
This is a story of twins and their strict and possessive father🤍
Cute Boy's Cold And Rude Crush But........ by btsxfics321
Cute Boy's Cold And Rude Crush TAEHI(⁠◕⁠ᴗ⁠◕⁠✿⁠)
It's a taekook ff A boy named Jungkook/kook fell for a cold and rude boy he wants to confess but he is afraid to tell him. Will they be together?? Let's see 👀👀 Starte...
Justice Girl Saga by fennyfawk
Justice Girl Sagaby fennyfawk
The story of Justice Girl, the powerful superheroine of Justice and of Billy, the weak broken boy she finds in the lair of her nemesis. But what Justice Girl doesn't kno...
Christian Grey Is My Father by Booklover6723
Christian Grey Is My Fatherby Baylin Michelle
My name is Kerra Marie Grey! Im 14 years old but some don't beileve it and think im actually older lol My Father is Christian Grey, he owns businesses all over hotels af...