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Her Innocent Eyes by saee24
Her Innocent Eyesby saee24
She has everything anyone can wish. Beautiful body, fair skin, intelligence, soft voice, innocent and kind personality, great dancing and cooking skills and love for her...
The perfect prison  by smuttybri
The perfect prison by Bri
"I'm your dom sweetheart", Addison felt sick she couldn't believe that the guy she hated most in life would be the one who would dom her for the next four year...
Masters pleasure by hisperfectprincess34
Masters pleasureby kingofsquirrelsz
Warning *bdsm, partner switching, homosexual content* DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NT SUPPORT
Troubled Hearts (Headmistressxstudent) by -Jezie-
Troubled Hearts ( J
A Headmistress that needs everything in order and a girl that has nothing going for her. Will they find comfort in each other or will their fire simmer away with so many...
Raven by Silverspages
Ravenby Silver
Reaching his hand out, he grasped my chin, forcing me to look up at him. "You look so pretty kneeling next to my cock." He lazily smiled. His eyes were dark wi...
The Space Between a Rock and a Hard Place|OT4 by daddy_luke
The Space Between a Rock and a ⓟⓔⓐⓒⓗⓔⓢ
Calums dominants, Michael and Ashton, add a new submissive- Luke Hemmings- to their relationship without informing or asking Calum about it first.
She's Gladis's by MaryMGB
She's Gladis'sby MaryMGB
"Just say the word baby and i'll make all the tingles go away" Gladis husked whispering in my ears sending shivers down my spine... that did nothing but helped...
Female Sub X Male Dom Smut/Lemon by daddyslemonslave
Female Sub X Male Dom Smut/Lemonby Tamani
Female Sub x male Dom Punishment (spanking) Just a little oneshot. Also this is Rated M and if you dont like BDSM you shouldnt read ^^ If youre still here have fun with...
The gangs princess  *ON HOLD* by MissCow06
The gangs princess *ON HOLD*by Misscow06
A young girls fisrt year in college becomes out of hand whens she meet a gangleaders and his friend WARNING *DDLG *BDSM *VIOLENTS *CURSING * BAD SPELLING
Nom nom the lesbians are about to come by 99logg
Nom nom the lesbians are about 99logg
Two girls find a love with each other - and some fun toys
Lights up and they know who you are. //  Larry Stylinson. //  BDSM au by ltandhs28
Lights up and they know who you ltandhs28
According to the world, One Direction consisted of Dominant Louis Tomlinson, Dominant Liam Payne and his Submissive Zayn Malik, Dominant Niall Horan and Dominant Harry S...
White Collar  by meapmk
White Collar by meapmk
Scarlett Valentino; Most powerful and successful attorney to walk into any courtroom. At only 26 years old she has it all, the beauty and the brains. She is known for he...
mr. ace's beautiful desire | discontinued by bittersweet-roses
mr. ace's beautiful desire | christine ♡.
WARNING! MAY CONTAIN SEENS THAT ARE INNAPROPRIATE OR MATURE FOR SOME READERS! Mr.Ace is known around the world for being a multi-billionaire and Ace industries being on...
Kneel (ManxMan) (BDSM) (18+) ✔️ by -carmin
Kneel (ManxMan) (BDSM) (18+) ✔️by Carrie Vanessa
Alexei Ivey is a shy and sweet twenty five year old who has been working at Armas Marketing for a year. He is a sub who knows what he wants. And what he wants, is a man...
Reluctant Versatile by VirtuosoAxolotl
Reluctant Versatileby VirtuosoAxolotl
Eric is just a sixteen year old guy who has been affected by his seventeen year old gay friend. Eric's relationship status was 'Single' until his friend came back after...
The One Shots You're Looking For by angrypotatomuffin
The One Shots You're Looking Forby angrypotatomuffin
Collection of one shots, most of them kinky ;) All stories are different scenarios with different roles/perspectives, if one isn't your thing then pls check the contents...
Sin Of A Stepson  by MrHanghim
Sin Of A Stepson by MÃX
"I never meant to fall inlove with you but you bring out a side of me that I never knew existed."-Carter "You keep telling me I'm your stepson and that I'...
Angel or Slave  by britt95day
Angel or Slave by Britt Leah
Rated R for violence Language sex 18+ only please and do not report if you don't like them just don't read it's that simple once again rated R and XXX enjoy my little bd...