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Friend with benefits by Leo008765
Friend with benefitsby Leo
Just a story But including much of feeling . If u r not over 18?, Just leave? Haha just kidding, keep reading ? Story တွေ ရှုပ်ပါတယ်ဘာညာ မကြိုက်ဘူး ထန်တာပဲဖတ်ချင်သူများတ...
slenderman x y/n  by flower-cup
slenderman x y/n by flower-cup
smut* little tiny bit of bdsm* I am editing the storyline bc I didn't publish some parts and so there being published
My brother's bestfriend by lavendervibes44
My brother's bestfriendby lavendervibes44
"What if my brother finds out?" she asked hesitantly. "Do you want me doll?" he asked, still kissing her neck. "yes.." she whispered. "...
My CEO Daddy by privatoes
My CEO Daddyby privatoes
Macy was dragged to a BDSM Club by her best friend Leah for her birthday. What she dosen't know is that it'll change her life forever. *SLOW UPDATES
The Mafias Little (gxg) by Kavika_546
The Mafias Little (gxg)by Kavika_546
Sage Lincoln, 27 years old. The youngest in her family yet the only one to hold a strong Mafia and Company. After finding her little secretly having sex with her brother...
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His Property  by malaksameh213
His Property by Evan213
Amelia is born in a strict household who told her that she will meet her soulmate one day and marry him and have kids just like kids stories but she always felt differen...
Mine to devour, to destroy (JJk) by kareenarosy
Mine to devour, to destroy (JJk)by Bangtanfics
Y/n: Fuck! Yes, oh God, Yes! I was on cloud mine. My vision blurry from the lack of air but I didn't care. I loved the pain. He landed another slap on my other cheek and...
Bloodlust by Miss_Jay13
Bloodlustby Jayduh13
Melody was one of the most powerful vampires in the entire Empire. Meaning over 20 billion Humans and Vampires mixed, were under her care and control. She had all that s...
Yes, Mr. King by Theelectrikyoung0
Yes, Mr. Kingby Freakstories
"He turns his hand slightly as he looks in my eyes and runs his thumb just above my knee feeling my soft skin." In a world where humans have mates.... The job...
BDSM one-shots by gwasabeef
BDSM one-shotsby gwasabeef
daddy's princess by a1exiis
daddy's princessby a1exiis
Night time routine. Female sub; male dom SFW CONTENT
☆His Little Princess☆ by k31l31gh
☆His Little Princess☆by ⋆༺𝔎𝔢𝔦𝔩𝔢𝔦𝔤𝔥༻⋆
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ !! 《 ꜱᴍᴜᴛ 》 《 ᴋɪɴᴋꜱ 》 《 ʙᴅꜱᴍ 》 《 ᴅᴅʟɢ 》
White Collar by meapmk
White Collarby meapmk
Scarlett Valentino; Most powerful and successful attorney to walk into any courtroom. At only 26 years old she has it all, the beauty and the brains. She is known for he...
The Vampires New Toy by RavenWhite99
The Vampires New Toyby RavenWhite99
A girl is kidnapped and sold. To a vampire?? Will she survive in a house full of bloodthristy monsters? ((Complete))
My Neighbor Joel by KittenKes
My Neighbor Joelby Kestrel B.
Kes finally is free from her emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend. At 25, she has successfully purchased her own home far away from anyone she knows who might cause her trou...
Coincidence  by privatoes
Coincidence by privatoes
Lex is a girl at University majoring in Business. She goes to school and her best friend said there's a new substitute teacher in their class and that he's hot. When she...
In This Current Life by jdisnxbjcmsns
In This Current Lifeby BeanieLittle
This is basically a bunch of one shots and maybe some story line. ⚠️ SMÜTTY WARNING ⚠️
Everyone comes with scars (but you can love them away) (camren) by AdoringlyFlorence
Everyone comes with scars (but Scarly’s girl <3
Contains BDSM/MDLG/ageplay Camren AU. *I do NOT ship camren in real life. This is purely for entertainment purposes*
The Power Academy by Pastel_Babydoll
The Power Academyby J
There is no dynamic harder to balance than one being thrown into your face. How does Kayla handle that? With grace? With poise? Or does she stand up and fight back? Sit...