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လမ်း​​ပေါ်က 'လင်' ​ကောက်ယူသူ 'သခင်' by Nyothitwai
လမ်း​​ပေါ်က 'လင်' ​ကောက်ယူသူ 'သခင်'by Nyothitwai
​ပြည့်တန်ဆာတစ်​ယောက်ကို ဖာသည်လိုဆက်ဆံတာမှားလား ဥပုဒ်​စောင့်တဲကျားကို​တွေ့ဖူးသလား ဆရာ!!! အသား​ရွေးစားတဲ့ ကျားကို​ရော မြင်ဖူးလား ဆရာ!! ထပ်​ပြောမယ် ဆရာ လင်းလွန်းထက် က ပြည်...
Loving 4 Men by Simpingheavy
Loving 4 Menby Bunny🔪
"W-Wait Daddies-" I let out but the pleasure was over taking me. As much as I tried to hold it in those strange sounds just kept letting themselves out. I felt...
Diaper Cafe by ello___
Diaper Cafeby ello___
18+!!!!!!!! mature content: contains diapers, forced bdsm, nonconsensual acts, various kinks, basically NSFW all around. Proceed with caution. Bella finds herself out o...
Seize her - you always be mine  by Ciara_Morrone
Seize her - you always be mine by Kai Parker
Hi guys, this is my first English story, besides English is not my first language either. Spelling and grammar mistakes are included. TW:/ this Story contains: - lots o...
The Company's little. by Cendrillon1996
The Company's little.by Cinderella
Talia works in a company, it's a secret matching companies, they are known for BDSM matching, you can find your future submissive from any kind, training courses, clothi...
Steve's Little: Bucky Barnes by havefunliving
Steve's Little: Bucky Barnesby havefunliving
Bucky is fairly new to the whole little/caregiver ordeal. Frankly, he'd always found it stupid and degrading. Why should he have to be babied? Steve though, shows him it...
How I met my wedgie boyfriend [{DROPPED)] by bfs4life
How I met my wedgie boyfriend [{DR...by bfs4life
Boyxboy fanfic but without the cliché. But a lot more adorable.
sex by scarletbucks
sexby scarletbucks
Just sex scenes Unedited
...Dark Love- A Darker Shade by Penglowy
...Dark Love- A Darker Shadeby Pen Glowy
DARK ROMANCE - A dark game forces Zee, a reckless young woman into contacting the guy who took her virginity and begging him to marry her, but she neither expected his a...
မြတ်နိုးမိသော by SawKyiPhyulinnwai
မြတ်နိုးမိသောby Saw Kyi Phyu
မာန်ဝင့်ထည် လင်းရောင်စဥ်
Silver Oak Academy by Phoenix__Bird
Silver Oak Academyby Phoenix
This is a story about a 16 year old girl, in 2185. Things have changed in this world. Their are Vampires and Mages, as well as Werewolves and other species. Everyone mus...
Intricate Love Season 1 🔞🚫 by ahhnin21
Intricate Love Season 1 🔞🚫by ahhnin21
ဆူးနှင်းဝေ မင်းငါ့ကို ထားသွားနိုင်ပါတယ်။ဒါပေမယ့် မင်းရဲ့သေခြင်းကပဲ ငါ့ကို ထားသွားလို့ရမယ် ကလေး။အဲ့ဒါ မင်းကို သိပ်ချစ်လို့နော် ဟန်ရဲသွေး ဒီလောက်ချော၊ ဒီလောက်လှပြီး အဘက်ဘက...
You're mine by vynllScratch
You're mineby vynllScratch
Alfred is an abusive alpha and Arthur is his omega mate. Watch the story un fold. I kind of just saw this picture and ran with it my stories aren't normal like this but...
DADDY  by MalShweZune2
DADDY by mal shwe zune
Kim nam joon & jone jung kook
Abby Lynn Curtis by aem9876
Abby Lynn Curtisby Aem9876
Abby Curtis is the youngest of the Curtis family and there parents died two years ago. Abby lives with her three older brothers. They live in Castle Rock Oklahoma so thr...
My cold Husband ✓ {Completed/under Editing} by NanNikoyaJoon7
My cold Husband ✓ {Completed/under...by Niko Joon
'T....thirt...y...' 'Count,B*tch!' he blasts out with anger, 'Or you want me to begin from One again?' 'N..o!' I yell out at a painful tone and try to control my words...
Mafia kids spanking by spankfics2
Mafia kids spankingby spankfics2
2 Little Sisters 4 Mafia Brothers. Anita 14 and Alissa 11 are being raised by their Mafia brothers. Their brothers are not like other parents. They are stone cold, stric...