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BTS Family  by delusional_psych
BTS Family by delusional_psych
Yn is a cute little brat who loves to get herself into trouble. This story is about how her oppa's punish and correct her as she continues being a mischievous little tro...
Re - Parented  by Jenna97Jenna
Re - Parented by Jenna
Mark Morrison is a 17 year old known for his bad attitude and running away from home. On the night of his 18th birthday Mark gets arrested and is bailed out by his paren...
My twin professor brother's by Bujji1984
My twin professor brother'sby Sahithya
This is a story of a girl living with her brothers (Not related to any idol it's just a fanfiction based on my imagination and the pics i uploaded belongs to the owners...
STRICT APPA  by Akarity
STRICT APPA by Akarity
Hi! I m write stories for the very 1st time so please don't judge my writing skills and English is not my first language so I sorry for mistakes. It contain non-sexual s...
Sweet December ❄️ by CaCa_1992
Sweet December ❄️by CaCa_1992
CaCa bl ပထမဆုံး ရေးဖူး တာ မို့လို့ ဖတ်လို့ မကောင်း ရင် သည်းခံ ကြနော် Epi 1ခု 1ခု တိုတာကိုလည်း သည်းခံ ကြနော် အကုန် သည်းခံ ကြနော်😁
My Strict Professor Husband (Yoonmin)  by Daydreamers1319
My Strict Professor Husband (Yoonm...by Daydreamers
This is the story of a innocent college boy and his super strict professor husband. Both of them are completely opposite to each other. Min Yoongi, a heartless professor...
Strict Father.. by Btsarmy_ot7_78
Strict Father..by BTS ♡
In this story Jimin is a strict father of jungkook and Taehyung.. More you will know in the story.. ignore my mistakes. don't forget to follow and vote for this book.. ...
သူ စေလိုရာ (As Your Wish) by MelonMira
သူ စေလိုရာ (As Your Wish)by MelonMira
သူ့လက်ထဲက လွှတ်မြောက်ဖို့ဆိုရင် ဘာမဆိုလုပ်မယ့် မိုးမခ..... မိုးမခကို သူ့လက်ထဲမှာပဲ အပိုင်ထားဖို့အတွက်ဆိုရင် ဘာမဆိုလုပ်ရဲတဲ့ ဘုန်းမြှင့်သီဟ..... Punish type ဆိုတာထပ် Abu...
spanking trouble maker brother BTS X Taehyung  by Any619
spanking trouble maker brother BTS...by 💙💙💙💙
six strict brothers with strict parents always obeys rules never break any rules what happens when the seventh smallest brother is a trouble maker hate rules. mother,fat...
You're mine by vynllScratch
You're mineby vynllScratch
Alfred is an abusive alpha and Arthur is his omega mate. Watch the story un fold. I kind of just saw this picture and ran with it my stories aren't normal like this but...
Burning Out  by sssadiemay
Burning Out by sssadiemay
Colette "Cole" Carter, known for her role as Emma Daring in family sitcom "Everything Emma" feels washed up at 16. Her 10 year TV run left her emanci...
Boyfriend Troubles and Diaper problems by DiaperGirl6
Boyfriend Troubles and Diaper prob...by DiaperBaby
Kami finally puts it pass her self and breaks up with her toxic boyfriend. Brett, being the toxic ex he is, plans his revenge and it gets a whole lot easier when he find...
Shopping Trip - Diary Entry by Babygirlsdiary2019
Shopping Trip - Diary Entryby Babygirlsdiary2019
Babygirl accompanies Daddy on a shopping trip.
taekook_daddy by jiminmilkythighsaf
taekook_daddyby taekookareinlove
jk: ahh hyung!! tae: that's not my name ,babyboy😏 #582 in adult content 25/12/2020 #868 in punishment 26/12/2020 #255 in punishment 30/12/2020 #170 in bottomjungkook 1...
ငယ့်ရဲ့လမ်းပြကြယ် by zinlay88
ငယ့်ရဲ့လမ်းပြကြယ်by zinlay88
"ချစ်ပေမယ့် အလိုမလိုက်ဘူး ငယ်။ ငယ်လိမ္မာမှပဲ ဖြစ်လိမ့်မယ်"
Strict father  by ujjjainwala
Strict father by ujjjainwala
Umm check in introduction please and this is my first story and there is bts
Taehyung One Shots || As The brother or The father || 😁 by khp777
Taehyung One Shots || As The broth...by ♡ khp-fics ♡
For those who interested in family bonds 😁❤️ |Will be contained of bunch of stories where Taehyung as the father or the brother]
The little devil of the house (Spanking Fic) (closed for now) by worldofweirdosaur
The little devil of the house (Spa...by Cereal Killer
Amara. An orphan,troublesome girl who loves to cause riot in the orphanage. Everyone told her that it would get her no where, but what happens when Mr. Vultagio, 32 year...