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Something About Him by Annabella_Nara
Something About Himby Annabella_Nara
Annalisa Foster is a 27 year old trying to get over her past demons, from childhood trauma to ex's she's keeping it all at bay, when her life comes full circle, because...
You are my OBSESSION ( Yandere Natsu x reader) by musiclover1561
You are my OBSESSION ( Yandere Musiclover1561
Since you were a 6 you have been in fairytail, you looked up to Natsu, saw him as your big brother considering he was 7 years older then you. He saw you as his little si...
The gang leader's possession  by lady_of_fries
The gang leader's possession by lady_of_fries
It all started with "is this seat taken?" Xavier King. The scary and mysterious guy. No one dares to talk to him except his two childhood bestfriends; April s...
Smut and fluff  by Izwizz13
Smut and fluff by Izwiz
This contains smut and sex scenes girlxgirl Girlxmale mostly from the perspective of a bottom
Jimin and Jisoo 21+ One shots by JANANI_7942
Jimin and Jisoo 21+ One shotsby JANANI
Disclaimer; The content is mature so please be careful.
Alpha Ethan by HollyPrange
Alpha Ethanby Holly
I quickly run in their direction as my claws elongate into fierce points. I watch as a man in all black strikes down and kills one of the innocent packless men before t...
Just a Wifi Password | SOPE by SAVAGINITY
Just a Wifi Password | SOPEby ⋆·˚𝐀࿐
Min Yoongi was a pornstar. Jung Hoseok was addicted to his videos. One day he was out of WiFi to watch Yoongi's videos. So he planned to use his neighbour, Jimin's WiFi...
Sex Slave by forced_bitch
Sex Slaveby sex_bitch
Stay away if you are not's purely mature stories.....(p.s. I don't support such kind of things .... so dare anyone text me any shit...I'll block them i...
Bullets And Lust  by SheGoofyTho
Bullets And Lust by SheGoofyTho
Damien King (22) And Summer Smith (20) started sleeping together once she turned eighteen. The desire and lust they shared was intensifying, so intensifying that two yea...
Taekook oneshots by taekooklifeeee
Taekook oneshotsby Taekookislifee
[ON HOLD] Little Tae and Jungkook oneshots I came up with. I Hope you will enjoy them! Consists : Fluff [ F ] Mature content [ M ] Little Tae Top Kook Other BTS mem...
Toxic by SHO_CKER
Toxicby Barbie Doll
This story tells the lives of three different couples in the bdsm scene, and talks about their different experiences with their partners. 18+ and mature audience only W...
JUNGKOOK ONESHOT  by BangtanNaekkeo
This book will solely contain oneshot of Jeon Jungkook. Requested oneshot will also be considered. PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS: KPOP IMAGINES 2K~ 2nd Feb 2020 5K~ 3rd Apr 2020 ...
My He💜rt PLAYLIST.. by AlramRegulacion
My He💜rt Almiro Regulacion
Love on a playlist.. After mo syang iwan at hayaan na lang mag isa? Tingin mo ba kakayanin kapa kaya nyang mahalin? Tingin mo kakayanin pa rin kaya nyang sumugal sa taon...
Mommy's Always Right! p.s Dada Said So ✈ Jenlisa by Danhottie
Mommy's Always Right! p.s Dada DanJuan
Lisa's entire life crisis. Having married a paranoid crazy wife and three kids. ATTENTION🚨 This is NOT a G!P.
The Sixth [Keith x Reader] by AshBrams
The Sixth [Keith x Reader]by AshBrams
Love story with Keith from Voltron. TW: MATURE CONTENT (chapter XXII) Characters belong to Netflix's show Voltron: The Defender of the Universe. Disclaimer: This story c...
Big Heroes by SpiralQuill
Big Heroesby SpiralQuill
Several dollars were enough for a train ticket. Stares were looking in his directions but that was to be expected if you see a 10 year old boy purchasing a train ticket...
Bad Apple (Izuku Midoriya x Reader) [BNHA] by 2190077nb
Bad Apple (Izuku Midoriya x Deku #2
"I have no chill, (Y/n)! We kissed, and I wasn't thinking straight, and now you're gonna have to live on the streets, and it's all my fault!" "What? For...
5:30  by ohsosecret
5:30 by oh so secret
[COMPLETED] Jikook!friends with benefits a.k.a; a lot of smut "We found each other I helped you out of a broken place You gave me comfort But falling for you was...
Seducing Mr. JEON   [ Jinkook] by moonseokjinlovesyou
Seducing Mr. JEON [ Jinkook]by epiphany back💜
Seokjin on mission of seducing Jeon Jungkook 💜
Mr. "Nice Guy" (Sangwoo x Reader) by HopeBagels_
Mr. "Nice Guy" (Sangwoo x Reader)by Mel
Sangwoo x Fem Reader: Y/n was a regular girl, she wasn't particularly smart or popular, but that didn't stop Sangwoo from desiring her. Sangwoo and y/n were both in the...