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My One and Only | Ongoing by stressltuh
My One and Only | Ongoingby el
Esmeray Ivanov, she's one of the most powerful mafia leaders except, no one knows she's the Don. She took over after her father died and since then has only gained more...
Forced Addiction  by Dreamy627
Forced Addiction by Dreamy627
Medical Registered Trauma Doctor, Kaia Blanc is well known in her field, paid well, desired among many hospitals for being good at what she does at her young age althoug...
The Mafia Beast Saved Me by lethalwriter
The Mafia Beast Saved Meby Bored asf
A mafia leader Xaviar Moretti meets a regular bartender one day, he was attracted to her body and looks, little did he know she was his fathers enemies daughter. "Y...
His Substitute Bride by thepsychowriter_
His Substitute Brideby 𝐀 𝐋 𝐄 𝐗
[Complete] (UNEDITED) - Sometimes the wrong one might just be the right one - Her life took a complete turn when her sister ran away on her wedding day and she was force...
White Nights  by miaaamiamia
White Nights by H.Mia
Dimitri Fedorov - The heir of Fedorov Enterprises Holdings Inc. Devilishly handsome, irresistible, arrogant. The prince of nightlife. One of the most powerful businessme...
Loving The Don by viktoriatolbert2
Loving The Donby Viktoria
Convinced by her best friend Jade, Isabella Cameron ends up in a situation that she thought she'd never find herself in. She gets dressed up and dragged to what is suppo...
Their Unknown Mafia Princess by urfavdrugaddict
Their Unknown Mafia Princessby urfavdrugaddict
Amira is your basic 16 year old girl. She lives happily with her family just her, her parents, and 2 brothers. What happens when she finds out that her father isn't her...
Book 1: Human by flowertoot
Book 1: Humanby Flowertoot
I didn't realise that we were standing in silence for a while until a throat cleared making me jump. Alpha Roman blinked rapidly before a snarl took over his handsome fa...
Baby Rue by gracieWilliams142
Baby Rueby Alexis Williams
A runaway little girl who is wondering around a city just to almost get hit by a russian mafia don who turn out to be her father.
A Mafia's Letter by sunshine_1707
A Mafia's Letterby Sunshine_1707
Vadim Nabatov has always been a strict and cruel man, one of the best leaders the Russian mafia has ever known. At 43 years of age, Vadim thought he would never become a...
His Wife by Elena_Rybnikova
His Wifeby Elena R.
Maria Vasilievna is the wife of one of the richest men in the world, Alexander Vasiliev. As the wife of a wealthy man, she must abide by certain standards and obey her h...
Alina by ihidethisapp
Alinaby ihidethisapp
The Lombardi family is the most notorious group in the crime world. They rule both the American and Italian mafias and have many others bowing at their feet. Lombardis s...
The Mafia's Flower ( #2 in the Mafia Series ) by darlingrosexo
The Mafia's Flower ( #2 in the darlingrosexo
Reia Ferrari Elisabeth Moretti, she's Tori Miller Ferrari-Moretti and Luca Moretti's daughter. She's known as the mafia's little flower. She's innocent and angelic ever...
Cursed Blood |Lesbian Story| by Svetaivanova
Cursed Blood |Lesbian Story|by S V E T A
Vivienne Petrovna has an ordinary genius life in the Ultara Academy, but then something about her begins to change. A presence of a beautiful, yet mysterious girl comes...
Summoning Russian Federation by byaag5545
Summoning Russian Federationby Brll
At the eastern end of the world lies a continent called Rhodenius. One day, an unidentified flying object was discovered in the airspace of one of the principalities. He...
Honesty  by romanoffxwanda
Honesty by <3
College. A horrendous prospect for any graduating high school student. But it's not so bad when you're going with your best friend... who's going to be your roommate. Pl...
The russian one by jaynes_writing
The russian oneby Jayne
You are a russian spy, a hydra's spy to be more specific. Of course you were mind controlled by them. You only speak russian (for the start). You always succed in your m...
Forever and Always || Natasha x Y/n || by imgayforwomenn
Forever and Always || Natasha x Sophie
Natasha Romanoff (A Russian spy working for shield) meets a girl, Y/n, at a bar, they are both very protective and friendly people, But have many secrets. The two girls...
MY LITTLE DANCER ||KTH|| by __va1encia__
MY LITTLE DANCER ||KTH||by - валенся-
~ ئەگەر ئەمشەو من دڵخۆش بکەیت وە خۆتم بەتەواوەتی پێببەخشیت ئەوا لێرە ڕزگارت ئەکەم و لەگەڵ خۆم ئەتبەم ~ خانمان بەڕێزان داوای لێبووردن ئەکەم بەڵام بۆ ئەمشەو خاتوونە ب...
𝐄𝐍𝐈𝐆𝐌𝐀    ─────🅛🅞🅞🅚🅘🅢🅜 by JinwuSung
𝐄𝐍𝐈𝐆𝐌𝐀 ─────🅛🅞🅞🅚🅘🅢🅜by Jin wu Sung
Enigma (noun) ://; mid 16th century: via Latin from Greek "ainigma", from "ainissesthai" 'speak allusively', from ainos 'fable'. [OMEGAVERSE AU] (Pa...