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With a brutal, faceless killer walking freely on the streets of Freetown, everyone's instinct is to run and hide. Seventeen-year-old Cassidy Meyer's instincts however, i...
of sharks and fins by SSAMARVEL
of sharks and finsby SSAMARVEL
"heavy is the crown and yet she wears it as if it were a feather. there is strength in her heart, determination in her eyes and the will to surviv...
After Reincarnating, I Became A Second Generation Villain by muffins_00
After Reincarnating, I Became A muffins
When he opened his eyes, Lin Tian realized that he was reincarnated into the modern cultivation world. Seeing this person's memory, his expression became gloomy because...
Sister of Robin (book one in a series) by SashaConant
Sister of Robin (book one in a Sasha Conant
The Waynes a family built upon secrets. Everyone thought that Damian had horrible female figures in his life. However after Jason discovers Damian drawing a women in a d...
Hold My Hand❤️ (Completed) by Akshhh0902
Hold My Hand❤️ (Completed)by Akshhh
#Story With New Concept🤞😇 An emotional story of Sidnaaz❤️ How Shehnaaz's Married Life with shrey take U turn and everything changes. Sidharth becomes the ray of light...
The Alpha's Troublesome Mate | Troublesome Mate series book 1 by Invisible5792
The Alpha's Troublesome Mate | Invisible5792
" And you're my little troublesome mate " Highest ranking: #34 in Vampire on 04/10/2018 #1 in vampirexwerewolf on 04/04/2019 #6 in werewolvesandvampires on 20...
Tethered Road {ON HOLD} by keyleehargis
Tethered Road {ON HOLD}by Keylee Hargis
In a big city in Florida, it isn't unusual to have your normal MCs hanging around. Men riding around like a pack of wolves with their classic leather jackets. But what i...
HOME ( Sasunaru) by sayonaraworld
HOME ( Sasunaru)by animen
A lot has happened after sasuke left, naruto got a socking news and a hard life ahead but he is determined to bring sasuke back home to his family. Naruto loves sasuke a...
𝑆𝑛𝑜𝑤 𝐾𝑖𝑠𝑠𝑒𝑑 | Yandere Bnha X Reader by hereWeGoAgainNex
𝑆𝑛𝑜𝑤 𝐾𝑖𝑠𝑠𝑒𝑑 | Yandere Nex
Snow Kissed. "She's nice, so caring, so sweet. But she knows how to stand her ground. She works hard. Such a warm personality she has, the opposite from how cold sh...
Forever And Always |Book 2|  by Invisible5792
Forever And Always |Book 2| by Invisible5792
As the small girl ran around her room happily, I realized what she was to me. She was my mate. My sweet Bella. ------- " I'll always love you Bella, forever and...
His Claim by rdritwika
His Claimby Ritwika Das
He pinned her frail body on the mattress with his body leaving no room for her to move . Her heart was beating frantically when he pinned her wrists above her head , cut...
Saved By The Alpha (ON-GOING) by Kesh_h
Saved By The Alpha (ON-GOING)by Késhea
She is the girl with the pure, virgin blood. A man wants to obtain her blood before the full moon and bring it to his father, who has been sleeping for one hundred years...
FALLEN ANGEL by nikki_rhona
FALLEN ANGELby Nikkirhona Serolftabulga
Do you believe in fallen angels? Well, let's find out.
The One Who Protects by skybarry
The One Who Protectsby Sky Barry
" You know for being a bodyguard, you kind of suck at protecting" "You know for being the daughter of a gang leader, you suck at protecting yourself"...
Dad//A Kim Seokjin ff  by uarmyhope4ever
Dad//A Kim Seokjin ff by Hobi
Kim Seokjin, a well known mafia king. His name is enough to make someone scare like hell. He was 21 year old when he got married to Saushi and blessed by a daughter. He...
Stardust Rifles [ Second Drafts ] by CharmTLM
Stardust Rifles [ Second Drafts ]by Otto
From the posh, high-seated royalties down to the muddy boots on the ground, we are human beings who forever crave the same thing: conflict. Even the kindest person, even...
Ultimate Crown: The 150th Hunger Games by ddriftingg
Ultimate Crown: The 150th Hunger S⭒
"In the Games, second place is no consolation prize." Isn't that how the old saying goes? Little did I know that being the Victor was the worst fate of all. ~ ...
Justice league Apocalypse (book 3 in a series) by SashaConant
Justice league Apocalypse (book Sasha Conant
A year after Raeesa Wayne, the daughter of Batman and long time lover of Jason Todd. Gets captured Lord Darkside. The batfamily agrees to avenge Raeesa's death and organ...
JAM by MrJ0nes
JAMby MrJ0nes
Join the three holmidae Jackey Riley, Aaron Hughes, and Michael Kealy in this spin-off series of The Holmidae Chronicles as they embark on their many adventures, battlin...
Rebellion and Rebuilt (book two in a series) by SashaConant
Rebellion and Rebuilt (book two Sasha Conant
Sequel of Sister of Robin. Raeesa Al Ghul has faced betrayal, lies, and death. Now she and Jason build their own army to go up against her mother and Slade Wilson. After...