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Grab Him By The Hilt  by FalseDivinity01
Grab Him By The Hilt by FalseDivinity01
When Meng Yao can't figure out what gets Nie Mingjue hot & heavy, Lan Xichen reveals that there's an ancient Nie Clan ritual that just might do the trick......
LockeWolfe by Blu_Koral
LockeWolfeby Blu_Koral
What happens when an ordinary teenage boy discovers he is the fated mate of a werewolf? He runs for his life, that's what. What happens when a werewolf's fated mate run...
Into The Wolf's Den by lycantwinkie
Into The Wolf's Denby lycantwinkie
Cw: dubcon, drug use, petplay NSFW Loki x male original character. Loki is supposed to be going undercover to catch a drug lord. Unfortunately, things don't go as planne...
Attack of the Nerds by lycantwinkie
Attack of the Nerdsby lycantwinkie
cw: noncon/dubcon, drug/alcohol use, gangbang, double penetration, degradation Reader is a nerd who gets some revenge on a jock. Quick one shot, m/m gangbang action wit...
Ocean Of Sins by littlegoodgirlxx
Ocean Of Sinsby littlegoodgirlx
The school bus driver is really nice. He always smiles at Rey and it's the best part of her day. They're made even better when he leaves little poems for her to find. Sh...
Eden Club by deviantlayla
Eden Clubby Layla
(On going) A ConnorxReader collection of one shots! Some of these can get pretty heavy, but I always make sure to put a trigger warning at the beginning of every chapte...
Possession (Bakugo X Dabi)  *VERY SLOW UPDATES* by thatspecialteen
Possession (Bakugo X Dabi) *VERY...by thatspecialteen
Classes are divided when students hit 15, due to the impending presentation of their secondary genders. This means there is no contact between the classes, until they le...
stockholm || N.R by romanoffsslut
stockholm || N.Rby me
⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆ She took you from your life, and made you into her thing. She loves you, she's manipulative. You love her. ⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆
Catcalling gone wrong  by avereighhhh1
Catcalling gone wrong by avereighhhh1
Ever been catcalled and want to get revenge? This is the story for you
Frost (m/m) by mirianrain
Frost (m/m)by M. Rain
- Prequel (Karma) - Young, naive and innocent Lord Henry never knows when he's being tricked.
Side By Side (Hiatus) by Cherry_1706
Side By Side (Hiatus)by cherry_1706
We are standing side by side, as your shadow crosses mine.
Bartender by bap_is__back
Bartenderby K
First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you. (http://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view/644538 <--- link to the one who made the...
Madness [HunHan Fanfiction] by Selulululuhunnie
Madness [HunHan Fanfiction]by Selulululuhunnie
Luhan wants to escape the madness and embodiment of evil in the form of his family. His family who has the greatest influence in the Wizarding World, The Noble and Most...
Comatose- Truth among the lies. by Pathologymaster
Comatose- Truth among the lies.by Pathologymaster
Duch Chen , a powerful business man has to find a way to secure a heir to Chens when his only carrier son Type slips into coma. What will happen when he decides to invo...
Dirty downer by Rhyan921
Dirty downerby Sparkleboy
It's just self indulgent we happy few porn. I love Arthur and I love the bobbies so here it is. It's garbage lmao.
I'm fucked up but I Love You by envynwrath
I'm fucked up but I Love Youby envynwrath
love story between human jin and a puppy hybrid hoseok .... warnings // extreme age gap , rape , dub con , non con.
The One That Got Away by howuseinterweb
The One That Got Awayby hello?
I thought the title would be funny. Spree x Supernatural. bottom!Kurt, top!soulless!sam, idk if this would count as dubcon or what🤷 Kurt sort of agrees, but if you've s...
Danger Magnet.   (Merthur fanfiction) mpreg by Bohdyna2903
Danger Magnet. (Merthur fanficti...by Bohdyna2903
It took one first disaster to make Merlin and Arthur meet and separate. How many disasters will it take to reunite them and make them stay? Overcoming challenges, hurt s...
I Hate That I Love You  by Mystical_Rose23
I Hate That I Love You by Cat
I love him. I hate him. I love him. I hate him. When the man who is supposed to be her enemy makes her heart flutter, she can't help but hate to love him. (Part of NSFW...
Little Lost Girl-ONGOING by tattedmomof4
Little Lost Girl-ONGOINGby tattedmomof4
They lie. They cheat. They ... kill. No one knows them the way I do. They're dark, deranged ... psychotic. They told me I owe them. They told me they'll make me pay. T...