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Mine❤️ by vjk143
Mine❤️by vjk143
. Main ship:- Taekook M-preg
Taste of Love by godchimi
Taste of Loveby ♡˗ˏ ⊱
Jungkook is a classic Kingsdale bad boy. He is the most popular male in his college, along with his circle of pals. Every lady lusts after him, but Jungkook is unconvinc...
IN YOUR MEMORIES ||TAEKOOK||  by AnushaNayak086
IN YOUR MEMORIES ||TAEKOOK|| by Taekook universe
A taekook fanfiction where.... Jeon Jungkook a rich and famous CEO in Seoul he cold heartless and rude person... He lives with his parents and brother and brother-in-law...
Fate's whisper by CyperStar_07
Fate's whisperby ✨
Jeon Jungkook , the CEO of Jeon's enterprises is a tough man according to the business world. Kim Taehyung, the CEO of Kim 's Jewels and Cars is perfect in everyone's e...
The Boxer's Doll |Taekookff| by taewithkookies69
The Boxer's Doll |Taekookff|by Taekook_Fics♡
"Can't you listen? I'm talking to you, SPEAK UP." "He is mute, he can't speak jungkook." A short taekook story ☆Starring •Jk as a world's no 1 boxin...
Devil king's mate [Taekook] ✔️ by jeon_taehyung731
Devil king's mate [Taekook] ✔️by jeon taehyung
Tae a cute and sweet boy...torcher by his cruel father because his father thought because of him his mom died....he torcher tae....tae living his life like hell..... Jeo...
Call Me Yours by godchimi
Call Me Yoursby ♡˗ˏ ⊱
Jungkook is a single CEO father, and Taehyung is a college student looking for work. Jungkook has children who are afraid of other people, but things change when they me...
Alpha's wrath  by blue-tigress
Alpha's wrath by blue-tigress
" I feel pity for the person you will marry. " said taehyung looking at the alpha with disgust. " you have to pity yourself now Jeon taehyung." said...
ម្ចាស់ស្នេហ៍ អាល់ដឺឡា (ចប់) by Jeon_Janha
ម្ចាស់ស្នេហ៍ អាល់ដឺឡា (ចប់)by Jeon janha☘️
@អូនកុំភ័យនៅកក្នុងរង្វង់ដៃរបស់បង អ្នកណាដែលធ្វើឲទើសមុខរបស់អូនបងមិនទុកនោះទេ វាត្រូវតែស្លាប់យ៉ាងវេទនា ទោះជាគេចចេញផុតក៏គេចផុតបានត្រឹមតែវិញ្ញាណដែល ហឹុស «គួឲខ្លាចណាស់ បីសាចជាម...
Omega Escort | Yoonminseok by sope-land
Omega Escort | Yoonminseokby Sop(hi)e
Yoonminseok Omegaverse AU: Jung Hoseok and Min Yoongi used to be the most eligible bachelors for years. Handsome, filthy rich and powerful businessmen were every omega's...
Mafia & CEO✅ by Kavi_1306
Mafia & CEO✅by Kavita
Kim Taehyung is Mafia King whom everyone fears off....mess with him and you will see hell Jeon Jungkook CEO of JJK Industry.....wants everything to be perfect and on ti...
Will You Be Mine ( Taekook)  by RaimaSingh2
Will You Be Mine ( Taekook) by Raima Singh
" Seo joon, I'm sorry we lost the baby " " Jungkook , congratulations baby is completely fine " Four people who are trying to fight the complication...
COME & HUG ME | TAEKOOK  by so_me_one_7
Taehyung, the only son of wealthy parents, grapples with a disorder . Enter Jungkook, a renowned psychiatrist who finds himself falling in love with Taehyung. Determined...
Hey Mommy! | Taekook✅ by straeberrykoo
Hey Mommy! | Taekook✅by Jeonstraeberry
Hey, Mommy," -Jeonyul "I'm not your mommy, kid and stop calling me a mommy okay?" -Taehyung Where Jeon Jeonyul, son of popular CEO Jeon Jeongguk found ho...
Cousin  by Mayabiinii
Cousin by Maya Inayat
where Taekook are cousin and lives with their joint family...both loves to tease each other but can't stay away for long... Both can't stand each other but however both...
ကောင်ဆိုးလေးရဲ့ ဆရာ (Completed) by LilyLily469
ကောင်ဆိုးလေးရဲ့ ဆရာ (Completed)by Lily
ဆိုးသွမ်းတဲ့ကောင်လေးနဲ့ ‌တက္ကသိုလ်ဆရာတို့ကြားက ချစ်ဇာတ်လမ်းလေး တစ်ပုဒ်❣️ (Unicode only)
The one for me ( Vkook/Taekook ff ) ✅ by sugawolfie
The one for me ( Vkook/Taekook ff...by L.
Jungkook and Jimin are together, Jimin and Taehyung are best friends but Taehyung and Jungkook are getting married. Started: Feb 2020 Ended: May 2020 Edited ( sorry if...
Fast draw 🎯 Vkook Mafia by Cover_fire
Fast draw 🎯 Vkook Mafiaby Bhavishya
"You either spill the name Jeon, or I blast yo funny fuckin' head this very moment," , the chunky suited police officer threatened the most feared mafia boss i...
INFINITELY  by Shwe95Yee
INFINITELY by justforonlyV
" စည်းမျဥ်းတွေ ဘောင်တွေ ကို အရမ်းအလေးထားတဲ့ကိုယ်က မင်းနဲ့တွေ့မှ အကုန် ပြောင်းလဲ ကုန်တာ " Jeon JungKook " အချစ်ဆိုတာ ဘယ်လိုမျိုးလဲတော့ ကျွန်တော် ပုံမဖော...
Who would've thought the big bad alpha could be that submissive. - Cover by: @JinnieFinnie