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Flower shop || Namjin by AadyaAmit
Flower shop || Namjinby busy_namjooning
Secret Admirer/ Mafia au Namjoon had never expected a Mafia Leader to be downright whipped for him yet here he was... Ships in the book :- - Namjin (duhh) - Taekook (fig...
Quarantined | taekook✔️ by nxyeonie
Quarantined | taekook✔️by aspen 🌱
Jungkook: hello Jungkook: I typed in a random number Jungkook: cos quarantine be hella boring Jungkook: I stg if this isn't an actual number I will cry Jungkook: I need...
counting change | yoonminseok by cutesiren
counting change | yoonminseokby 𝘢𝘶𝘳𝘰𝘳𝘢
DISCONTINUED Where Jimin somehow ends up in a relationship with two people but struggles with rising issues inflicted by his ex-boyfriend. 「YOONMINSEOK」 Started: 5/28/18...
their little secret 〳 bts by cherrybabiies
their little secret 〳 btsby 𝓮.
❝ secret, yeah? just us two? ❞ ❝ yeah, definitely. ❞ ――――――――――――― ˃ contains littlespace ˃ lowercase is intended ˃ warnings before chapters ˃ #1 in #little - 8...
BTS Group chat ✔ by ryuuisheresometimes
BTS Group chat ✔by ryuu
What is happening in the group chat of BTS, the seven member south korean boy group? let's find out right now (just so you know this book contains gay ships, memes, swea...
CONFINED || KOOKV || by Jeon_Taehyungie143
CONFINED || KOOKV ||by 전태형
A boy who was locked in a basement along with his mother for 19 years. A Ruthless Mafia happened to encounter them. It contains ( Boy × Boy ) ( Violence ) (Drugs ) ( Abu...
Butterfly || [KSJxKNJ] by Seokjinnie043
Butterfly || [KSJxKNJ]by Seokjinnie
Jin is a single mom to his beautiful daughter named Areum. Since he was kicked out by his parents because he found out he was pregnant he struggled. Will his life ever b...
My Helper by my-taekook
My Helperby Taekook Forever
Jungkook is a usual cold hearted and a workaholic CEO with a cute 5 year old adopted daughter, Daisy who is not too open with anyone, yet smart. Taehyung is a cute fluf...
House call (Taekook) ~18+ content~ by Smol_hard_stan_
House call (Taekook) ~18+ content~by Smol hard stan
-Taehyung has been having trouble getting it up for the past 5 months and goes to his best friend Namjoon for advice. Namjoon decides to send Taehyung to a well known se...
Step by Step /TK/ by TAEKmenow_
Step by Step /TK/by Ꮐꫀᥣᥣᥡ
| In which Jeongguk asked Taehyung who is secretly in love with him for three years now for help on how to win his crush's heart. "I'm hurt by the fact that it felt...
Heartbeat - Yoonminseok by SeonghwasLight
Heartbeat - Yoonminseokby 𝓔𝓵𝓵𝓪♡
Jimin is great friends with the Yoonseok couple, and can't help to feel something more. At some point Jimin falls in love with someone else, and gets married with that s...
Behind The Cameras || b t s x reader [ON HOLD] by jeonix_05
Behind The Cameras || b t s x read...by Jeonix
Revon finally manages to escape from her father and moves to a country she's always dreamed about. But what she didn't plan was to become the biggest boy band's cameraw...
𝑇𝐻𝐸 𝑇𝑂𝑃𝑆 || 𝑇𝐴𝐸𝐾𝑂𝑂𝐾 by cherievkoo
"Can't wait to have you screaming my name beneath me, angel". "Only if i don't tie you up to show you your place before you can do that, doll." - ...
✔Colors [Yoonminseok] by KimSeokjinsWaist
✔Colors [Yoonminseok]by ❀Lea❀
In a world where you see in black and white until you meet your soulmate. What happens when Jimin meets Hoseok and only sees some of the colors he's supposed to? It's on...
Bts One Shot Smuts by BAP_trash
Bts One Shot Smutsby Lazy-nim
Taekook Namjin Yoonmin Yoonseok Jihope Yoonminseok It's all smut and will feed your desires....probably... This is for practice...please tell me how I do Updates will...
Bully Brothers by ShreyaShrivastava615
Bully Brothersby Hobi_love(◕દ◕)
In big hit high school there is two popular bullies min yoongi and min jimin they both are brothers and they both are rich,there is jung Hoseok who is shy,cute and a sun...
Bangtan Little Space 2 (REQUESTS CLOSED) by namjesus_holykids
Bangtan Little Space 2 (REQUESTS C...by Oi FeLiX cOmE eRe BrO
Have fun with the Bangtan Little Space pt 2! Glad to be back! NO SMUT !! REQUESTS ARE OPEN :D Highest ranks: 7 in Btslittlespace 16 in Minjoon Started: June 8th 2021 End...
DUALITY - KTH×JJK (*finished) by dark_kimtaekookie
DUALITY - KTH×JJK (*finished)by Masky
Book-cover by: @qwfcfanfic Who would have ever thought the biggest nerd of the university will turned out to be the most feared person of the whole world. Well the badbo...
MAFIA QUEEN by taekook_my_heart56
MAFIA QUEENby taekook
Who is Mafia queen....kim taehyung Eager to know who loved beast like you ...... ??? Say the fucking name....kim taehyung I can't. But I will give you a hint so listen c...
Psychopaths by JeonVtaetae
Psychopathsby Jeongguk-san
" your lover Kim Taehyung-" " I killed him and i don't regret it" ⚠️Warning ⚠️ 18+ smut abuse killing Bad words, bad grammar A/N: Hi there bootiful a...