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The Banished Alpha (Girlxintersex) by ValConquer
The Banished Alpha (Girlxintersex)by Val Conquer
A Werewolf Short Novel : : I whimpered, and she snarled. Her gaze trailed over my body. The metal creaked even more as she slid over me, her hands resting on each side...
Billie eilish SMUT IMAGINES Mostly y/n G!P Billie sub
paste you to the pages of my heart by malswifty
paste you to the pages of my heartby akkordianswift
When Myoui Mina disappeared from Nayeon's life five years ago, Nayeon decided to move on with her life. Except things get complicated when there's a child involved. Mina...
Started Off With Instagram💓 (Short Story) by jlawish
Started Off With Instagram💓 ( Julia Lawson
Story between Ariana Fletcher x Y/N (gip) Met on Instagram and feel for each other. Will someone get I'm the way? Will y'all end up together? ...
Beyonce X Female Singers by iluvblks
Beyonce X Female Singersby iluvblks
smutty book cause ima horny mf
Until Forever  by Justanothergay2000
Until Forever by MJ
After spending the summer at bandcamp Josie has to deal with the consequences of one night she spent there.. Features G!P Hope if that isn't your thing don't read 😉
Y/n, one of the biggest actors in hollywood, meets her long time celebrity crush, Angelina Jolie. The two of them meet for the first time on the set of their new movie...
Black Wolf ; Yennefer x Y/n by widows-venom
Black Wolf ; Yennefer x Y/nby widows-venom
G!pReader Cursed from a young age you seek the help of a mage who in turn needs something from you. Both of you embark on the long and grueling adventure so that she may...
Not an ordinary high school kid by 5hstan4life
Not an ordinary high school kidby camrenshipper
Vivian king leader of the gang world and secret rapper NF. she became known as the freak at school when her best friend Normani and now ex girlfriend Dinah exposed one...
UNHOLY TRINITY | glee by haremrem
UNHOLY TRINITY | gleeby harem
What if Sue Sylvester's niece came to Ohio? What if she meets the Unholy Trio glee unholy trinity x female oc
this is a smut adaptation made for jenlisa enjoy! One shot stories Lisa g!p Disclaimer: this work isn't mine credit to the creator of these shots.
Madison Beer Imagines by 24keiz
Madison Beer Imaginesby key
Fluff, Angst , Matured Content etc. WARNING: READER GP! <3
Dysfunction  by ayshiaink
Dysfunction by 𝗮𝘆𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗮
Beynika g!p Beyoncé couldn't be any more different than Onika but with love, family, friends and drama in the way; they were just alike. After so much hurt, they knew th...
Camila/You Imagines by camrenkordied
Camila/You Imaginesby not maddie
Self explanatory, story contains fluff and smut (a lot of smut actually) •GirlxGirl •G!P •BoyxGirl Mayyy contain graphic abuse of all kinds Enjoy tho x
Medicine  by TheSlimeBaby
Medicine by TheSlimeBaby
Just a short story.
Pay for Love (Beyoncé/You)  by joricaminah
Pay for Love (Beyoncé/You) by bey’s husband
Texas Famous Y/N Scott runs Houston alongside her cousin Travis. Together they're the leaders of the Black Disciples. Y/N lives a dangerous lifestyle that's not filled w...
Arrhythmia by aqua_bona_est
Arrhythmiaby ☃️
ar·rhyth·mi·a /āˈriT͟Hmēə,əˈriT͟Hmēə/ a condition in which the heart beats with an irregular or abnormal rhythm. Different causes. Different regimes. Can the heart survi...
Arranged marriage:b.e (g!p reader) by luvbilsss
Arranged marriage:b.e (g!p reader)by Luvbilsss
A girl named jay is forced to Marry billie O'Connell. G!p: jay Warnings⚠️ smut, alcohol, language, maybe rape idk.
Her Obsession (Billie Eilish x G!P OC) by billieslongasstoes
Her Obsession (Billie Eilish x G! Jasmine
A story where Billie becomes strongly obsessed with a fan from a concert. So obsessed she even turns a bit deranged. _____________________ Started: March 24th, 2023
Guns And Roses ▪︎J.JK▪︎FF ✔ by silent_mxxn
Guns And Roses ▪︎J.JK▪︎FF ✔by ♥︎✞𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐄✞♥︎
in the home of an arranged marriage couple, the tension is never ending, both husband and wife are both gangsters and enemies in the underground. what happens when the h...