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HOME || Bbangsaz by kmnjihallelujah
HOME || Bbangsazby kmnjihallelujah
"The whole idea was a mess, in fact it was stupid. To get married with someone who's practically a stranger to me was already an absurd concept. But having a child...
My Idol Girlfriend 🎤 [Completed] by K-writer07
My Idol Girlfriend 🎤 [Completed]by K-writer07
Haerin was your ordinary girl, studious, pretty, and obsessed with K-pop. One day, she got the chance to meet her favourite idol, Danielle Marsh. Will Danielle Marsh, a...
My Big Baby by hanjibbangforever
My Big Babyby 김민지🐨
Right now, we are sitting inside the car, heading to her or rather, our house, in complete silence. she is driving, and I'm gazing out of the window, lost in my thoughts...
On the sand of time  by Zucko10
On the sand of time by Zucko10
In a world where not everyone is given a chance to say goodbye nor a second hello, Danielle finds the girl who left her without a goodbye. Although given a second chance...
Paris With You (BBANGSAZ) by hanjibbangforever
Paris With You (BBANGSAZ)by 김민지🐨
Kim Minji x Pham Hanni After receiving the great news of having their vacation in Paris, Minji's feelings for her fellow member started to grow each time they interacted...
Rules | Bbangsaz  by kmnjihallelujah
Rules | Bbangsaz by kmnjihallelujah
Bbangsaz adaption, all credits belong to the original author :3 Hope y'all like it!
the girl in my dreams  by haaaerinluvs
the girl in my dreams by <3
a short story about minji who keeps having the same dream every night, it always ending the same way everytime, as a cliff hanger. the girl in her dreams is hanni (whi...
Bbangsaz One Shot Compilations by NikkiAholic
Bbangsaz One Shot Compilationsby nikkigold
These are Bbangsaz (Minji and Hanni) converted stories.. Hope y'all like it:)
badass girl [bbangsaz] by minjiinfan
badass girl [bbangsaz]by bbangsazzz
minji and hanni are rivals but Hanni needs a job and minji also need an assistant. minji and hanni's friend forced them to work together. and minji can't say no to her f...
Hurt {BBANGSAZ} by Hanaerin15
Hurt {BBANGSAZ}by Hanaerin15
Hanni is assigned to assasinate Kim Minji, the daughter of the owner of a company viewed as a threat a threat to society. Unfortunately it's not as easy as it sounds. NO...
one week. |BBANGSAZ| by GrainedRice1
one week. |BBANGSAZ|by GrainedRice1
my one last week with you. Start: 10•14•23 End: 10•16•23 Disclaimer: This story is not mine so All Credits to the original author
wish list | daerin by sadesfilm
wish list | daerinby adie
mason has always been the mysterious sit alone girl with her head in the books. but when a popular down to earth classmate needs tutoring, things change. danielle x hae...
Teddy Bear [Bbangsaz]  by kmnjihallelujah
Teddy Bear [Bbangsaz] by kmnjihallelujah
Hanni's life was boring, but that was until she brought home a teddy bear, unknown to her that it's not ordinary bear. - Disclaimer: Story isn't mine, So all credits bel...
Why Did I Choose You? -Daerin/Newjeans by imyoonsmoon
Why Did I Choose You? -Daerin/ ੈ✩‧₊˚
haerin, the most popular girl in the whole school. shes on the basketball team and always gets in trouble. shes cold and mean, she can get anyone she wants. so what make...
Love's Wicked Game by Alexis_Hue
Love's Wicked Gameby Hue🎨
"All fun and games until you hurt someone you realize you deeply care about." This is mainly a Daerin short-story, with a little Bbangsaz.
Best Friends  by chelsyisreadingfree
Best Friends by chelsyisreadingfree
a story where Hanni is in 2nd grade and bullied by kids cause she was fat. and Minji who decides to defend Hanni and be her friend. 8 years later Hanni is still being...
Kissable by TH14k_Again04
Kissableby TH14k_Again04
Minji is an idle twenty-three year old who is single and can't live without alcohol. She has troubles finding her life partner because of her obsession with alcohol.
Secret Journal || bbangsaz by Phamdesal
Secret Journal || bbangsazby BbangHanni
Hanni lost her journal!! guess who found it? If you guessed Minji, you're correct! However, that's not the only thing Hanni found from Minji. Note: [This story is not mi...