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My Idol Girlfriend 🎤 [Completed] by K-writer07
My Idol Girlfriend 🎤 [Completed]by K-writer07
Haerin was your ordinary girl, studious, pretty, and obsessed with K-pop. One day, she got the chance to meet her favourite idol, Danielle Marsh. Will Danielle Marsh, a...
Forgive You 💔 [Completed] by K-writer07
Forgive You 💔 [Completed]by K-writer07
Danielle hates Haerin after what she did to her, but Haerin unexpectedly falls for her. Will Danielle give Haerin a second chance? A semi-enemies to lovers trope. A spin...
My Business Partner 💼 [Completed] by K-writer07
My Business Partner 💼 [Completed]by K-writer07
Minji broke Hanni's heart when she found out Minji was seeing Haerin behind her back. But 10 years have passed, they both have their own careers but Minji desperately wi...
AUTUMN/Bbangsaz (NJ FF SERIES 1) by lexus_zachie
AUTUMN/Bbangsaz (NJ FF SERIES 1)by Erin
What Will happen when a troublemaker Heir of Big company was sent into the province for her to learn about life and be kind to people, but what if Kindness is not the on...
Love's Wicked Game || Daerin by Alexis_Hue
Love's Wicked Game || Daerinby Hue🎨
"All fun and games until you hurt someone you realize you deeply care about." This is mainly a Daerin short-story, with a little Bbangsaz.
Heartstrings Harmony || Daerin by Alexis_Hue
Heartstrings Harmony || Daerinby Hue🎨
Was Danielle merely romanticizing their interactions, or are there really deep feelings involved? A DAERIN Short Story
magnolia - daerin by 333tokki
magnolia - daerinby im writer
after the song of the same name by laufey kang haerin is a bookworm who keeps to herself. she's known as a reliable source to cheat off of during tests. people consider...
GET UP - NewJeans (smut)shots by zuhalicious
GET UP - NewJeans (smut)shotsby kuma
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Hating you (Bbangsaz) by bbjitae
Hating you (Bbangsaz)by NoneOfMyBusiness
I want to mar- "MINJIII! GET UP!" Oh yeah, my bro bestie lives with me, her name is Haerin.
She Was My Colour by Wintears_K
She Was My Colourby Wintears_K
The year Danielle turned 17, an unfortunate event caused her vision of colours to fade. Her family was left in debt so she decided to get a part-time job. It was hard, e...
I'm Bi??? by n31056975
I'm Bi???by no name
Danielle questions herself after getting confessed to by Haerin :3
▴▴ | MISCHIEVOUS CAT | NEWJEANS x READER. by sandeewichh
I made this for my English assignment and I'm gonna share it here 😝 NEWJEANS x READER // MISCHIEVOUS CAT. " Haerin keeps annoying you with more cats. " 8/12/2...
Cookie? by n31056975
Cookie?by no name
Haerin confesses by giving Danielle a cookie and confuses her at the same time :3
Luv u @1st sight - Daerin by newjeansgf
Luv u @1st sight - Daerinby I'm newjeans wife
Danielle Marsh, a typical friendly,popular girl who has a lot of friends at her highschool met Kang Haerin, a girl who you would probably called " the quiet kid&quo...
How to propose?? [Ongoing revisions] by amazemelody_C
How to propose?? [Ongoing 시 [C]
how to propose?? find the answer here..
☆⋆。[Daerin] I 청년 I Ditto𖦹°‧★   by Luvznwjs
☆⋆。[Daerin] I 청년 I Ditto𖦹°‧★ by Luvznwjs
Danielle Marsh tôi đây luôn là một cô gái chững chạc đã là hoa khôi của trường mà con đường học tập luôn đứng đầu khối lại kèm theo gia tộc quyền quý thì chàng trai nào...
I Love You Dangerously ||Daerin|| by Nel013
I Love You Dangerously ||Daerin||by Nelaiza
Danielle was left with a dark and disturbed love towards Haerin whom she had once saved. A girl she had once risked her own life for in a life and death situation. Danie...
Daerin Oneshots by lemonbear23
Daerin Oneshotsby zekey
One shots about Daerin, ranging from cute to angsty to sad.