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Married Professor | Minji x Reader x Haerin by deathkidlvl
Married Professor | Minji x Reader...by
When two of the Newjeans members start to attend University, they feel conflicted when their married professor start to give them private tutoring lessons. Try to make i...
Rejection ( Haerin x M! Reader )  by kh_kpop
Rejection ( Haerin x M! Reader ) by k.hkpop
Ever since Haerin has attended Highschool, shes been bullied by a student named Hwang Y/n. But she eventually catches feelings for her bully. ________________________ &q...
Meeting You (Haerin x Male Reader) by Kiratamesh33
Meeting You (Haerin x Male Reader)by Kiraa33
Kang Haerin an introverted student who constantly gets bullied until he met Y/N will they develop some sort of relationship or even more? (I will try my best to update t...
Why me?( Newjeans x fem reader) by MCU_LOY
Why me?( Newjeans x fem reader)by MCU_LOY
Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein are all in a relationship but what happen if one day a new girl come into their lifes. Will they all like her? Will some of them...
Yours Truly [Kittyz] by scjoyul
Yours Truly [Kittyz]by tas🐣
Kang Haerin, an introverted student, enrolls into a uni with her best friend Danielle but unfortunately they have to take different courses meaning they have different c...
My Cat Is Human || Kitty'z || by _ryjii
My Cat Is Human || Kitty'z ||by _ssdx0h1zp
Wherein Haerin is a human-cat and Hanni is the owner. (Messy and random situation)
Imagine being a regular uber driver living a normal life then one magical day you end up dating with one of the members from a popular girl group named New Jeans. (THIS...
HERSHE || BBANGSAZ || by _chaechae_l
HERSHE || BBANGSAZ ||by _chaechae_l
When two people found something they weren't looking for-in each other. An AU in which Hanni and Minji meet at work. (They are all adults in this fic) A Bbangsaz adapt...
Inseparable [Bbangsaz] by scjoyul
Inseparable [Bbangsaz]by tas🐣
"After all I guess, we were destined to meet each other" A bbangsaz fanfic. Highest rankings: #1 at bbangsaz #1 at hanni
Silent Lover || Bbangsaz || by _ryjii
Silent Lover || Bbangsaz ||by _ssdx0h1zp
"I am a different kind of lover Hanni. I am a silent lover." 🐢 | Expect some wrong spellings and grammars | 🐢
Charmed? I'm Not (bbangsaz version) by LOONATICYYXY
Charmed? I'm Not (bbangsaz version)by Dive Into IVE
The more Hanni plays hard to get the more Minji wants to go after her. An AU in which Hanni can't seem to fall for Minji's charm. (Originally written by rutabega. All...
Her favorite || Daerin by urgunsspiink
Her favorite || Daerinby Callisto._iyen
A story where a girl named Haerin meets Danielle , not under the best circumstances, as they were basically forced to get married suddenly and had to live with eachother...
SUNSHINE | P.hn x Reader  by Meow_meowmyhae
SUNSHINE | P.hn x Reader by ᴀɴᴊ🐈
Pham Hanni never imagined the chaos she'd stumble into, but now that she's knee-deep, there's no escape. "These delectable lips are now under my possession," I...
SPECIAL  by _ryjii
SPECIAL by _ssdx0h1zp
Hanni had hearing loss because of an accident and was traumatized that leads her to have selective mutism. Meanwhile Minji is very popular at their school and have almos...
magnolia - daerin by 333tokki
magnolia - daerinby im writer
after the song of the same name by laufey kang haerin is a bookworm who keeps to herself. she's known as a reliable source to cheat off of during tests. people consider...
Roomates - daerin by DaerinForTheWin
Roomates - daerinby Daerin
Wherein dani and haerin are exes but are force to live under the same roof by their parents. taglish story.
Secret Attraction [Daerin]  by Xavxss
Secret Attraction [Daerin] by
Two individuals who are polar opposites of one another. "You are a pain in my eyes, Sunny." Find each other in the most unexpected times. But as time grows, s...
Unexpected Love// FEM reader x Haerin by deadkillv
Unexpected Love// FEM reader x Hae...by 🐸
Will Y/n chose love over her career? Falling for the wrong person?
NewJeans OneShots by Meow_meowmyhae
NewJeans OneShotsby ᴀɴᴊ🐈
NewJeans OneShot Compilations. I will write fluff and angst 🙂. Warning: There will be some mature content present 👀.
Final Buzzer by 127Zuyu
Final Buzzerby 127Zuyu
Pham Y/n strives to make it to the NBA and etch his name in history as the greatest to touch a basketball, and be the one and only G.O.A.T. He will be faced with a lot...