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You're all I want by ChannieJane6
You're all I wantby Channie
ကျွန်မအတွက်တော့ အချစ်ဆိုတာ ဂျဲန်းနီကင်မ်ပဲ သူပျော်ရွှင်ဖို့အတွက်ဆို အရာအားလုံးကိုစတေးရဲတယ် လာလီဆာမာနိုဘန်
One More Chance by ThatOneAuthor6
One More Chanceby 𝓜
Sometimes all we need is a second chance, because time wasn't ready for the first one. Jennie wasn't ready. She wasn't ready to expose everything. She is not ready to l...
The Donor and The Owner by KingCaptFeline
The Donor and The Ownerby Elemental
"I'm 33, and I'm not married, and I'm not seeing anyone," Jennie started lowly, never looking away from Lisa's calm face, trying to gauge a reaction, "And...
My psycho Stepsister want me #Jenlisa (listop) by AceValderama
My psycho Stepsister want me Mr. Embarazada
A story of obsession, a psycho/weird girl being crazy to her own stepsister Lisa I want you, I love you - Jennie No, we can't ,we are stepsister -lisa YOUR MINE LISA - J...
arranged marriage (Liskook)  by bangpinkhehe
arranged marriage (Liskook) by bangpinkhehe
(Ended) jungkook, the cruel, ruthless and heartless mafia king gets in an arranged marriage with a childish and innocent girl named Lisa. what happens if that innocent...
Heartless People |Book 1| by Jenlisaa18
Heartless People |Book 1|by Jenlisa
|A Jenlisa Story| Everything wrote in here is just a made up story with random people. It has nothing to do with the present and their lives. Just a fictional story. | |...
Unwanted Bride by IMAEntertainer
Unwanted Brideby Y E L L O W
The stunningly beautiful bride, Jennie Kim whom everyone desires is in an arranged marriage with a young billionaire, her childhood sweetheart. She is thrilled about tha...
Starting Over by naniphoon
Starting Overby rite8
Lisa early years as Blackpink members is not as smooth as she thought. Is she going to make it or is it better for her to just give up? What would happen to the OT4 if L...
Lies - Truth (JenLisa FanFic) ✨ [COMPLETED] by BuggyBunny_
Lies - Truth (JenLisa FanFic) ✨ [ BuggyBunny
"You're my one and only." "He's Kai, my friend." "I love you, Lisa." Lies. 'What does it take to make you tell me the Truth, Jennie?' WARNI...
Ex Convict (Completed) by lyzlisa29
Ex Convict (Completed)by lyzlisa29
Lisa got arrested in drug trafficking when she was 19. She was imprisoned for 3 years and her step dad doesn't want to take responsibility to whatever she's doing anymor...
SPARKS | JENLISA, CHAESOO by eye_of_the_cyclone
SPARKS | JENLISA, CHAESOOby Jenlisa is life! 💚
One college dorm apartment. Four girls. And... just three beds. Sparks are going to fly and not just because of sexual tension... Jenlisa and Chaesoo love story (college...
My Ex, The Idol by ElleRuizz
My Ex, The Idolby ElleRuizz
Kim Jennie was KPOPs It Girl. She was miss worldwide and the ACE of YG. But not to Lalisa Manoban. Kim Jennie was the girl who broke her heart when she left to become a...
MR. Jeon, The Heart Bandit | L.K Adaptation by kathujaan
MR. Jeon, The Heart Bandit | L.K silent moon
Abused and disowned by her family after she was found heavily pregnant, Lisa was forced to leave her hometown with nothing to her name. She returns four year later, only...
-STORY COMPLETE- "You saved me from the pain so let me love you" - J.K. "What did i do to deserve this? Why did i put myself into this when i knew from th...
You Are My Kingdom by ManduLimario
You Are My Kingdomby AJ
"I waited a decade just to see you" A picture that I will treasure until my last breath.
Tales Of My Heart [Lisa X Intersex Reader] by silent_knight11
Tales Of My Heart [Lisa X Navi ~💀♥️
[Teacher X Student] ____________________ I'll give it all if I could be more than just a student to you Ms. Manoban. ~ Y/N ____________________ On the first day of juni...
My Mafia Husband{Liskook FF} by itsyurgirlkai
My Mafia Husband{Liskook FF}by Nina
What will happend if your married to a Mafia at the age of 16? Would you accept it? "Im Jeon Jung kook and i would like to make your daughter as my wife.." •M...
My Boss is my Girlfriend [COMPLETED] by jendeukimandu27
My Boss is my Girlfriend [ Jendeukimandu27
The Kim's company is the most powerful business in the soul she is billionaire she have other businesses like salon,mall stores,cafe she have everything ......but the sh...
Arrange Marriage #Jenlisa by AceValderama
Arrange Marriage #Jenlisaby Mr. Embarazada
It is a story of regret ,an intersex girl LISA have a big crush to the daughter of the owner of university and campus crush JENNIE who has never tired of telling that sh...
Get Rid Of The Male God And Marry The Rich by purple___l_u_v
Get Rid Of The Male God And purple___l_u_v
LISKOOK ADAPTATION Meng lisa has loved Xiao sehun for ten years. He is her male god and her light. She chased him and humbled herself into the dust for him. But their te...