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You're My Candy || Baekhyun♡ by KoyaClara24
You're My Candy || Baekhyun♡by KoyaClara
✔️BOOK ONE COMPLETED✔️ What happens when you become sweeter than any candy he's ever had? Byun Baekhyun, or better known as Bacon, is a mysterious boy no one can figu...
send meat ㅡ 카이수 by tbhunnies
send meat ㅡ 카이수by ◌lili◌
wherein kyungsoo works on a meat parlor and jongin is always dissatisfied. send meat. a romcom text-fic. tbhunnies original.
Sweetheart [KaiSoo]✔️ by kokopopfluff
Sweetheart [KaiSoo]✔️by ◁◁◀面粉▶▷▷
Kyungsoo was just having his typical days in his last year of high school with his friends. Just a typical "nerd", right? Wrong. He's the top of his school, wi...
Different (Kaisoo Fanfic) by nachokt
Different (Kaisoo Fanfic)by ikibaek
Do Kyungsoo. A young, cocky, bratty heir to his family's major company, sent to boarding school to learn his lesson. Kim Jongin. An irritable, short tempered, normal boy...
Stupid Love [A KAISOO SHORT STORY] by XxPsychoticBitchxX
Stupid Love [A KAISOO SHORT STORY]by XxPsychoticBitchxX
"I thought being your friend is going to be enough. And I thought asking you out was a good idea." "I thought having a girlfriend will make me forget ever...
Better (Kaisoo fanfiction) by qwertyiop170
Better (Kaisoo fanfiction)by qwertyiop170
Kyungsoo is depressed. He has been for a really long time and he hasn’t been truly happy in years. The reason to his depression is bulying, he has always been bullied in...
stubborn love 🌪 dks, kji by neontown
stubborn love 🌪 dks, kjiby neon
" it's better to feel pain, than nothing at all „
Flirting with a Ticking Time Bomb by Pretzel_scientist
Flirting with a Ticking Time Bombby If lost, please call...
Where there is soo, there must be Kai. It is just a rule the universe has made. We have to accept it. ><
Game Over | EXO by santiments
Game Over | EXOby 𝒁. ☁️
the thrilling story of four teenagers who mistakenly get trapped in a deadly, alternate gaming universe and strive to defeat all of the levels to rightfully get out aliv...
Enemies Sister  by BunnyTaeil
Enemies Sister by BunnyTaeil
Y/n has six overprotective, loving, caring brothers. They would do anything to keep her safe. Specially from BTS. Though they hate Kim Taehyung the most. V aka Kim T...
-STORY COMPLETE- "You saved me from the pain so let me love you" - J.K. "What did i do to deserve this? Why did i put myself into this when i knew from th...
Our Sweet Family😊😊 !! Taennie FF💜💜 by pearl_V_22
Our Sweet Family😊😊 !! Taennie PearlV
" I'll call you Daddy,( pointing at taehyung ) and you mummy ( pointing at jennie )!!" Little Taejoon said.. "And I'll call you Dad,( pointing at Jin ) an...
/Дууссан/ 🔱 Муу хатан 🔱 by ShureeOXEXO326
/Дууссан/ 🔱 Муу хатан 🔱by 🌸OXEXO~Baekee🌸
Гол дүр: EXO KAI & PARK EUNBIN Төрөл: хайр дурлал Хааныг хороо!!! КайБинь цуврал үргэлжилсээр. . .
Blue Spring (Book 1)  by gd_carpediem
Blue Spring (Book 1) by TitaniaScarlet
Lalisa Manoban and Jennie Kim were born and raised together as neighbors. They are precious to each other and their friendship is genuine. Then one day, a new student ap...
Jennie and Jisoo was about to get married,but then Jisoo suddenly disappeared without a trace.Jennie went to Los Angeles and had another relationship with Kim Jongin.1 y...
🫣 Crush ❤️‍🔥 by ShureeOXEXO326
🫣 Crush ❤️‍🔥by 🌸OXEXO~Baekee🌸
Зүрх сэтгэлийн чинь хаалгыг зөвшөөрөлгүй цөм өшиглөөд ороод ирэх онцгой нэгэн үнэхээр байдаг. Гэнэтийн бас бэлтгэлгүй байхад ирдэг...
/Дууссан/ +He's a Monster 2+ by Rosie-Ttae
/Дууссан/ +He's a Monster 2+by Rosie-Ttae
...Ямар нэгэн хурц үнэртэй ус бололтой зүйлийн үнэрээр ухаан орон нүдээ нээхэд огт танихгүй газар, огт танихгүй хүмүүтэй нүүр тулах нь тэр... "Сайн уу, Жунхи? Шинэ...
Bittersweet Story (One Shot Collections) by foxholetopia
Bittersweet Story (One Shot foxholetopia
High School, College, Work Everyone probably goes with the same 'boring' pattern in this life. Some bitter/sweet story hopefully can add some flavor to those usual rou...
Would You be mine? { Jennie X Reader } by ZirahGemetri
Would You be mine? { Jennie X Ha-Neul
Eun Y/N get scholarship to the most famous High School in Korea and the student over there are also popular. But, Y/N just a normal student that come there because he/sh...
Trouble (JenniexReader) by MrBlackHair
Trouble (JenniexReader)by Hopie
Jennie Kim is a new teacher at your school. What happens when you fall for her? Will she shut you down? Will she have feelings for you? Will she pursue? Oh wait...she's...