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Spartans never die (Male Reader x Halo Harem) by Snowballgamerz
Spartans never die (Male Reader Snowballgamzzz SBGZ
After being a lone wolf you end up joining the noble team as their new noble 6. This story is based through out the timeline of the halo universe. This is an alternative...
Mission Surrender-VegasPete by juwee0309
Mission Surrender-VegasPeteby juwee0309
This is a fancfic starring Vegas and Pete of the KinnPorsche Book and series. They are definitely one of the most controversial couples in the series. This story is a fa...
𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐈𝐄 by vldzwrites_
gracie williams. a humble, sweet young girl full of spirit. as gracie meets carson collins, her life turns upside down. carson collins is stubborn, arrogant and manipula...
✰ITWADBB✰ by _mistycredd_
❝ I TURNED WILD AFTER BEING DOTED ON BY THE BIG BOSSES ❞ ❀SYPNOSIS❀ After she wakes up from being reborn, she becomes the little pitiful girl who is sent into a mental h...
ကျွန်မရဲ့သ၀န်တိုတတ်သောကိုကို[Myanmar Translation] by yura4128
ကျွန်မရဲ့သ၀န်တိုတတ်သောကိုကို[ 𝚈𝚞𝚛𝚊Ⓚⓘⓜ
Review Time travel လေးတွေကြိုက်တဲ့ဖန်လေးတွေအတွက်ပါခုခတ်မှာစာတော်တဲ့ဆေးကျောင်းသူလေးအသက်ငယ်ပေမယ့်ထူးချိန်တဲ့အနာဂတ်ကြယ်ပွင့်လေးကတနေ့ရေကန်ထဲပြုတ်ကျပီး‌ရှေး‌ထေတ်ကမုယွမ်ဆိုတဲ့...
Fool stand-in by Kessho_Yuki
Fool stand-inby Fuyu no Hana
LOOK FOR PART 2 Alternative title : 傻子替身 Author : 舒仔 Jian Qing had a white moonlight in his heart, and when he couldn't get the white moonlight, he deceived the little f...
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Little One Tears the Villain's Script by chaniex24
Little One Tears the Villain's Chan
**NOT MINE. FOR READING OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY*** Jiang Xiaoman was bound to a system when she was three years old. The system told her that she was the lost daughter of...
Changes : Fushiguro Megumi x Reader Fanfic by erensbabymommy
Changes : Fushiguro Megumi x Yeagerist🎀
Your life is boring, not interesting, you think. But everything changes when you meet him. This is a fanfic about you and Fushiguro Megumi. The two of you never thought...
I Don't Care (Lee Soohyuk FF) by iammeeya
I Don't Care (Lee Soohyuk FF)by Iammeeya
"You give me your decision!" He slammed the table with his hands causing the wine glass to fall and break in a thousand pieces-- like me. I sighed looking at...
The Billion Dollar Daddy! by bonbonsandromance
The Billion Dollar Daddy!by Dalaina Renee
He had everything money can buy. Everything but a mommy to care for his infant son. He needed help fast. A nanny was the quick fix for all his problems for now. Could th...
Catch A Dragon Become My Wife by Kessho_Yuki
Catch A Dragon Become My Wifeby Fuyu no Hana
COMPLETED Alternative title : 缚龙为后 Author :舒仔 ( Shuzai ) in order to save the empress, the emperor went deep into the thousand-year-old pond regardless of his safety, d...
My omega run away from me (mm-translation) by Gemini01366
My omega run away from me ( BLANK
Novel Myanmar(burmese)-Translation(Unicode/Zawgyi) James(Alpha) Alex(omega) (Unicode) သူတို့နှစ်​ယောက်Hotelမှာဖြစ်ခဲ့တဲ့အဖြစ်အပျက်လေးကနေဇာတ်လမ်းစတာပါ (Zawgyi) သူတို႔ႏြစ...
RULES AND ROSES by HouseofReadz
RULES AND ROSESby HouseofReadz
Nicki is one of the highest paid escorts in the game. She does it to make ends meet since she has had to take care of herself since 19. She meets one client that changes...
αи єтєяиιту тσgєтнєя (fємαℓє! яєα∂єя χ уαи∂єяє! єι by mintyventii
αи єтєяиιту тσgєтнєя (fємαℓє! яєα∂ minty
You are a very lonely traveler with not many friends, your only journey being to find your one and only...and your parents. And travelling to Inazuma wasn't a very smart...
The Rise Of Night by AlEmily360
The Rise Of Nightby 𝐄𝐌𝐈𝐋𝐘
A Forbidden Child born to a forbidden couple. It was a mistake made by both party. The forbidden child is called...Perseus. Will his parent learn to live with each other...
Small Factory Flowers In The 70's by Specgalz
Small Factory Flowers In The 70'sby Deean
Original Title : 七零年代小厂花[穿书] Author. : 雪耶 ( Xue Yue) language. : Chinese Status. : On going Another MTL version,.if there's...
Hannibal preferences by CelestialDeamon
Hannibal preferencesby J. M Wilder
I'm not sure if anyone will really read this, but upon looking I can't seem to find any of these. So I just thought it'll be a nice idea :) a friend of mine made the cov...
Seventies Days Of Blessed (MTL) ✓ by CN_SweetSmile
Seventies Days Of Blessed (MTL) ✓by Sweet Smile
NOT MINE ORIGINAL TITLE: 福气包的七零小日子 AUTHOR: 林阿律 Tian Xiao is the real daughter who was replaced at birth. Before, there was a reborn girl who wanted to take away her rea...
MY MAFIA MAN (J.J X READER) by ilsayyy_
MY MAFIA MAN (J.J X READER)by ilsayyy_
enjoy!💜 . . . . . . . . . Idea borrowed from @jungkookimagines
Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Female Agent by LuvKidosho
Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Luv Hildah
She is an international ace agent,An amazing doctor, God of Assassination, However due to a box she accidentally rebirthed and became an ordinary junior high school stud...