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တစ္မိုးေအာက္အတူတူ 💭(စ/ဆံုး) by KimRm04
တစ္မိုးေအာက္အတူတူ 💭(စ/ဆံုး)by Kim Rm
Hyungနဲ႔အတူေနရတဲ့ တစ္မိုး​ေအာက္ေလးဟာ ေပ်ာ္ရႊင္မႈေတြနဲ႔ျပည့္နက္ေနခဲ့တာ အမွန္ပါ အရမ္းခ်စ္တယ္ hyung
My Pretty Nemesis ( Jikook Fanfic) ABO by Mehak8900
My Pretty Nemesis ( Jikook Fanfic)...by Sapphire September
The cities overpowered the little tribes, Destroying them taking over them, Killing the people who lived there. But things go wrong when Park Tribe was razed, Pool of Bl...
The Servant's Son [Jikook♡] by Thembekamdluli
The Servant's Son [Jikook♡]by Thembekamdluli
Jungkook doesn't really get along with their Maid's son (Jimin). They are convinced that they hate each other...But... There's a thin line between love and hate
Fan Account • Jikook ✔️ by My_Mochi_Jiminie
Fan Account • Jikook ✔️by 𝕁𝕒𝕫𝕫𝕚 ⁷
Where the Maknae of BTS has a secret infatuation with one of his hyungs. He has to let out his feelings somehow right? (BTS is still a Kpop band but Jungkook has a crus...
My Cute Co-Worker by DelaPJ88
My Cute Co-Workerby DelaPJ88
"W-why are you staring a-at me like that?" my hyung asked with an adorable giggle as he covered his mouth. "I-I wasn't staring!" I lied with blushing...
Run into Sin | Jikook by Btsjungguk
Run into Sin | Jikookby Jungkook🥰
"The way you slam your body into mine reminds me I'm alive." Jimin and Jeongguk are roommates from two separate worlds. Jimin is an introvert, Jeongguk is an e...
Again - jikook by yonicepaprika
Again - jikookby beach?. . . bitch?
I want you, who stares at me. I want you, who wants me, Again.
Gardener by chimphoria
Gardenerby 김 케이🧸
အစ်ကိုကလိပ်ပြာ​လေးဆို​တော့ Kooကလိပ်ပြာ​လေးအတွက် ပန်း​လေး​တွေပျိုး​ပေးချင်မိရုံပါ♡
Destiny Of Love ( အချစ်ကြမ္မာ) by Park-Jewel
Destiny Of Love ( အချစ်ကြမ္မာ)by Jewel
Jikook fic 🐰🐥 ( Complete ) (U+Z)
Without Me || Jikook  by maknxes
Without Me || Jikook by ☘
"Because of you, i put my career on the line and didn't care if i lose my fame as long as i make you mine again," Park Jimin loved his boyfriend Jeon Jungkook...
Sojourn ♣ JiKook|VMin by propertyofjimjams
Sojourn ♣ JiKook|VMinby Jeon Jimin
One day he came back, but it felt like he was a different person. Jimin's tears fell, heart racing as he let go of Taehyung's hand, he stepped back eyes filling with tea...
ကိုယ့်ရဲ့ ဆန်မုန့်လုံးလေး💜(Completed) by jeon_minna97
ကိုယ့်ရဲ့ ဆန်မုန့်လုံးလေး💜(Comple...by Jeon Minna
အသက်ထက်ချစ်ရသော ကိုယ့်ရဲ့ငယ်ရယ် မင်းထက်ပိုပြီး ချစ်ရမယ့်သူ ဒီလောကမှာမရှိေတာ့ပါဘူး ငယ်ရယ် ဘဝလုံးစာချစ်တာမို့လုိ့ နာကျင်မူေတွမလုိချင်ဘူး ကိုကိုရယ် ဒီေလာကကြီးမှာ ကိုကုိသာရှ...
little mafia boss // Jikook by _yoonmin_stan
little mafia boss // Jikookby _yoonmin_stan
When an omega becomes the mafia head, he needs a bodyguard, who happens to be an alpha. And his childhood best friend. All rights reserved.
Pleasure Doing Business ( a Jikook Fanfiction) by Sassqueenz
Pleasure Doing Business ( a Jikook...by Louisbemyqueen
( Warning: This is a BrotherxBrother and Contains mature themes such as abuse,rape and incest. Read at your own risk) Park Jimin is kind, generous and an honest business...
Crystal Snow (Jikook) by LittleLion2
Crystal Snow (Jikook)by LittleLion2
Abandoned by the owner a hybrid can only live for 48 hours. During the coldest night in a century Jimin was left for certain death in a winter forest, without hope for s...
"Jung--------" "Jimin... Please.. I never Loved you! like never ever! leave me alone, please! " Jungkook pleaded at Jimin. "Take care Jungkook...
BROKEN by Jikook-143
BROKENby Kookmin ♥️
I'm not enough for you..? 💔 - pjm" Poor innocent boy deeply in love with jungkook Did he know that his boyfriend is loose interest on him and his eyes laid on som...
The Boss and I by mochimochi87
The Boss and Iby Mochiness
Jimin being oppressed by the Big Boss. He keeps fighting but keeps losing. So he finally stopped struggling and obediently surrendered... Jimin, extremely docile, waited...
Dear [Jikook ff] ✅ by mybiasisjimin
Dear [Jikook ff] ✅by mybiasisjimin
Dear Jeon, That's my love letter for you today. Hope you see it never. SUMMARY : Jimin wrote letters to Jungkook. But what happens when they meet after years at a reun...
Cigarettes and Lollipops by CalicoAngel13
Cigarettes and Lollipopsby Cutie Minnie
"Hi! By any chance, do you wanna to join our save the turtle program? It will be a huge help if you do..." Jimin smiled at the boy with leather jacket. "A...