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Playboy's mate (Jikook) by LittleLion2
Playboy's mate (Jikook)by LittleLion2
Jimin has never been into nerds, or boys at all. Rich, spoiled, party king, it boy, hangover till dawn, living his best bachelor hours, but that rough meeting in a cafe...
OCEAN (သမုဒ္ဒရာပိုင်တဲ့လခြမ်းငယ်) (Complete) by HyacinthNyein
OCEAN (သမုဒ္ဒရာပိုင်တဲ့လခြမ်းငယ်) HyacinthNyein
မင်းကိုပိုင်ဆိုင်ခွင့်နဲ့ပတ်သပ်လာရင် ကံကြမ္မာကိုတောင်စိန်ခေါ်ပစ်မယ်ငယ်ငယ် မင္းကိုပိုင္ဆိုင္ခြင့္နဲ႕ပတ္သပ္လာရင္ ကံၾကမၼာကိုေတာင္စိန္ေခၚပစ္မယ္ငယ္ငယ္
ပြန်လည်ရှင်သန်ပြီးနောက် အိုမီဂါလေးပြောင်းလဲသွားပြီ (Completed) by gaeulkim88
ပြန်လည်ရှင်သန်ပြီးနောက် အိုမီဂါလေး gaeulkim88
ဒီဘဝမှာတော့ ချစ်ခြင်းမေတ္တာမှန်သမျှ ကိုကို့အတွက်ပဲ~~~
After the substitute marriage, Little Dumb becomes a  big boss palm treasure by Issshhhka
After the substitute marriage, Issshhhka
Associated Names: After a substitution in marriage, the mute becomes the cherished treasure in the magnate's palm (替嫁后,小哑巴是大佬掌心宝) Author: 小王没笔名 Description: Nan Yi is mu...
I Got Bitten After Transmigrating into a Pseudo-Beta by arieshima
I Got Bitten After Arie Shima
Summary: Yue Fei transmigrates into a novel and becomes the fodder beta male partner of the male lead in the book. His alpha boyfriend marks an omega because he is bein...
I'll Take this Second Chance to The Fullest (Naruto x Tensura Slime Crossover) by Ryushuu1412
I'll Take this Second Chance to Shiina Minami
Naruto was fighting the rabbit goddess Kaguya even though there was nothing for him to fight for anymore. Everything that he's cherished are gone, his village, his peopl...
two special brats... by Naru-boru
two special ♡rin-itoshi-wife♡
omega unverise gojo satoru is the most powerful person, of course. Everybody believed he would be an alpha at how powerful he is. but the truth is that he is actually a...
I am pure O and don't pretend to be a Beta [wearing books] by Demens88c
I am pure O and don't pretend to Demens88c
Ning Zhiyu has always longed for the world of ABO, but he never thought that one day his dream would come true. Wait, this Omega is not the cannon fodder pretending to b...
Necessary (BTS X JJK) by Friday_Writer
Necessary (BTS X JJK)by Friday_Writer
COMPLETE: They have been searching for the final member of their pack for years, their omega. Only when they are fully mated will their powers be complete. The situatio...
Courted||BAKUTODO by Mr_Bluey
Courted||BAKUTODOby Mr.Blue
[ COMPLETED ] The son of Enji Todoroki, one of the strongest alphas in the world, was pronounced an omega. Seventeen year old Shoto Todoroki is one of the first male o...
Triad by Shotosolderbro
Triadby 🤍Natusoisbetter🤍
Fuck, not now!" Bakugou hissed angrily, ducking into an alleyway as his stomach cramped up viciously. He was early, his Heat was early. Tears pinpricked his vision...
REGRET (topkook)Sad ending(completed)  by guccitaefic
REGRET (topkook)Sad ending( Mistaerious
ANGST. In which taehyung loves jungkook but jungkook loves tae's sister, Kim ji-hun, and ready to marry each other. But what happens when ji-hun escape from the marria...
A Bet by qReveal
A Betby qReveal
Bakugou and Deku have been dating for a couple months. When Bakugou was going to his boyfriend's dorm, he heard Deku and his friends talking about him. Read to find out...
After I Got Married, Those Who Betrayed Me Were Reborn by Esmesnow19
After I Got Married, Those Who Aura
Alternate Title : 结婚后,渣过我的人都重生了 Author : Rain Falls Like Dust For some unknown reason no matter what Ruan Tang does, he is regarded as a black-hearted lotus by people. A...
Alpha's wrath  by blue-tigress
Alpha's wrath by blue-tigress
" I feel pity for the person you will marry. " said taehyung looking at the alpha with disgust. " you have to pity yourself now Jeon taehyung." said...
[abo] After the little crybaby became the wife of a paranoid actor by Demens88d
[abo] After the little crybaby Demens88d
1v1\Chasing Wife Crematorium\Real Fragrance\Having a Baby [Peach Flavored Little Crying Bag Omega Attacked by v Paranoid Actor Actor] Chu Luo woke up and found himself o...
IwaOi with a kid by IvyAnimeFanfics
IwaOi with a kidby IvyAnimeFanfics
an omega-verse au where Iwaizumi is an alpha and Oikawa is an omega and their kid is kageyama (an omega) slight TsukiKage just because i love them 🥺 their ages are goi...
Alpha Needs by UrMiUne16
Alpha Needsby die
Yoongi is BTS' only alpha and the pack decides it's time they help him with his special needs. written by: lifehound4 from archive of our own There will be smut
A Lover of Mafia ( Complete ) by sunray9597
A Lover of Mafia ( Complete )by SunRay9597
အိုမီဂါတွေကို စောက်ရမ်းမုန်းတယ်..( ကင်မ်ထယ်ယောင်း ) ဂျွန် တို့က ဘယ်သူမှ မကြောက်တတ်ဘူး ဟွန့် (ဂျွန်ဂျောင်ဂု ) အိုမီဂါေတြကို ေစာက္ရမ္းမုန္းတယ္..( ကင္မ္ထယ္ေယာင္း ) ဂြၽန္ တိ...