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My Alpha Is Very Possessive bxb(New version) by iamlazy03
My Alpha Is Very Possessive bxb(Ne...by iamlazy
Luke fought with cancer for four years before he died at age of 20. But his strong will to live made him live again transferring his soul to a small character in the boo...
[BL] The Emperor's Favorite Concubine is an O [帝王的宠妃是个O] by m5chaa
[BL] The Emperor's Favorite Concub...by m5chaa
Author: 顾之君 Gu ZhiJun Total Chapters: 85 In the interstellar era, Wen Mingyu is an Omega who unexpectedly crossed over to the ancient Blue Star and was offered as a sacr...
Accidental Mark [BL] by thebrightestlight_7
Accidental Mark [BL]by nightlight
[ story not mine, for offline reading purposes only.] MTL If you are able to read online, please go ahead and read it in the original site. link: https://www.mtlnovel.co...
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Steal The Male Lead by Shellyrill
Steal The Male Leadby Shellyrill
The main character always ends up with the male lead? Even if they're backstabbing, evil, and cruel, they will live happily ever after just because they are the main cha...
The Omega Hunter (Solo Leveling) by Sleepy_Mia
The Omega Hunter (Solo Leveling)by MiaChan
What happens when Sung Jin-Woo, the most formidable hunter in the world is revealed to be an Omega? The revelation that the Jeju Island raid clearance, defeating Thomas...
Our Sweet Days (M/M Interstellar A/B/O) by itshoodwinked
Our Sweet Days (M/M Interstellar A...by flo
His fiancé stolen by his (supposedly) kind-hearted and merciful younger brother, Sun Fang decides to take the high road. (To the surprise of everyone who's ever known hi...
Hopeless and in Heat by Destinytale
Hopeless and in Heatby Destiny
Pidge really should've known she was an omega. A kidge ABO fic. Smut warning.
Mistake by kirikams
Mistakeby George
When the omega, Izuku Midoriya, finds himself pregnant with Katsuki Bakugo's pup at 14, he doesn't really know how to feel- but he is surprised when Katsuki is willing t...
[MTL, BL] The Villain Will Mutate Into O [Wear The Book] by elliebeaaar
[MTL, BL] The Villain Will Mutate...by Ellie
The Villain Will Mutate Into O [Wear The Book] 反派上將突變成O[穿書] Author: 棄脂焚椒 Status: 105 Chapters (Completed) Description: Nan Heyu pierced into an abo dog blood rebirth tex...
thích khách (edit - hoàn) by exdream
thích khách (edit - hoàn)by ex dream
Tác giả Liễu Mộc Đào ABO, tương lai, cơ giáp, cường cường, siêu chậm nhiệt :)))) bản dịch không được cho phép trong lúc ăn không ngồi rồi
a/b/o one shots || Larry Stylinson  by WallsIsAboutHarry
a/b/o one shots || Larry Stylinson by dont_eat_yellow_snow
Since a lot of people don't like a/b/o stories (I also didn't read it for a long time) I decided to create another extra book for these stories. It's just smut again Som...
Strings of Fate by Miyou01
Strings of Fateby Miyou
Jimin was the youngest son of the Alpha leader of their pack. His two oldest brothers presented as alphas while he presented as an omega, a very desireable one at that...
[Edit] Giả bộ làm A còn đi đánh lộn là sẽ mang thai đó by Ashleyhome1
[Edit] Giả bộ làm A còn đi đánh lộ...by Ashleyhome1
Tác giả : Hồng khẩu bạch nha (Môi hồng răng trắng) Edit : tÁo Bản raw + QT: Kho tàng đam mỹ The original post is in 0406theyoosupark.wordpress.com Vì mình copy truyện từ...
I Matched 100% with Six Alphas by MissStephybby
I Matched 100% with Six Alphasby Stephy Stewart
* This is completely MTL'ed. It is for Offline Purposes Only!!!!! Author(s) Gu Zheng 故筝 Status in COO 84 Chapters (hiatus) Qin Yi was born an omega, but his pheromones c...
《BL》Heartthrob Omega Awakens by xiansxi
《BL》Heartthrob Omega Awakensby cucumber bro
《 MTL 》🌟《 ✔️ 》《 Omegaverse 》 Author: Yun Chuxiu Status: Completed (47 Chapters + 2 Extras) ~~~ Introduction: 1. Qiao Jingxi is a fair-skinned and beautiful Omega. One d...
fated ♡ y.m by yxxnmn_
fated ♡ y.mby SOPHENG
"out of all the alphas i had to be fated with, it had to be you." "i'm glad we are." - yoonmin omegaverse au alpha yoongi omega jimin lower case inte...
I Don't Need Your Gratitude! by istanBB
I Don't Need Your Gratitude!by congee
Xi Yu died and transmigrated.....in a novel. Xi Yu died and became...... an omega. Xi Yu died and meet his alpha. Ps. I don't own the art in the cover. Credits to the...
THE BALD EAGLES (Omega Verse) by ailovexiaowang
THE BALD EAGLES (Omega Verse)by meenaww 21
Did you know that bald eagles are one of the faithful animals to their mates? They'll love and live with the same mate for the rest of their lives until death keeps them...
Two Alphas' 101st Blind Date by araeyan_
Two Alphas' 101st Blind Dateby Rian
Title:两个Alpha先生的第101次相亲 Author(s) Tao Zhi Yao 桃之幺 Status:COMPLETED The story of two alphas failing at blind dates together. That is, except for their last one.
Một tên O giả - Độc Công Tử by luulikinh
Một tên O giả - Độc Công Tửby luulikinh
Nhất cá trang O đích 一个装o的 Tác giả: Độc Công Tử 毒公子 Thể loại: Hiện đại, đoản văn, hài hước, ABO văn, trúc mã trúc mã, ngọt Dò mìn: O Công X A (giả O) thụ Số chương : 3 N...