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turn to female alpha by pAnGiTttttttt7
turn to female alphaby cytya7
After trying to survive for almost 100 years. Minerva decided to die with those monsters who wants to gnaw her flesh. When she wakes up she realize that she had transmig...
Delicate Female Supporting Role A and Tyrant Male Protagonist O   by _sunflow_er
Delicate Female Supporting Role Cookie
Not my own ! Forever dedicated to the laboratory, Qiao Mo, who had exhausted her mental power and died, transmigrated into the female supporting role of a sadomasochisti...
Her Omega Husband by Watermelon724
Her Omega Husbandby
The employers saw their boss walking to her office with a grin on her face. As soon as she disappeared into the room, the employers' gossip session started. "I thin...
Healed the Overbearing Boss (female A male O)  by fanyi__
Healed the Overbearing Boss ( 机器翻译
Lin Qingyin's body is a little green fox who has only cultivated to become a spirit, and she is born with a charming fragrance. After traveling to the world of abo, she...
Overlord O is pregnant with my child [female A male O] by fanyi__
Overlord O is pregnant with my 机器翻译
Accidentally transmigrated into an ABO novel, and before Moore realized that she had an extra organ, she muddleheadedly completed the first great harmony in her life wit...
Aʟᴘʜᴀ Aʀʏᴀ's Sᴡᴇᴇᴛ Oᴍᴇɢᴀ by Depp_head_143
Aʟᴘʜᴀ Aʀʏᴀ's Sᴡᴇᴇᴛ Oᴍᴇɢᴀby ~N~
Alpha Female Omega Male °°°°----°°°°----°°°°----°°°°----°°°°----°°°°----°°°° ~Breaking-Stereotypes~ Alpha Arya finds her sweet little mate who happens to be an Omega. An...
Female Alpha says she doesn't want Double A by fanyi__
Female Alpha says she doesn't 机器翻译
Female A Male A Female Attacking Male Shou Once transmigrated, Qu Zi fell into contemplation of her newly added parts... This is actually the male lead's suitors falling...
I want your pheromone [female A male O] by fanyi__
I want your pheromone [female A 机器翻译
Before the split, Chu Naiyun was a high-quality student in everyone's eyes, and a college bully with the most potential to split into alpha. After the split, Chu Naiyun...
The prince turned out to be Dikun (female A male O)  by fanyi__
The prince turned out to be 机器翻译
[Ancient Style ABO, Tiangan=A Zhongping=B Dikun=O] Mu Shuangxue has been preparing for half a year and finally waited for that assassination opportunity. She wanted to a...
Dominant Alpha, Arrogant Omega [Female A, Male O] (ChatGPT Translated) by UnePetiteFleurNoire
Dominant Alpha, Arrogant Omega [ UnePetiteFleurNoire
Dominant? Straight Alpha (Female Lead) x Arrogant and Devoted Little Prince Omega (Male Lead) Wen Ruxi transmigrates into a romance ABO novel as the beautiful and capabl...
Alpha White : Omega To Alpha  by HarigovindM
Alpha White : Omega To Alpha by Prof.H
Join Lucas on his Journey from being an Omega to creating a new pack and becoming alpha . !!We always read stories of 'female omega' who gets bullied on school and pack...
An Omega  by kell_eyre
An Omega by Eyre
"He's young Cara. I know what he did was wrong but he doesn't deserve this- not death at least. It's too heavy" "He openly admitted what he did to you, he...
Raising Alpha is a Problem (Female A Male O)  by sweethani_77
Raising Alpha is a Problem ( sweethani_77
This story is not mine! Credits to the rightful owner. I just tried to google translate and edited some parts to be more readable. After traveling through time, Zhou Mi...
After the two pairs of families are divided into o [female a male o] by fanyi__
After the two pairs of families 机器翻译
Baitao transmigrated into a campus ABO novel, and became the villain A in the book. She is domineering and ignorant. After a fierce pursuit of the heroine o, after being...
The untold by Ocean_215
The untoldby Ocean
things are not same as they look, there are facades, secrets, and some heart shaking truths, which are better untold. The heart wrenching truth of their relationship, ho...
Wild King is an Omega [female A male O] by fanyi__
Wild King is an Omega [female A 机器翻译
The newly promoted wild king of the league has long legs, thin waist and slender man, and he rarely talks coldly. He is dressed in a cold white skin and exudes an aura t...
Handsome Omega Pursues Plumbing Worker [Female A Male O] (ChatGPT Translated) by UnePetiteFleurNoire
Handsome Omega Pursues Plumbing UnePetiteFleurNoire
The second prince of the empire once had a fiancée. She was tall, handsome, and a rare genius. She was the only person capable of creating 3S mechas. The second prince h...
An Omega in An ALL Alpha School|TaeKook FF by XxYuminxX
An Omega in An ALL Alpha School| XxYuminxX
Kim Taehyung is the last living Omega in the whole Wolfian World, his older step-brother Kim Namjoon and step-father does everything to protect him from harm since he is...
President Lop Eared Rabbit Is Pregnant With My Cub [Female a Male O] by fanyi__
President Lop Eared Rabbit Is 机器翻译
Ji Xiao is a top A with gray wolf blood, and her pheromones are extremely aggressive. Before joining the job, she repeatedly assured her family that she would restra...
{Omegaverse} Gender role reversal by LittleAlexander_
{Omegaverse} Gender role reversalby LittleAlexander
As the title implies, this will take place in the omegaverse, not an x reader, I'm sorry if that's what you wanted. My first (kind of) legitimate book, I hope you enjoy...