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She Is My Alpha | Good Boy x Bad Girl |✔️ by Its_Just_A_Heart
She Is My Alpha | Good Boy x Bad G...by Haseena | ON HAITUS
❝She kills without second thought.❞ • Micajah's PoV: "Ah!" I shout out in pain, unable to hold it in any longer. I clutch my hand to my injured leg and cry ou...
Althea - The Female Alpha by milz0923
Althea - The Female Alphaby Mila
'"Nobody leaves" Althea's voice boomed, stopping everyone in their track. Matt and Tray were shocked by the dominance her voice held. It was strange, she was a...
The Female Alpha *Sam Uley* by evelyn_zavalat
The Female Alpha *Sam Uley*by Evelyn Zavala
He looks at me in the eyes with confusion, hatred, disgust. But it changes and so does my mood. Love, adoration to him. That can't be. He can't be. I'm not supposed to h...
Alpha And Her Human Mate by whoneedname
Alpha And Her Human Mateby whoneedname
My wolf Flicker start roaming my head demanding to go towards our mate. And I did just that, I started looking for him. And my eyes stopped at a group of boys, one on p...
My human mate by woodfireforest
My human mateby woodfireforest
Let me introduce myself: hello, I am Rue. And this is my life. I am alpha of my pack meaning I have control over everything, expect when one day I didn't. That day every...
Regina Malicious [Completed] by Quinn_Rosa
Regina Malicious [Completed]by ✰𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖐𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑𒆜
They tried to burn her not knowing she is a flame yet to bloom. ★¡~:*°«°»°*:~¡★ Aerowyn Aurélie Beau. She is known for her sweet and caring nature. Witty comme...
The DEVIL and Her OMEGA by thinkalkunju
The DEVIL and Her OMEGAby thinkalkunju
She is the ALPHA but she is MORE than an Alpha He is an omega......who has, the DEVIL herself,as his mate Red is known as the ruthless Alpha of the Moonlight Devils pack...
My Lady Alpha by Wolf-Sama
My Lady Alphaby Eleanor Wolf
I gazed at the she-wolf, noticing three long scars going across her face. Most people would her ugly due to the scars. I would normally find animals with scars ugly, but...
HIS SAVIOUR  by meetprincy1
HIS SAVIOUR by Princy Sahu
In werewolf world, people say that finding your mate is the best thing in the world. Werewolfs find their mate after they shift at the age of 16. I shifted early, at 15...
Face My Fears (Keigo Takami) by Tearsonlyknow
Face My Fears (Keigo Takami)by Mello
Breath, should I take a deep? Faith, should I take a leap? Taste, what a bittersweet All my life. Let me face my fears
The Female Alpha's Brother by AlisonMoschetti
The Female Alpha's Brotherby A Moschetti
Scarlet Peterson is the soon-to-be female Alpha of the River Moon pack. Being a female and the only biological child of Alpha Ben and Luna Michelle, she always tries to...
The Heartbroken Alpha✔ by J_Quinonez91
The Heartbroken Alpha✔by Judith
[COMPLETE] Rough Draft ***The revision is now complete. I changed the title to The Mark of an Alpha. I am not sure if I am going to keep this copy up or not but if I do...
The rightful Luna by TURTUREL
The rightful Lunaby FABER
* 'I-I am sorry your highness I touched ...!' She was trying to apologize, but she fell silent as she could not utter with her mouth that she accidentally touched his li...
My Alpha, My Mate, My Love by bemeremnu
My Alpha, My Mate, My Loveby Bella
Nick has been a worthless omega that couldn't shift all his life, what happens when all that changes as he meets Lorien the most ruthless alpha in the world and she's hi...
She Kidnapped Me! |ON HOLD| by Its_Just_A_Heart
She Kidnapped Me! |ON HOLD|by Haseena | ON HAITUS
❝Sometimes, love is crazy.❞ • • • I was a NORMAL guy, Doing NORMAL things, Like crushing on a NORMAL girl, Having NORMAL friends, Living a NORMAL life. Until SHE happe...
DarkFall | ✔️ by 4llyxox
DarkFall | ✔️by Ałły (On Hiatus)
Cecelia Lake thought she had a normal human life, she had a hot boyfriend with stupid jock friends. Two incredible best friends with striking personalities, and a big da...
please accept me  DRAGON X WOLF by MeToast
please accept me DRAGON X WOLFby MeToast
Krel- "I am forever at your disposal, even if it's for one use." Nirvana- "Till death do us part." This fanciful story circles around a broken Alpha...
The Unfortunates | COMPLETED by ayeohfee
The Unfortunates | COMPLETEDby aoife
Mates are found before you turn 22 - that's the rule. If you don't, you are branded. Being branded as an Unfortunate isn't easy, and you can't come back from it. Avery...
Hers To Claim  by TheeAlphaBee
Hers To Claim by 𝕋𝕀𝕊ℍ𝔸♕
~Sometimes It's Better To Let A Queen Rule The Kingdom~ Blair Montanelli has always had feelings for her best friend, she knew that much. When Blair goes back to her hom...