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✔Touch Starved [Taekook] by KimSeokjinsWaist
✔Touch Starved [Taekook]by ❀Lea❀
Jungkook hates being touched. Be it a high five from a friend or a forced hug from your distant aunt that tells you you grew so much. He hates it. Anything involving phy...
Arranged marriage..(taekook ff) by hobijhopejunghosek
Arranged marriage..(taekook ff)by hope ❤️
Kim Taehyung... The ceo of korea's biggest company.. . . Jeon jungkook... Owner of a small cafe.. . . What will happen when two completely strangers got married. . . Top...
Highschool Cupid by HakoyaMataetae
Highschool Cupidby Hakoya Mataetae
__________________________________ 💕 Cupid's post 💕 __________________________________ Well, well, well... hello there 😏 Are you desperately inlove wi...
mint green | y.seok by 96JE0NS
mint green | y.seokby izzy !
yoongi thought it would be a good idea to change his hair colour.
fanarts, bottom Yoongi. by Yoonseok_2013
fanarts, bottom Yoonseok_2013
⚠️None of these are mine. I found everything on pinterest. ⚠️
Strict But Sweet Family ✨ by BabyMochiofMeow
Strict But Sweet Family ✨by MeowsKitten
I don't know how to summarise this so just read it ☺Hope you will like it 💜
In Love With My Bully And Kidnapper by ShreyaShrivastava615
In Love With My Bully And Kidnapperby Hobi_love(◕દ◕)
"w-why always y-you bully m-me? " 13 years hoseok said "telling you that you was, you are and you will always wrong" with that hoseok left from Dae...
Alpha Revenge✓ by Hobii_lover
Alpha Revenge✓by sope_namjin
Hobi is Rich Omega who is never respect alpha expect his father, he want his alpha Rich, handsome . Suga is poor alpha , he is delivery boy . hobi find out his mate is...
Jungle Ball | Vkook, Sope [Completed]  by sequoia_07
Jungle Ball | Vkook, Sope [ Atefeh
جمع کردن یک تیم والیبال به مربی گری جکسون وانگ، که از قضا دوتا از بازیکن هاش به طور اتفاقی گذشته ی خاصی باهم داشتن و این مسلما در روند برنامه هاشون تاثیر خواهد داشت. Nam...
「Heather」 - Yoonseok by lcvley_min
「Heather」 - Yoonseokby lcvley_min
"I wish I were Heather.." - Inspired by the song "Heather" By Conan Gray COMPLETED! <3
compass | jhs & myg by yoongiluvsdrea
compass | jhs & mygby drea
hosock: okay i seriously have no friends at all so im trying to make some yoongoop: and what makes you think i want to be your friend? - sope.
your kiss | yoonseok ✓ by blessjennies
your kiss | yoonseok ✓by zz
• in which, hoseok got catching feelings from yoongi when he got dared to kiss him. and yoongi wanted more. © || blessjennies
Single Daddy [ Yoonseok/Sope ] by BottonYoonie
Single Daddy [ Yoonseok/Sope ]by ♫♪ ʏ . ᴍ ♪♫
Alpha Jung Hoseok, CEO of a chain of restaurants, is a single parent to a hyper two-year-old pup. One day he takes his pup to the park where he loses sight of the boy b...
Alpha's Omega by 12bishakhatamang
Alpha's Omegaby Bishakha
Hoseok (Omega) is the prince of Jung clan and Yoongi (Alpha ) is the prince of Min clan , they both knew each other from childhood days , their parents decided to get th...
My Hyung, My Love. [Completed] by laydeeshannon
My Hyung, My Love. [Completed]by laydeeshannon
Another fan fiction on my favourite BANGTAN BOYS!
Just a Wifi Password | SOPE by SAVAGINITY
Just a Wifi Password | SOPEby SAVAGINITY
Min Yoongi was a pornstar. Jung Hoseok was addicted to his videos. One day he was out of WiFi to watch Yoongi's videos. So he planned to use his neighbour, Jimin's WiFi...
Welcome to the Kims by ChrissySixx
Welcome to the Kimsby Chrissy
How the hell do you raise 5 little boys to proper men? And how in heaven do you survive all the trouble little kids love to cause? Those are the questions, Namjoon and S...
"Hate" To "Love" (Sope ff) by hobijhopejunghosek
"Hate" To "Love" (Sope ff)by hope ❤️
"I already have a girlfriend don't expect anything from me." ... "Suga I love you and I will love you till my last breath." ... Top: suga,tae,jin. Bo...
Let's Get This Over With by shelen_7012
Let's Get This Over Withby well
Taehyung's life was going on great until Jimin announced he has got himself a boyfriend. He became curious and took many guesses, but the real boyfriend of his brother h...
Forced to be with Mafia!! [Sope] by Hobi_bottom_forever
Forced to be with Mafia!! [Sope]by Hobi's little princess
A innocent boy Hoseok who works in a Cafe to manage his and his family needs. Mr.Jung.. Hoseok's father take money from the world most dangerous Mafia king Yoongi never...