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This is story where BTS have been know as the most handsome, popular and dangerously at their college. They have everything...Money, cars, luxury house, position at the...
𝙼𝚊𝚛𝚛𝚒𝚊𝚐𝚎 || 𝐊.𝐓𝐇 by fairyTaels7
𝙼𝚊𝚛𝚛𝚒𝚊𝚐𝚎 || 𝐊.𝐓𝐇by .
𝐂 𝐎 𝐌 𝐏 𝐋 𝐄 𝐓 𝐄 𝐃 ✅ [ This shit needs to be edited asap but I'm not getting time these days so yeah ] #1 𝚒𝚗 '𝚃𝚊𝚎𝚑𝚢𝚞𝚗𝚐'✨ #1 𝚒𝚗 '𝙵𝙵'✨ Cover credit :...
The Surrogate by Greyfictions
The Surrogateby G R E Y
"I want to be a dad but I don't want a woman" Despite having everything one could ever Dream of he wasn't satisfied ,he wasn't happy. His biggest desire was t...
Hey , Brown girl  by authorr-beee
Hey , Brown girl by
"Hey , brown girl~~" "stop calling me that ~" when a Indian girl named Aditi transfers to a Korean high school 🏫 she is bold and Strong . . . . .
Euphoria (Taekook) by Taekook__Amour
Euphoria (Taekook)by Army💜
A Beautiful Angel Kim Taehyung enjoying his beautiful and peaceful married life with his newborn son and husband. Everything was going well but one day a horrible accide...
My Brothers Hate Me|| BTS (COMPLETE)  by _M1NX_
My Brothers Hate Me|| BTS ( SerendipiChimYT
"Why must they hate me?" !!WARNING!! • Self Harm • Mention of suicide Highest Ranks✨ #7 in btsboys (2020) #3 in btsboys (as of 2023) #9 in seokjin (as of 2023)
They're fire||KTH|| ||JJK|| Fanfiction by Indian__Browngirl06
They're fire||KTH|| ||JJK|| Browngirl
"she's a slut, oppa! " Came a witty response looking at y/n standing in front of Taehyung. And to their response y/n smirked tilting her head and walked to th...
Obsessed Psycho by devil_s_lullaby
Obsessed Psychoby Anna
Pain, Lust, Desires, Suspense and Pleasure. This was him, He's sick not Mad, I loved him, But, He left me, Now I hate him more than anything....... I'm his cure "I...
Promise by bangtanboyspersona
Promiseby bangtanboyspersona
"Y/n... in the future.. Will you give yourself to me..? I will take care of you.." He promised, "When the time is right, I'll propose to you again." ...
Kitty Gang by chimsimagination
Kitty Gangby chimsimagination
Seong Maria has lived every day of her life the same: dress up, play her dad's precious doll, and pretend to be the good girl everyone expects her to be. Except, deep d...
Hello Teacher !! Jungkook Fanfiction by vntecious
Hello Teacher !! Jungkook Dee
[What happens when teacher and student fall in love? ] started : 6 February 2020 ended : 26 November 2020 Best Ranking : Was #1 on btsjk #1 on jkimagine #1 on btsxreader...
Their Mischievous Angel by Jennifer_Kerr
Their Mischievous Angelby Jennifer_Kerr
Due to some circumstances, Jungkook was separated from his father and brothers at just mere age of two. The brothers have been searching all the time for their little an...
BTS Mafia (Hell To Heaven) Cute Stepsister  by zaering
BTS Mafia (Hell To Heaven) Cute Ot7Jae
(COMPLETED) SNEAK PEEK.... Y/n was an orphan, living alone in her apartment, she used to do a job but one day she came late from her job and since then everything change...
Love Is Not Over || JEON JUNGKOOK ff by jxhopefull_
Love Is Not Over || JEON CariAmi
His bites your lip while sucking it harshly. Your throat is getting dry due to screaming. Your eyes are puffy and red. He puts his hand inside your shirt, roaming it eve...
[Completed]Dead Beautiful- Ft. BTS' Jeon Jungkook by MissSatoori
[Completed]Dead Beautiful- Ft. keepitsimple:)
Have you ever tutored a demon? Or perhaps... Fallen in love with him? Abused by his past teacher and step-mother, Jungkook is suspicious when h...
House of Cards by Hubhobi
House of Cardsby Hubhobi
Growing up without your father was hard, your mother, Lee Sewon was the only one whom you had, too bad your relationship with her wasn't strong as she was always working...
Single Dad(my Son's Doctor) by ThadaHarry
Single Dad(my Son's Doctor)by Jaehun
What do y'all think?
His Female bodyguard (On-Hold)  by Taetaekimchi22
His Female bodyguard (On-Hold) by Taenamite_✨
A young girl who was responsible to take care and protect a boy, that she soon fell in love with How would this go? How did it all happened?
вєнιиᴅ тнє ѕᴄєиєѕ✨|| 𝐤.𝐭𝐡 by fairyTaels7
вєнιиᴅ тнє ѕᴄєиєѕ✨|| 𝐤.𝐭𝐡by .
Kim Taehyung/V fanfiction Highschool Au We never know, what's actually happening in someone's we? No, we don't. "Who knew that the well known COLD and RUD...
glow | j.jk by 25euphoria_
glow | j.jkby 𝐞𝐮𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐚
highest ranking ; - [#1 in makeupartist] American girl Belle Henson has dreamed of becoming a big makeup artist for a long time. Her dreams become a reality when BigHit...