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Halo, Remnants: The Great Schism by Zeta_Lyfe
Halo, Remnants: The Great Schismby Zeta_Lyfe
Halo, but with an oddity. Halo was destroyed, the Covenant was dealt a devastating blow, and the Flood were wiped out. At least, that's how it was supposed to go. Now...
Halo Star: A Ture Spartan  by flamebaron20
Halo Star: A Ture Spartan by flamebaron20
No retreat, no surrender. that is spartan law. and by spartan law, we will stand and fight... , all will know that 300 spartans gave their last breath to defend it!
The Emperor Of The Sirens (Story Arc) by MaximusVenatus
The Emperor Of The Sirens (Story MaximusVenatus
Azur Lanes war is on the verge of starting, but the sirens have a new ace up their sleeves. Emperor, an Arbiter class siren helps to begin, and end the war. Let's see wh...
Another Strange Experiment by Cataztrophic34
Another Strange Experimentby Cantor Reyes
"Mind telling me on where am I?" *Static* "Great, communications are dead and I'm surrounded with broken equipments and knocked out researchers and soldie...
Auraless Warrior Time After Victory by SpartainBuck29
Auraless Warrior Time After Victoryby Spartain Buck29
This is a sequel that happens after the events of Auraless warrior
Invasion Of Two Army's (Mha X Halo Crossover) by JackGourdon25
Invasion Of Two Army's (Mha X Cat monster
Something has crashed on earth, but it wasn't a meteorite. The pro heroes have discovered a nasty but powerful parasitic lifeform in the crashed ship. This lifeform is k...
(Multi-Genre Crossover) The Team by AgentNewMexico
(Multi-Genre Crossover) The Teamby AgentNewMexico
An unknown event has caused multiple realities and timelines to merge. To maintain a measure of of stability, the inhabitants of this strange new existence have agreed t...
Azur Lane-For the Ironblood by marci218
Azur Lane-For the Ironbloodby marci218
"Welcome reader. My name is Marcuss and I am the commander of the Ironblood's fleet. I have lot's of shipgirl and I always support them. We have two great allies, t...
male spartan x female arbiter by legendaryfox412
male spartan x female arbiterby legendaryfox412
avi or aka noble 6 is the last survivor of reach but before hand he was an odst until he falls in love with non other then the arbiter
HALO: CROSSROADS by itswhitepaper
HALO: CROSSROADSby itswhitepaper
Arbiter x Female Human ⚠️Adult Content This is the next part to Halo: Into the Shadow. After her arrival in Sanghelios, Nuray will be involved in a series of intrigues a...
Gate: Thus the (Swords of Sanghelios also fought there) by Tx_Veteranfalcon_xT
Gate: Thus the (Swords of Isaiah Ruiz
(After the events of Halo 5) After the covenant threat was over.A roman styled gate opened on the world of sanghelos. Commander Y/N L/N a Sangheli a veteran from the Hum...
Welcome to Quindecim (A Death Note and Death Parade Crossover) by dawn613
Welcome to Quindecim (A Death Ruxy
Light and L are being judged at Quindecim.
Hundara by SilvanaSuheiCarrillo
Hundaraby Silvana Suhei Carrillo Ocman
Every year, the race is held to determine which Clan possesses the best Hundara and the most skilled warrior. Inzo 'Vadam, son of the Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, is determined...
Mafia Oneshots by DatNerdyMeme
Mafia Oneshotsby DatNerdyMeme
Mafia teacher oneshots. These oneshots will have a verity of teacher x teacher, teacher x reader, student x student, and many other things! Many different teachers will...
Believe, For Spartans Never Die: A Halo Shorts Collection by DarlingMeepMeep
Believe, For Spartans Never Die: DarlingMeepMeep
"Spartans never die. They're just missing in action." ~ Carter-A259 A collection of short writings to celebrate the Halo Universe, and the characters who wal...
HALO: INTO THE SHADOW  by itswhitepaper
HALO: INTO THE SHADOW by itswhitepaper
Life sometimes plays dirty, she never imagined that her new friendly relations would be so difficult and dealing with ship captain Rtas' Vadum isn't so simple. This fan...
unforgotten by That_One-Fan_Girl
unforgottenby Double trouble
everyone was sat round the campfire, everyone but the one and only Master Chief who sat a distance away near the cliffs edge trying to pick apart his own feeling but sti...
Halo: Silent Shadow by DarkbeastPaarl
Halo: Silent Shadowby DarkbeastPaarl
This story is set in the timelines of Halo, and follows First Blade Kairos 'Kalamee of the Silent Shadow. This follows his journey from being the most skilled Silent Sha...