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Arcadian by Elijahtheshagger
Arcadianby Elijah<3
Arcadian (adj.) idyllically innocent; simple and untroubled by fear or worry. Harper Flores is the human embodiment of a ray of sunshine. She's kind, understanding and...
Playing With Fire (slow updates!) by sha-bae
Playing With Fire (slow updates!)by sha-bae
"Hasn't anyone ever told you not to play with Fire little girl" ⚠️warning⚠️ this story contains an eating disorder. If this type of content triggers you please...
Just the typical sad marvel thing /Peter by justwritingmyshit
Just the typical sad marvel justwritingmyshit
May has a new boyfriend that Peter doesn't like at all and he treats Peter like shit. Also, Peter is dealing with depression and ed. Of course, Peter's Spider-Man as we...
Millie || adopted by Larry by charliejoann03
Millie || adopted by Larryby Charlie Joann
Millie is adopted by Harry Styles and Louis tomlinson. As she gets used to her new family she struggles with what happend in her past. Trigger warnings: SA and eating di...
From The Day I Met You by sweetauthor001
From The Day I Met Youby sweetauthor
Gianna and Liam have been best friends since birth, due to their parents being friends sincd high school. All their life they have never been seperated for more than a...
Picture Perfect by Doug_03
Picture Perfectby Doug_03
Ashley is used to being in the spotlight due to her dad's fame as arguably the best actor of our time. She knows what the cameras want: perfection. Perfect hair, perfect...
Demi Lovato Saved Me by MrsHoran1289
Demi Lovato Saved Meby Lost
Demi has always been Taylor's inspiration and the only reason she is alive. She struggles with stuff that no one understands. One day she meets Demi Lovato in concert an...
Secret || Chanlix by Lovely_leeknow
Secret || Chanlixby Lovely_leeknow
In which Felix has a secret; he was born in a girl's body. Trigger Warning - Transphobia, self-harm, mentions of eating disorders, etc.
It's Just A Diet by Thekittenpopper
It's Just A Dietby Thekittenpopper
Dylan Alvarez has never had to worry about his weight. At least, until now. (Possible boyxboy later on, be warned.)
Bad at Love by alaneybug01
Bad at Loveby alaney is rad
Matty Healy and Addison Saunders have known each other their whole lives. They've been more friends, friends with benefits more to say, but it wasn't much of a secret af...
Stung by a Bee || Tubbo Angst by eliisawesome_
Stung by a Bee || Tubbo Angstby eli
(Fanart is not by me, it is by @crocnapping on Twitter!) hello !! this story will contain mentions of the following: self harm; panic attacks; smoking; yelling; abuse; s...
Save Me ; Yoonmin ✅ by jikooklip
Save Me ; Yoonmin ✅by Jiminie
"Jimin, you're beautiful. Please believe me." Finished September 3rd Trigger warning; Mentions eating disorders, self harm, suicidal thoughts. Highest rankings...
Peter vs reality by Kayla_craxy
Peter vs realityby Kayla_craxy
Peter struggles with his mental health and it doesn't help he is being abused by his aunt and his 'step-father'. Will the avengers find out? Will peters secrets be reve...
Outside the Lines (lashton) by acousticinternet
Outside the Lines (lashton)by lesbian farmer
5 Seconds of Summer are a few shows away from the end of the Where We Are tour back in 2014. Next, they're going to be selling out concerts, playing in stadiums, and liv...
Imperfect (Drarry) by effybrodieobrien
Imperfect (Drarry)by effybrodieobrien
Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter are sworn enemies, right? But what happens when Harry stumbles upon the real Draco? Disclaimer All rights belong to J.K. Rowling. I take n...
New-ish family by Henriette_book_lover
New-ish familyby Henriette_book_lover
When Jane was 4, her parents split up. She went with her mom and her four older brothers went with their dad. 10 years later Janes mom dies and she is forced to move in...
there's an amount to take, reasons to take more | tommyinnit angst by sunshiinewilbur
there's an amount to take, sunshiinewilbur
tommy has been struggling with self harm, anxiety, and anorexia since he was a teenager. but it becomes increasingly more difficult to maintain as he moves in with his b...
Broken Wings by bblindinglightsss
Broken Wingsby Tasn33m Ashraf
I woke up like always , in pain. My ribs were aching from the beating last night and my arms had bruises all over them. My eyes teared up thinking about last night. Amar...
The Little Prince by heartzx0x0
The Little Princeby xoxo
Elijah is a young boy that has been born and raised in a neglectful and abusive household. With his biological mother, Eliza, and his stepfather Paw. His mother was seve...
My Brother's Best Friend by knightsrachel
My Brother's Best Friendby Rachel
Completed. Emily Winston has returned back home after spending a year in London. She comes home to her shared apartment with her twin brother, Emmett, to find that Emmet...