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My Bosses (18+) by albm004
My Bosses (18+)by al
Highest Ranking - #1 in Forbidden Romance Highest Ranking - #1 in Love Highest Ranking - #2 in Forever Highest Ranking - #7 in Mature Highest Ranking - #27 in Boss ࿎࿎࿎࿎...
The Divided by _EmilyClendenin_
The Dividedby Emily Clendenin
#9 in UTOPIA 3/3/19 I couldn't take my eyes off of Dean as he stared at the glimmering stars in the night sky. "I believe the story of our lives is already written...
Medical attention I Max Verstappen by F1Esmeralda
Medical attention I Max Verstappenby F1Esmeralda
Max Verstappen, a challenge on and off the track, meets his match in Nichole, a young doctor handpicked by Red Bull to get him under control. With a reputation as edgy a...
What Once Was by seawrites5
What Once Wasby sea malfoy
Growing up away from LA ultimately helped Ainsley avoid the spotlight of her professional football player dad, Nick Sloane. In her small town, everyone really only knows...
forbidden. by iheartfictional3n
#5 kaity <3
this is a story about two teenagers falling in love. but seeing as their parents are rivals, it isn't as easy as they'd wish.
A Wicked Man's Temptation by rednight_rivera
A Wicked Man's Temptationby R E D
Who would've imagined that the Italian mafia princess had a devil waiting for her in the city of Russia? ___ Rosabelle de Luca is an adventurous girl. Being the only dau...
Love and It's Consequences <Pyaar ke Nateeje> by hana_Malik14
Love and It's Consequences by Hana Malik
"So what? We all piss the same colour." "That makes me feel even more fucking disgusting, Yusuf. Thanks." "It's not very royal to swear like tha...
Warriors - Then There Were Three by Snailstarz
Warriors - Then There Were Threeby HollyFlame
Grayflame and Nightcrow live together in BeeClan. While Snowskip lives in MothClan. Grayflame loves Nightcrow, Nightcrow loves Snowskip, and Snowskip loves Nightcrow. Gr...
Back To You (gxg)  by lroseman55
Back To You (gxg) by lroseman55
Still reeling over the mistakes she made at her old job, 25-year-old Jenny O'Malley is looking forward to a fresh start in her career. That is, until her co-worker at h...
Rivals by exceptionallyapoet
Rivalsby 𝐕
When a lawful and skilled detective collides with a persistent gang leader merely devoted to his world of composed crime - their intelligence combined emits a dangerous...
Flightless (LokixReader) by DontTellAuntieTasha
Flightless (LokixReader)by Just Keep Your Hopes Up
You are a dragon. Well... secretly, that is. When hunters of Asgard tried to destroy your kind, your dragon parents cast a spell over you. To turn you human, and send y...
Ezra and Eve *Animals MC book 4* by AngelBlueDawn
Ezra and Eve *Animals MC book 4*by Angel
Ezra Allan spent four years in prison, serving time for a crime he committed on behalf of the motorcycle club he worked for. Now out of prison he's a free man, forced to...
Snow White is dead... by ash4015
Snow White is prettywhenyoucry
We all know Snowhite ,don't we? However we do not know the original story...What if Snowhite was a powerful woman who would get revenge from her cruel,evil stepfather?W...
SHADES OF COOL, applyfic by sseraphines
SHADES OF COOL, applyficby sibyl ✧
❝ he lives for love, he loves his drugs, he loves his baby too. ❞ ➸ amidst the sprawling expanse of gnarled oaks and venerable ivy-clad walls, kingston academy emerges a...
Obsession by Jasper_Raid
Obsessionby Jasper_Raid
Puppeteer is a straight-laced superhero who always follows the rules. Until a villain new to the area sets her eyes on Puppeteer, she becomes obsessed with wooing the he...
Editas' Fight For Freedom by _Go0dVib3s
Editas' Fight For Freedomby Basi | Beau
A young girl in 1943 Germany is about to experience one of the worst moments in history. She fights for a Jewish family, falls in love with a Jewish girl, and will fight...
Child of Fire and Death [Ben x Hallie (OC)] - Disney's Descendants by andya896
Child of Fire and Death [Ben x Andrea Arana a.k.a. "Andy A"
Ben is about to be crowned King of Auradon in a month, in which he decides to bring over five children of the worst of the worst villains to live in Auradon. But, one of...
gravity || p. maximoff by poedamerongf
gravity || p. maximoffby poedamerongf
joey looks over at him, eyebrows still pulled together slightly. "you're a jerk, you know that?" they both know that she's referencing several things at the mo...
Try Me, Bitch. (Scaramona) by frxnchi
Try Me, Bitch. (Scaramona)by frenchi
Scaramouche has been stationed in Mondstat while Signora heads to Liyue, and just his luck, there are going to be more than a few run-ins with a certain astrologist that...
The Secrets of Bloomsbury (Eloise x Theo) by mistyrider921
The Secrets of Bloomsbury ( MistyRider
Eloise Bridgerton, the fourth child of Viscount Bridgerton, longs for the day she doesn't have to live within the ton's rules. In fact, she hates it so desperately, she...