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Nino frowned when he read the text message that appeared on his phone just as he pulled it out to text Adrien. He didn't think anything of it when he reached the school first. While Adrien had been getting better at making it to school on time, there were still occasions where the blonde didn't turn up, probably due to a photoshoot. Nino just assumed this was one of those times. But clearly, it wasn't.

His phone chimed and he looked at it to see a message from Adrien.

Adrien: Sick. Won't be in today.

Adrien wasn't usually one to get sick. Nino couldn't even recall the last time his best friend was unwell. He'd known Adrien to have an insane amount of stamina and a formidable constitution. Despite the sheer amount of photoshoots along with extracurricular activities that he had, he was rarely out of sorts. It probably had to do with the extra healthy food he was fed, as well as the fencing that provided him with exercise.

So when Nino reread the text, he couldn't help but worry. He saw Alya approaching him, stifling a yawn. He readily passed the strange news to her.

"Perfect model, Adrien Agreste is sick? How is that possible?" She raised an eyebrow and Nino just shrugged.

"Beats me. He seemed fine yesterday." Nino said as he typed a reply to Adrien. Suddenly his head snapped up. "He did say he was cold yesterday from the akuma attack."

"That's true." Alya frowned. "Marinette won't be happy about this."

"I won't be happy about what?" Marinette appeared from behind Alya and startled the couple, both of them yelping in surprise. They relayed the news to her and watched as her lips fell into a frown, brows knitting together and eyes flooding with worry.

Marinette recalled that he was unusually cold yesterday, shivering slightly when they met up after the akuma attack. It was strange when she thought about it. She was usually the one out of the four that had issues with the cold.

As she made her way to class, she pulled out her phone and contemplated whether or not she should send him a message. She didn't want to bother him if he was resting. But she was itching with curiosity and concern. Did he have a cold? Was it something more serious that he couldn't make it to school? What if he was at the hospital? What if he had pneumonia? She had heard many cases of pneumonia being deadly! She huffed as she sat down, mind racing. She gripped her phone and quickly typed in a message. She didn't hesitate to hit the 'send' button. Right now, she was more concerned about making sure he was alive.

Marinette: Nino told me that you're sick. Are you okay?

She breathed a sigh of relief when a reply came almost instantaneously.

Adrien: Just a cold and a bit of a fever. It should be over it soon enough.

Her worry dissipated some hearing that it was just a cold.

Marinette: I guess that hot chocolate didn't help :(

Adrien: I'm sure I would be dead now if it weren't for your magical hot chocolate.

Marinette let out a slight snort at his exaggeration. She had to admit, she had never pegged Adrien as one to have a flair for the dramatic. But as she got to know him better, she realized that the boy liked to put on a show.

Marinette: Ok Agreste. You seem well enough to be making jokes. I guess I don't need to worry about you. She typed in reply. Her phone chimed immediately.

Adrien: * gasp * how cold!

Marinette: :p ok, class is starting. Get some rest!

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