surpassing your limits

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"So many out-of-the-way things had happened lately, that Alice had begun to think that very few things indeed were really impossible

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"So many out-of-the-way things had happened lately, 
that Alice had begun to think that very few things 
indeed were really impossible."

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The car trip had been mostly silent as the three made their way toward their father's company building. Thea had spent most of it staring out into the darkened night, deep in her thoughts. 

Once again, her mind had wandered to the time spent in this world alone before Five had arrived back into her life. She hadn't even been sure what the future would entail had nobody found her. Thea would never have given up looking, but could she honestly believe that she'd want to continue living in a world without them?

It's not like she was suicidal or anything – she'd already recovered from those downward-spiralling thoughts – but what had gotten her out of that void of grief and depression had been family. 

Specifically Klaus.

How could she go on not ever knowing of his fate? Knowing if he was okay or even alive? Obviously, her worry for the others was substantial but it was different with Klaus. Unable to truly explain why, Thea could only liken it to a connection between the two. It was like no matter how far they were separated, whether by time or place, they weren't truly whole until back together again.

It was like she was the moon orbiting his earth – or perhaps he was her moon and was always in her periphery, even while living separate lives. Coexisting alongside the other at their own paces, yet naturally drawn back again before too much time could pass spent apart.

Sometimes, when she was young she had snuck out of the Academy late at night to stargaze upon the rooftop. The mystifying feeling as she'd stared at the stars had always given her an odd warmth. It was comforting knowing that those same stars she was looking up at had lived thousands of years before her and would continue doing so long after she was gone.

That same comfort was what she derived from having her twin close. It was the thought that, no matter what happened or how much time they spent apart, that Thea and Klaus would remain as one; something so concrete and biologically connected as twins that it couldn't be broken, was a relief to her.

Just like those stars, their bond would continue on. But, while it was a relieving concept, Thea actually needed to know of her brother's fate for it to be of any value. She needed to know that he was safe.

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