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"The moon was shining sulkily,because she thought the sun,had got no business to be there, after the day was done

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"The moon was shining sulkily,
because she thought the sun,
had got no business to be there,
 after the day was done."

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"I'm sorry...who are you?"

Thea stared blankly at Vanya's words, taken aback by the honest confusion and unrecognition on her sister's face. Five, on the other hand, took the news with surprising ease and smiled as he introduced them both.

"I'm your brother," he said before pointing towards Thea. "And she's our sister."

"I have...siblings?" Vanya asked with wide eyes. Her voice was laden with shock, but the happiness rang loud and clear.

At hearing that, Thea pushed everything else to the back of her mind to focus on what was most important right now. Her sister.

"Of course you do! We're sorry it took us so long to find you..." she said in a rush but trailed off once she realised their predicament. 

If Vanya couldn't remember anything, then she would have also forgotten their trip back in time and the fact that they were all super-powered -

"It's good to see you still have your powers," Five commented with casual disregard, his gaze searching the crop field around them and Thea turned to him with shock.

You're just going to reveal it so casually!? Thea glanced at Vanya and wasn't surprised to see her pinched expression.

"I'm sorry, what?" she asked blankly.

Five waved away her questions and began walking back the way they'd come. Thea offered her sister a hand, to which Vanya accepted with a shy smile her way before both girls quickly followed Five's lead.

Though, it looked like losing her memories had given Vanya a little more backbone because once Five was back in their line of sight, the girl put her foot down, questioning just what was going on. 

Five rolled his eyes, impatient as ever and gave her a narrow-eyed stare.

"Look, unless you want to wait here until the IKEA mafia come to kill you, you better come with us."

"IKEA mafia...?" Thea repeated, utterly confused at this point. Just what on earth was her brother spouting?

She tried imagining this allusive mafia but could only picture a pair of goons torturing their victim by reading one of those ridiculous furniture manuals Thea could never quite wrap her head many pieces just to assemble one goddamn bookcase... 

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