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First of all, I would like to thank God for letting me have that dream when I was thirteen years old and then again ten years later. Thank you for being with me every step of the way; that's what sustains me through the years.

Loads of love for my family for being so understanding when I suddenly paused while walking—or doing anything really—fished my phone out, and started typing rapidly. My dad, Joe, who let me dream and follow my dreams. I realize now that it's such a privilege. I thank my mum, who's the strongest person I know. Mom, you always push me to do my best and honestly, I owe it to you. I'm lucky to be able to call you Mom and Dad. For my sister Elizabeth, who dragged me out to get food—I'm alive because of you; and my youngest sister, Sandhra, for being an inspiration and force to be reckoned with. My dear aunt and godmother, Intan—you once told me when I was ten to never leave any task incomplete and to always do my best to achieve my goals. I have taken that with me since. I managed to finish Entwined because of you. My brother Steven for simply being him, you're amazing, bruh!—I'm pretty sure he'd laugh if he heard I said bruh in my nonexistent accent. Also, I want to thank my generous cousin Ariel Yoe for giving me his phone in the most dire situation during the writing of this story when my five- year-old phone died in the most inconvenient way possible—Man, you honestly saved Entwined.

I'd like to thank my first readers who had to go through very rough drafts back in 2017: Cinderella Pharaon, Clara Quezado, Damini Thakur, Daniella R., Daniella Irewole-ojo, Donna Fieldhouse, Fatima Rafiq, Fernanda Lemos, Gia Hunter, Hafsah Nadeem, Jovana Mrdalj, Krissy Ash, Maggie, Mariam, Marsela, Mlaika Nadeem, Muhammad Rizqi Fadlillah, Nwezeh Joyce Chiamaka, Priya Chauhan, Sanskriti, and Zeinab Faour. You gave Entwined a chance even when it had no reads and fame whatsoever. Your constant support, enthusiasm, and love are something I will cherish forever. Also, the fact that this book is now getting published means that I have indeed lost the bet. Pizza on me, fam!

To my English teachers: M. M. Wahyu Utami and Stefanie Nike N. Since that day you gave me the chance to join the storytelling con- test, I found confidence in showing my story to others, so thank you! I hope you'll continue to inspire and nurture our young generations.

Amanda Ferreira, everything changed when you put my story on the featured list a long time ago. It's truly a wonderful gift to have you on this journey. I will forever remember your words: Your story is amazing, believe in it and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. They're my secret mantra whenever I deal with self-doubt.

A huge thank you to publishing director Deanna McFadden, talent manager I-Yana Tucker, and Crissy Calhoun for your patience, motivation, and understanding. The space you gave me to breathe, dig deeper into the mythology, and run wild with my imagination made this book possible.

I want to give a big warm hug, a cup of hot coffee, a slice of pepperoni pizza, tiramisu, and a tub of matcha ice cream—all things that I love—to my editor Paisley McNab. She is literally the best—if I start talking about words to describe her, we'll be here all day. I love you and I truly believe we are soul sisters. Cheers to two hundred more emails and hugs for Giggsy.

Thank you to Neil Erickson for the lovely typesetting, Rebecca Mills for your diligent copyediting, and Rebecca Sands for all your hard work behind the scenes to keep Entwined on track. I really appreciate it!

To Sir Gavin Wilson TheOrangutan and the Wattpad Ambassadors Ambassadors, thank you for having me. I've learned a lot by being an Ambassador. Not only does it help me so much in writing and understanding content, but being a part of this family is something I will cherish forever. Thank you Sir Michael Walsh ZonderZorg for the many times we had tea; your wisdom and friendship mean the world to me. For sharing his experience, I thank Sir Dan Greathead Ecrivain AngusEcrivain. Rachel Crotzer eternalfelicity for being really supportive and caring. Tawni Suchy tawniscripted for literally listening to everything I said and providing good humor—I cannot wait to see the little ones!  

My sister from another mother, Vanessa C. Yim. You made me laugh even in tough times. And when I really needed someone, I knew exactly who to call. miramallows

Michelle Bugante and Jue Lyn Ng for being the best 언니. Thank you for that wonderful time at the BTS World Tour: Love Yourself concert. I will never forget you both running around to help me get the ticket. Let's continue fangirling over the boys on Twitter every chance we get! Sending purple hearts all the way to Shenzhen and Petaling Jaya! meisummer blu_blu_skye

Nur Lestari Br Situngkir for being so patient with me (and my random questions). Tyas Indah Pakarti, we will definitely have that gulai! And Kathleen Zefanya Janvy for taking the ferry several times to meet me and drag my hermit self out for culinary hunts and sight-seeing. For Katelyn, a.k.a. treeleavez, for being so supportive. And Arista Vernanda Fajarin, my little 동생! Let's order some pizza and eat it at GB, ladies! 

Thank you Ellie Pindolia, a.k.a. TahliePurvis —to whom I dedicate this cameo of Axel Teller from The Girl He Left Behind—for being an inspiration and a wonderful human being inside out. I thank Katherine Arlene and Tiana Pop for letting me borrow their names—thank you, ladies! Fallon Elizabeth for letting me be part of the Remember December anthology and for talking to me despite the time difference. KatherineArlene 

I thank Catharina Melisa, who gave me real advice on all things writing and publishing, and who is a solid friend and fellow writer. Coffee's on me at So-Ba, Cat! demonicblackcat

Jordan Lynde for being an absolute sweetheart! Now that I'm free, I am watching Hotel del Luna; don't give me spoilers! Chanelle and Nicole Pierman for reading the ARC—I have an ARC?! Now I'm starting to believe that I'm a real author (not sure what that means). jordanlynde AuthorishNicole

Hugs to my angels: Katelynn Dang, Angelica H., Taylor W., Caitlin P., Judy H., Ana Luisa MS., Lakshmi P., Zita N., Emmchel D., Amber Boyd, Syeeda Nafeah, Margarita M., Umniah S., Katherine M., Rachel B., Marlena A., Shahwar A., Vera Q., Brianna G., Marsida K., Dhriti S., Evelina L., Aran S., Turyaga C., Aakanksha D., Tawonga P., Audrey W., Sarayu K., Sylvia M., Iman A., Elena M., Faizah A., Mia F., Cheryl D., Shalu P., Manisha R., Tayo A., Joasy, Celine J., Faith G., Rahma M., Meghna, Daphne N., Theresa N., Ashley O., Adrianna B., Tamara N., Osh K., Mila H., Areebah S., Grace S., Khushi T., Abena K., K.S. Ocean, Priyanshi S., Tasneem J., Preyankaa S., Antarjot K., Nadine A., Gale M., Isabella S., Mariam M., Nassandra M., Kimberly M., Saadiya D., Glory N., Reha S., Renesmee S., Marie A., Tazeen F., Sana A., Sophia B., Kathryn S.V., Zoha Q., Keyura Vadlamani, Madison Nolan, Fidan A., Benthe B., Chloe Deffenbaugh, Enyinna Jane, Rida Fawal, Deena Qistina, Faith J.R., Nividha Rajan, Hanfa Qasim, Amena Begum, Adeyinka Razak, Raquel Ferreira, Purva Kulkarni, Agboola Comfort, Harshita P., Suhani S., Anahita H., Nassandra M., and Rao Nayna Singh, who sent a lovely message saying I inspire and motivate her to write. Thank you—that's literally my goal. I cannot wait to read your stories!

I would like to thank everyone from Wattpad HQ, Macmillan Publishers, Penguin Random House UK, Raincoast Books, Laura Mengsinga, and everyone who helped to make this dream of mine come true. BTS, Frank Sinatra, Halsey, Linkin Park, and Taylor Swift for their wonderful, inspiring music.

Last but definitely not least, I would like to thank ARMY and Swifties all over the globe who have graced my timeline with tweets that made me cry and laugh in public.

There are many more people I want to thank, but time, space, and modesty compel me to stop here. For those I did not mention, you know who you are and that I love you. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your life.

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