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Dimoni Mercedes Walker🗽Harlem, New York

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Dimoni Mercedes Walker🗽
Harlem, New York.

I finished my breakfast heading to the sink to wash my dishes while my pops watched tv. eventually, I came back home after a couple of days

even though I was started to look better I still somewhat felt weak. Siah still had my pills in his safe so there wasn't shit I could do besides get through it

the last time I saw Siah was the night we kissed, the next morning I left before he woke up. it was awkward, I didn't know if I wanted him or not

I can't love anybody if I can't love myself...

authors note: BITCH HOW YOU DON'T KNOW🙎🏾‍♂️

most of the time I didn't eat breakfast but I practically forced myself this time so I could make it past the day

as for my father, we only had little conversations about random or arguing which happened to be every day over little shit

the school was starting next week and I really needed to pull myself together if anything

"Moni you washed your dish?" he asked standing at kitchen entrance staring at me

"yeah," I replied making a face to myself

he just watched me wash my dish—

making my way back to my room I folded my clothes sitting them on the side hearing my bedroom door open

"we going out throw something on," Bakari told me fixing his pink brim on top of his braids

"I'm not in the mood," I lied sitting on the bed

I watched him suck his teeth going to the closet picking out an outfit and some shoes tossing it on the bed

truthfully I didn't have many clothes because when I had break downs my stuff would either get burned or I poured bleach on them

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